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Rights Of Animals

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29 Zul Qa’dh 1433 – 16 October 2012


In horrendous hypocritical style on the issue of  the rights of animals Islam bestows to animals, the MJC has echoed almost verbatim what   The Majlis had  been proclaiming persistently over the years. In a statement to impress the SPCA, and totally out of character,  the carrion and pork-halaalizing MJC verbatim spoke the language of  The Majlis on the issue of animal’s rights and kindness to animals in terms of the Shariah. We reproduce here the full statement of the MJC:

VOC Talking Point on Wednesday, Maulana Shuaib Appleby, MJC executive member and project manager for the Qurbaan campaign, urged Muslims to follow these guidelines.
“Animals are to be kept in a safe and clean environment, with adequate food, water, space and shelter. The livestock should be handled in a humane and considerate manner, by experienced hands to ensure the safety of both animals and humans,” said Appleby. Dr Banderker warned that animals should not be stressed during the time before the slaughter.
“Stress of any kind to the animals should be avoided, such as poking, prodding, and chasing animals. Animals from different farms should not be kept in crowded shelters or dragged by legs, horns or fleece towards the slaughter location.” Animals that are being prepared for slaughter should not even see the knife that would be used for the Qurbani, said Appleby. “The animals should not witness other animals being slaughtered or see the slaughtered carcasses. The knife that is to be used must be of an adequate size, about 30cm, and as sharp as possible.”
A maximum of three swift cuts of the major blood vessels of the neck should be common practice and the livestock must be properly restrained before slaughter. Thick ropes or webbing/strapping can be used, but not nylon, wire or thin string. Novice slaughterers must be guided by experienced ones, Appleby added. He advised that the animal should be allowed to bleed out, allowing the legs and body to kick and move so as to allow all the blood to drain.
The animal should only be removed for skinning and cleaning once it is completely dead. This should take a minimum of four minutes. The slaughtering process should be done out of view of other animals. All the blood must be washed away and the carcasses must be removed before the next animal is brought to be slaughtered. Appleby said the spiritual significance and welfare aspects of the Qurbani should be respected and explained to the community before the sacrifice takes place.
“It is not a spectator sport or event, with video clips and pictures taken and children should not be forced to watch.” He added that the community should ensure that they purchase healthy animals from a reputable and responsible farm, where the welfare of the animals is a priority.
(End of MJC’s statement)

It is incredible that an entity such as the MJC which has for more than half a century condoned and halaalized  the brutal killing of  billions of chickens has today made the above statement. The hypocrisy of this vile carrion and pork halaalizing outfit whose dunya and aakhirah, dreams and hallucination are  only money, is brutally conspicuous in the light of its on-going current halaalization and condonation of the brutal system of  rearing, transporting and killing  millions of chickens on a daily basis at a variety of  killing facilities across the country.
In the light of  the brutal housing,  mishandling, torturing and killing (not slaughtering) of millions of chickens every day, the MJC has no right whatsoever to comment on animal’s rights. The miscreant sheikhs and molvis of that miserable so-called ‘judicial council’ do not have the haziest idea of the meaning of kindness to animals. In fact, they do not even believe that Islam has bestowed a multitude of rights to animals. The statement  on animal’s rights has been hypocritically fabricated to impress the SPCA personnel and a naïve public unaware of the savagery which the MJC has halaalized at the chicken-torturing facilities.
The MJC must answer:
(1)  Are chickens excluded from animals?
(2)  Are the  chickens excluded from the  rights, affection and kindness to animals  which the MJC has so hypocritically trumpeted to impress the SPCA?
(3)  Does the rules of humane slaughtering applicable to goats, sheep and cattle, mentioned in the statement, not apply to chickens?
(4) Is it haraam to slaughter a  sheep in front of another sheep, but halaal to kill a chicken in front of another chicken?
(5) Does Islam’s insistence on keeping animals in a safe and clean environment, with adequate food, water, space and shelter applicable to only sheep and cattle, not to chickens?
(6)  Does the MJC consider a horrible  A-4 size cage in which the chicken spends the rest of its  short life adequate sheltering space for a chicken?
(7)  Does the MJC regard the brutal de-beaking of chickens to be in conformity with the rights Islam bestows to animals?
(8) Is humane and considerate handling of animals restricted to sheep and goats? Does the same Waajib rule not apply to the chickens?
(9)  Is abstention from causing stress to animals restricted to goats, sheep and cattle and not to chickens? Is  this miserable  MJC clique aware of  the miserable and cruel handling process  to which the chickens are subjected to?
(10) “Animals should not be kept in crowded shelters” – Is this exclusive  for sheep and cattle? Does it not also apply to the chickens?
(11)  “Animals should not be dragged”. What about the cruel  upside down shackling of the chickens on their way to their brutal and torturous death?
(12)  Does Islamic Animal Rights permit upside down shackling of chickens?
(13)  “Animals that are being prepared for slaughter should not even see the knife…” Does this apply to only goats and cattle? Is it then permissible for chickens to see the knife?
(14)  Is it permissible to electrocute the chickens before killing them? Does  Islam permit this? Is this savagery in line with the rights of animals  Islam has granted them?
(15) “The animal should only be  removed for skinning and cleaning once it is completely dead.” Why is this requisite of humanity denied to the chickens?   Innumerable chickens enter the scalding tanks alive – fluttering and squawking. Is this acceptable in Islam?
(16)  “All the blood  must be washed away and the carcasses must be removed before the next animal is brought to be slaughtered.” Why is this selectively applied to only sheep and cattle? Does this not apply to chickens as well? Are chickens inanimate chattel?  
All these haraam, brutal shenanigans are in stark conflict with the statement of the MJC.  Have these miscreants no shame? They have no skin on their faces.  How could the MJC  have mustered up the courage to speak on animal’s rights, when it is guilty, right at this moment, of halaalizing and condoning the brutal killing of millions of chickens? At every minute of every 24 hours, all year round, tens of thousands of chickens are killed with horrendous savagery.
The  breeding  and housing of the chickens are a separate issue of cruelty which creates horror and revulsion in any decent person observing it. The mincing up alive of  tens of thousands of one-day old  unwanted male chicks is a sad and gory commentary on  the MJC’s true colours. It is haraam for this  vile body to speak on animal’s rights.
Furthermore, where in Islam  - where in the Qur’aan, the Hadith and the kutub of Fiqh is it mentioned that all the animal’s rights, love and kindness which Mr.Appleby of the MJC has trumpeted are restricted to Qur’baani animals?  Who  does  the  MJC  think  it  is hoodwinking? Over whose eyes do they think they are pulling the wool with their stupid pontificating of animal’s rights when they themselves right at this very moment are wallowing in pits of blood – the blood cruelly extracted from  billions of chickens, thousands of goats, sheep and cattle  whose brutal killing at abattoirs has been halaalized by the MJC.
Is the shooting of a metal bolt into the skull of a cow/bull and shattering its brains compatible with Islamic humane slaughtering? Should the same laws of humane slaughtering outlined by Appleby not be extended to the cattle killed commercially?  Yet the MJC  halaalizes such killing and proclaims the resultant carrion meat ‘halaal’! Is the electrocuting of sheep and the slaughtering of sheep  hanging upside down in line with the Islamic concept of animal’s rights  trumpeted by the MJC? The worst acts of brutality are perpetrated on goats, sheep and cattle at all the commercial killing facilities halaalized by the MJC. The silence and acceptance of the MJC of such brutality are a manifestation of  their hypocrisy. It is  just as horrible as the horrendous killing system of the kuffaar halaalized by the MJC.  
What is the difference in the slaughtering processes of animals killed for  food and killed for Qur’baani? Does Islam have two different systems of slaughter for  animals killed for different purposes? The Thabah system is so uniform and so  important and so emphasized that if even a dog or a donkey has to be put down, the Shariah commands the method of Thabah – and even Tasmiyah has to be recited when putting down the dog and the donkey. Not a single one of the rights mentioned by Appleby is adhered to in all the commercial  animal killing facilities halaalized by the MJC.
While the MJC desires to project for itself a holy image with its  hypocritical  promotion of animal’s rights, the Muslim community knows that these MJC molvis and sheikhs are the advocates, promoters and halaalizers of the worst atrocities and acts of brutality on the Makhlooq of Allah Ta’ala.  The curses of billions of animals are piling up, and the MJC will have to carry this horrible burden on the Day of Qiyaamah.

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