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Stridently condemning such legions of the devil, the Qur’aan Majeed sates:

“Shaitaan has overwhelmed them causing them to forget the Remembrance of Allah. Indeed, they are the legion of shaitaan. Behold! The legion of shaitaan, they are the losers. Verily, those who oppose Allah and His Rasool, indeed they are (sinking) in disgrace.” (Al-Mujaadalah, 19, 20)

In this era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, this Hizbush Shaitaan, at the behest of their atheist masters whose boots they are licking with the greatest nafsaani relish, has assumed upon itself the most perfidious act of satanism – of dismantling Islam in the name of ‘islam’. Like sewer gutter rats are they gnawing at the fabric of Islam and like atheists rabidly opposed to Islam, are they digging up the foundations of this Deen of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

In the name of their idol, covid’ carved out of baatil, kufr and shaitaaniyat by their atheist masters, the Legion of the Devil has become the vanguard in the Ummah for the satanic conspiracy of the kuffaar. These human shayaateen and their munaafiq supporters are in the satanic process of deracinating Imaan by means of cancelling beliefs and practices structured on the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and in practice in the Ummah from the very inception of Islam more than 14 centuries ago.

Today in this belated era, which is the introductory phase of the Hour of Qiyaamah, Hizbush Shaitaan is labouring to cancel and abrogate the daily five Fardh Salaat in Jamaat in the Musaajid and Jumuah Salaat. Thus, in all the Musaajid which these shayaateenul ins control, they have implemented shaitaani protocols acquired from their atheist bosses, to achieve their treacherous objective of dismantling and changing Islam into a new weird  religion of kufr. Just imagine, a devil who claims to be a Muslim and a molvi, calling for the suspension of the Fardh Jamaat Salaat and for Jumuah Salaat!

Just imagine thugs masquerading as Muslims and ulama introducing shayaateen into the Musaajid by means of the shaitaani device they term ‘social distancing’?

This Legion of Iblees, is plundering the Musaajid. They have closed Musaajid and are actively conniving with Iblees and the governmental authorities to shut the Musaajid. They label the Musaajid as ‘superspreadeers’ of disease while Allah Ta’ala informed the Ummah that calamities/diseases are diverted from the Musaajid. This is their ‘respect’ for Allah Ta’ala!

These rubbishes – these rats of the Devil – believe and propagate that the Qur’aan Majeed itself is a ‘superspreader’ of disease, hence they have removed copies of the Qur’aan from the Musaajid. Wudhu which is a purifier of the body and soul has been banned in the Musjid complex.

In Pakistan, Taqi Uthmani has become the agent of the kuffaar government. He now sells the wares of the haraam covid wares of the illegitimate government. In the process of bootlicking the government, he engages in acts of fisq and fujoor without any compunction.

In the U.K., a conglomerate of molvis dubbing themselves Wifaaqul Ulama, is engaging in the same pernicious and treacherous act of dismantling the Deen at the behest of the U.K. authorities. The fatwas of Taqi Uthmani, of U.K. Wifaaqul Ulama, of the NNB jamiat, of the MJC and similar other juhhaal outfits are all designed for bootlicking the authorities.

They are worse than Dajjaal. Dajjaal will not be a munaafiq. He will be an open, declared enemy of  the Deen while  today’s Hizbush shaitaan operates  under the façade of the Deen. They have degenerated to the extent of propagating shirk. While Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) refuted the shirki belief of contagiousness of disease, these human devils actively propagate the diametric opposite of this Aqeedah stated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). For this miserable Legion of Iblees, Allah Ta’ala has prepared the vilest and the most torturous department of Jahannam which is called Jubbul Huzn (The Pit of Grief).

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Jubbul Huzn is the abode reserved for ulama of the type we find today in the cartel of Hizbush Shaitaan. This Pit of Grief supplicates to Allah Ta’ala 400 times daily seeking protection from the intensity of the heat emanating from it.

These vile molvis are in the process of indoctrinating ignorant Muslims with the idea that the Musaajid of Allah Ta’ala and Salaat constitute grave perils for their health. The Musaajid, Salaat and the Qur’aan are ‘superspreaders’ of the disease. They do not believe that Maut is fixed and it arrives only at its appointed time by the command of Allah Ta’ala. These slaves of shaitaan believe that the haraam, vaccine of filth can thwart Malakul Maut. They subscribe to the kufr belief of the vaccine and atheist medics having the power to thwart Malakul Maut, thus preventing death at the time decreed by Allah Ta’ala. This is the shockingly lamentable satanism embedded in their brains. Shaitaan has indeed urinated in their brains.

Never in the history of Islam had Musaajid been closed, Fardh and Jumuah Salaat suspended, devils introduced into the Musaajid, and other ahkaam of the Shariah abolished by Muslims despite many epidemics which had ravaged the Lands of Islam. Never did Muslims spy on Muslims in order to bootlick the authorities.

While the masses of the Ummah have in general abandoned innumerable practical aspects of Islam, the shayaateen of Hizbush Shaitaan have taken upon themselves the kufr of digging the very foundations of the Deen. In this regard have they commenced the process of destroying Islam by assaulting the Musaajid and the highest obligation imposed on Muslims, namely, Fardh Salaat.

Muslims should not be deceived by names – by molvi and mufti thugs who have managed to gain footholds in the Ummah. The criterion for Muslims is the Shariah, not the moron ‘grand’ muftis and the fussaaq ‘shaikhul islams’ and the cartels of ulama-e-soo’ whose objectives are anything but the Deen and the Aakhirah. Their ‘fatwas’ are the fatwas of Iblees. Do not be impressed by their names and status. Be concerned with Allah’s Deen. The criterion is the Divine Shariah. Any RAT which opposes Allah and the Rasool is a member of Hizbush Shaitaan. Beware of these shaitaani wolves in sheep’s skin.

There is no respect and no honour for the enemies of Allah Ta’ala. The enemies of Islam are the enemies of Allah Ta’ala and the enemies of the Ummah. Their villainous tampering and mutilation of the ahkaam of Islam are loud and conspicuous evidence for their shaitaaniyat, and their membership of Hizbush Shaitaan.

28 Rabiuth Thaani 1442 – 14 December 2020


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