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A Brother from U.K. writes:

A close family member had been suffering from severe acute arthritis pain in their knee for last 9 months and had tried various ointments, tablets, and braces.

Alhamdulillah, within a few days of taking Fish Gelatine, after reading the article in ‘The Majlis,’ the pain has subsided dramatically.

Apparently, Fish Gelatine from Italy is genuine and reliable but not so the imports from China.




A bootlicker of the atheist proponents of kufr theories pertaining to the kufr concept of contagion, who surreptitiously visited a Musjid, aired the following kufr comment:

FP: I decided to go to mosque in #Lenasia first time since recovering from the #Coronavirus. What I observed was shocking! At least 300 people in the mosque including elderly, with majority not wearing mass, coughing & no social distancing at all. This is inacceptable!!

(End of the kufr comment)


Who in the Ummah now doubts the nifaaq of these characters who take pride in licking the boots of the kuffaar?




Two states of Kufr, both among the worst of countries labelled Darul Harb by the Shariah, viz., India and Egypt, are in the forefront for demolishing Musaajid. In recent days 77 Musjids have been demolished by the vile Kufr government of Egypt. On the order of the Sisi Butcher, the demolition of Musaajid is an ongoing project of Iblees.

The masses of Egypt who have desecrated the Musaajid are the actual cause for Sisi’s Musjid-Demolition Project. He is Allah’s Punishment for the villain population which has practically abandoned Islam.

In South Africa, the villains who have initiated the Project of Musjid-Desecration which is the introductory stage for the later physical demolition, are the munaafiq, scoundrel molvis. They are the Reverend Abraham Bham, Taha Karaan and their cronies form bogus uucsa and Carrion MJC. May Allah’s La’nat devour these agents of Iblees.

13 Safar 1442 – 1 October 2020


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