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Fasting only on 10th Muharram

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Q.   Modern molvis say that it is no longer necessary to keep two fasts in Muharram because the Jews no longer fast on 10th Muharram. Therefore, fasting only one day, i.e. the 10th, will not be in emulation of the Jews. Is this correct?

A.   The modern molvis are morons. Their claim is baseless. The order of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) may not be set aside with our opinion. The Shariat may not be trifled with to  satisfy  personal  opinion, whim and fancy. The need  which had compelled Sirri (Silent) Qiraa’t for Zuhr and Asr Salaat no longer exists today. Despite this, we still follow the original practice which moronic opinion and deviate molvis can not alter.


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