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Assalaamualkum Moulana


Around Aug 2019, I experienced some pain in my chest. In short, I ran from doctor to doctor, pillar to post, this medical test and that, this scan and that. But doctors were unable to identify what was going on. All they said was it does not look right but we can’t see what’s wrong so we may need to do further procedures etc.. It was not cancer but they were not sure why it was unusual.


Now note, I come from a very respectable and Islamic practicing family.

So for me to go to random doctors and keep opening up and allowing people to probe and prod without knowing what’s going on was very humiliating.

But it was mostly when doctors could not assist me, I felt in my heart there may be something else wrong with me.


My dad knew a Moulana in Lenasia that was a Raaqi, in my far family,  so we decided to go see him to find out if there was anything  done on me or if I picked up something somewhere.

Keep in mind, discussing jinn or jadu or any of this was very taboo in my house. We never talked about it so this was all new to me.

The Raaqi  asked my date of birth, name, surname, mothers and fathers name. He asked the same information for my daughter as well. He then told me 3 things about me that were very accurate  and not generic. He told me to read surah baqarah at very specific times and gave me ood to burn under my abaya with nothing else on. He told me of certain precious stones to get : Saphire  and said I should wear a ring made from this for prosperity …he proceeded to mention a weak hadith in this regard where a precious stone spoke to Nabi (saw). He also talked a lot about the moon and stars and star signs. I asked about cupping but he did not know much about it or could not advise me where to go.


So anyways,  after leaving I continued with what he advised for two weeks.

But we were still unsure so we went back 2 more times.

However, on the 3rd time my younger brother who is a hafiz came with and saw some books on horoscopes with hindu gods on them on his counter in his room.

This was when he insisted we cannot listen to him as something  seems wrong about him and he felt unsure.. However, since Surah Baqarah was from the Quraan , that  was the only amaal we continued to follow and practice for a year. We started cupping on our accord as it was a Sunnah.


Then a few months back my younger brother said he made dua to Allah and in his heart he feels reading Surah Baqarah at those stipulated times may be shirk as that Aalim spoke a lot of alignment between stars and moon etc. So he said we only follow Sunnah and we still read Surah Baqarah but  not at that time to eliminate the shirk possibility.


Then I came across your article on how to resolve these issues, actually this article I read a while back but could never do it. This time we decide to do it.

We got a few people in  our family and read Surah Baqarah, Surah Yaseen 4o times etc. every night for 7 days , we did this Amaal twice.

Alhamdulillah I can confidently say all my tests came back fine and am perfectly healthy, much more energetic and much more closer to Allah.

I have given up haram to the best of my abilities and have established a strong connection with Allah. May Allah reward you for putting this amaal on your forum.


My daughter:
Ok before I discuss my daughter, let me provide you some background.

I am 37, never been married, never did any adultery, going out etc. I come from an Islamic background.

I am beautiful but I have always run away from marriage. I had a lot of boys come home to propose to me but each time the idea of marriage came about I would get severely depressed , cry, breakdown, fight until it breaks off. Then I felt happy , relieved and free.

No matter how much I tried I could never commit. People said to me I am fussy but Allah is my witness even when I liked the boy , I could not say yes to marriage. It was such a crippling feeling and so much anxiety that I used to feel paralyzed with fear.  Now that I have done this amaal , this fear has just vanished. Now I look forward to hopefully settling down. Please make dua for me.

1 Jamaadiyu Thaani 1442 – 15 January 2021


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