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Allah Azza Wa Jal threading the theme of His Independence and Will throughout the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Allah guides whomever He wills to Siraat-e-Mustaqeem.” “That is the Huda (Guidance) of Allah with which He guides whomever He wills of His servants.” “Say: (O Muhammad!): ‘Allah guides towards the Haqq.” “Allah misleads whomever He wills, and He guides whomever He wills. He is The Mighty, The Wise.”

The Qur’aan Majeed is replete with hundreds of similar Aayaat emphatically stating that Hidaayat is His prerogative. He guides whomever He wills to the Haqq.

A Sister who happens to be a doctor working for the government and who has been posted in some rural  location to work in a covid scenario, imparts the following lesson of Tawakkul to miscreant molvis, sheikhs,  tableeghis and other Muslims camouflaged by an external façade of ‘deen daari’, donning long kurtas, beards, topis and other deceptive religious paraphernalia. While Allah Ta’ala has guided this Sister from her western kufr background to Siratul Musataqeem, He has, in His Wisdom, denied Hidaayat to the cartel known as Hizbush Shaitaan (The Legion of the Devil) among whose members are Taqi Uthmani, Reverend Abraham Bham, Taha Karaan, the MJC, NNB jamiat, the UK Wifaaqul Ulama, the Murtad so-called ‘islamic’ medical associations and others of similar ilk who  egregiously nourish their esurience for their satanic objectives of hub-e-maal and hub-e-jah which underlay their despicable bootlicking and hind licking attitude which has denuded them of their Imaan.

The Sister, proferring her divinely-inspired Naseehat, says:

“In The Name Of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful - Assalamu alaikum

I was thinking and I realized with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala’s Mercy that if people carry on with “precautions” and and the lists of dos/donts  and guidelines over a virus i.e. a creation, then why arent  they carrying on like that with regards to our Creator Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

He is real and we know He exists. So should’nt more focus be on Him and His Pleasure and Displeasure? Is’nt that true fear? But why are we focusing on a miniscule virus which has reports and journal articles all contradicting each other?  The more a person looks into it the more a person realizes its actually just brainwashing by the media and social media platforms by means of repetition ,  scaring  and stampeding the masses into obeying laws which make no sense.  Neither do the vaccines nor the testing not the prophylaxis make any sense. It is just nothing! (A mammoth satanic bogus and bogey –The Majlis)

When speaking to my mum yesterday she mentioned the 2 planets coming near to each other and about why did we did not tell her about it, so I said its because I dont believe in astrology. So my mum said it’s not about believing in it, but we could have looked at it to admire His Creation. Then it occured to me that a virus is also His Creation so why are we forgetting that? Why don’t we admire that as well?  Allah is so close to us that we dont even notice it but He Knows us better than ourselves. (The Qur’aan says that Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein –The Majlis). He knows when we will do something even before we do it. He is so near to us that He is even closer than our breath in the sense that He knows when we will breathe and stop. But we just stopped noticing or looking at Him.

Why do we see the creation but not Him with it as manifestations of His Power and Wisdom despite everything being there only because of Him? Like if we see a chair or a plant or anything, how can we not see Him? If He made it? Why do we only see the object in front of us but not realize that He is everywhere and so when we see the plant we should be seeing or thinking of Him as well. And it’s like the creation is alive only because of Him so only He is Truly Real. (But the eyes of our hearts are blind, hence we cannot see Him in His Creation despite the conspicuous signs and hues of His Presence in His creation. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “In the earth are (innumerable) Signs for those who have Yaqeen, and also within yourselves. What have you no brains?” – The Majlis).

It occurred to me yesterday: How close He is to us and that He truly is the One we should be Fearing or at least we should be making an effort to try to please Him.” (End of the Sister’s Naseehat)



In fact, Allah Ta’ala is the remotest because the hearts are incorrigibly blinded with the mirages which Iblees dangles infront of the bootlickers – munaafiqeen and zanadaqah. In reality, the whole gamut of these bootlicking molvis and sheikhs are atheists of a different hideous hue. Their stupidity has constrained them to bootlick even the Murtad, Moron so-called ‘muslim’ doctors of these satanic ‘islamic’ medical associations.

If there  are any doctors with Imaan  linked to these  haraam, miserable, najis ‘islamic’ medical associations,  it will be Waajib for them to sever their links with these devil doctors who are worse than  even the western atheists.

Yes, the Sister is quite right in drawing the attention of the juhala to the fact that the virus too is Allah’s creation. It moves, acts and assails only those whom Allah Azza Wa Jal has earmarked. Its trajectory is by Allah’s Command. It cannot and does not act without Allah’s permission and command.

She has also correctly highlighted the rubbish of the ‘precautions’ and the vaccine potions of Iblees. Under the trick and deception of ‘precautions’, the rubbish Hizbush Shaitaan mafia cartel has halaalized Shar’i prohibitions,  propagated kufr, adopted filth, denied the explicit declarations of the Qur’aan and of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), converted numerous Musaajid into weird satanic temples, prevented Muslims from Salaat  and Thikrullah in the Musaajid, etc., etc.

Those who believe in the power of the virus lose their Imaan. Those who alter and displace the Ahkaam of the Shariah in fear of the hallucinated power of the virus are no longer Muslims. Salaat behind such spineless, copro molvis and imams is NOT VALID!

9 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 24 December 2020


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