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“……….But Mogoeng said he would not be silenced: “I don’t care about the consequences. We’ve been quiet for far too long, toeing the line.”

“See how the MSM flips out because South Africa’s chief Justice correctly links vaccines to satanism.

Posted on December 13, 2020 by State of the Nation

South Africa’s chief justice unrepentant for linking vaccines to Satanism

By Reuters Staff

JOHANNESBURG, Dec 11 (Reuters) – South African Chief Justice MogoengMogoeng on Friday dismissed concerns that he might be endangering people’s health by linking coronavirus vaccines to a “Satanic agenda”.

It was the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic that a senior judge had aired such preoccupations. ………..

After South Africa began hosting the continent’s first coronavirus vaccine trial, anti-vaccine activists protested against Africans being used as test subjects.

Two decades ago, then-president Thabo Mbeki famously questioned whether the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) caused AIDS, which has ravaged the country.

Mogoeng, who frequently displays his avid Christian faith while performing his duties, prayed at a public event on Thursday that people should be spared any vaccine that sought to “advance a Satanic agenda of the mark of the beast”.

Addressing questions about this at a news conference on Friday to release a judiciary report, Mogoeng said: “If there is any vaccine that is deliberately intended to do harm to people, that vaccine must never see the light of day. I cry unto God to stop it.”

Mogoeng added: “I don’t think the vaccine must ever be compulsory … You can’t impose a vaccine on people. Why should you?”

……….But Mogoeng said he would not be silenced: “I don’t care about the consequences. We’ve been quiet for far too long, toeing the line.”

(End of press report)

Judge Mogoeng’s firmness should be salubrious for the bootlicking molvis and sheikhs who have sold Islam and the Ummah down the drain for thaman qaleel (miserable and despicable worldly and monetary gains and benefits). The Shaitaani link and plot underlying vaccines and vaccination are glaringly conspicuous. Innumerable western/atheist experts have scientifically proven the dangers of the filthy vaccine poisons.

While the Judge declares that he is un-concerned with the consequences of his firmness, namely the stupid criticism of paid lackeys – doctors and professors – molvis and sheikhs are doing their act of bootlicking and digging the foundations of the Deen.

29 Rabiuth Thaani 1442 – 15 December 2020

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