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A Brother from UK writes:

Fraud is endemic to the vaccine industry. This is no "conspiracy" theory. It is plain fact that can be easily verified with even a little bit of research and an open mind.

So-called "independent" regulatory bodies (e.g. WHO, CDC, FDA, etc.)  have been caught out numerous times as lying fraudsters, in bed with Big Pharma, and quite often in relation to manipulating or even blatantly fabricating vaccine data. 

For a glimpse into the tip of the iceberg of fraud institutionalised within these criminal syndicates masquerading as "regulatory" bodies, see - as one example out of many incriminating evidences that can be cited - the published testimony of William Thompson, senior scientist at CDC, who confessed that his seniors had instructed him and others, over a period of many years, to omit and distort key incriminating data, particularly in relation to vaccines. 

It is both stupid and unIslamic to place one's trust in professional con artists with a clear track record of fraud. No Fatwa is required to understand this basic truth. 

Rather, the deluge of Fatwas from "Ulama" encouraging the masses to put their faith in confirmed fraudsters is a clear indictment of these self-exposing shameless pimps for the vaccine industry, and is also a clear indication that we are currently living in Aakhiruz Zamaan - the era in which the vast majority of "Ulama" themselves will be fraudsters.

Pfizer (producer of one of the new covid vaccines which the "Ulama" have halaalized), for example, have paid out billions of dollars in fines over the years for blatant fraud, only a tiny fraction of which would have escaped their stringent measures to escape detection. Again, this is no "conspiracy" theory. It is fact that can be verified within seconds.

By enticing the masses to be guinea pigs for such proven swindlers, the Ulama-e-Soo (and also other pimps) will suffer most painfully, even in the Dunya, for each casualty of the debilitating life-changing effects, both short-term and especially long-term, which characterize vaccines. Hence, Pharmafia along with the "regulatory" bodies on its payroll, are extremely reluctant to track guinea pigs, real and human, for more than a few months after vaccination, knowing full well that many of the adverse after-effects can only be determined and gauged by long-term monitoring.

Although the vast majority of doctors and scientists have sold their souls to money and career progression (a trait which unfortunately plagues many other fields today), and are afraid to even research a bit into the endemic fraud that characterizes particularly the vaccine industry, thousands of other more honest doctors, scientists, and experts have come out risking their jobs, career, and even, at times, their lives, for the sake of highlighting the truth about this uniquely brutal industry. (End of the Brother’s  letter)


The worst component of this massive shaitaani fraud  is Hizbush Shaitaan (the Gang of the Devil). There are no worse specimens of vermin than these molvis and sheikhs who have halaalized the Potion of Iblees. Any molvi who believes that vaccines, the potions of Iblees, are halaal, is bereft of Imaan. He was born to be a Rubbish of the worst kind. They are worse than khanaazeer. The Ummah has suffered no greater calamity, no greater curse than these vilest of human species masquerading as ulama. They are of the kind who will halaalize adultery with their own mothers and daughters.

The Dua of imperative importance for the current moment is to supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to cleanse the Ummah of this Filth and Poison – Hizbush Shaitaan. Do not be deceived by their deceptive garb, beards and turbans which constitute the façade  camouflaging their filth, rot, perfidy, treason, fisq, nifaaq  and kufr.

26 Jamaadiyu Thaani 1442 – 9 February 2021


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