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5 Safar 1434 – 19 December 2012


“South Africa and China have now officially joined Japan in suspending imports of Brazilian beef over an atypical case of mad cow disease, becoming the 26th country to have a confirmed case.
Brazil is a major exporter of poultry products to South Africa, accounting for 74% of South African chicken imports and around 15% of the chicken consumed in the country. Gareth Lloyd-Jones, ND of Ecowize, a health and sanitation company serving the food and beverage sector, says the preventative action such as the suspension of imports into South Africa are vital to ensure the safety of South Africans.” (Weekend Post, 15 December 2012)

In 2010 South Africa imported 94.2% of its total 26,916 tons of boneless carrion chickens from Brazil, and 44.6% of the total 20,039 tons of whole carrion chickens.
This deluge of haraam carrion chickens and haraam diseased (mad cow) beef is halaalized by the vile, confounded  ‘halaal’ certificate legion of shaitaan. The haraam filth is consumed by Muslims who perpetrate self-deception to  soothe their conscience with the utterly corrupt idea of the carrion chickens and carrion mad cow beef being ‘halaal’. On the basis of a mere ‘halaal’ stamp/sticker issued by the evil clique of carrion halaalizers, the so-called ‘halaal authorities’, Muslims are destroying their souls and their bodies  by ingesting such carrion filth which the Shariah has declared haraam for even dogs. In other words, it is not permissible to feed even dogs and animals with the rotten, diseased, haraam carrion.
There is an inseparable connection and relationship between the soul and the physical body. Any harm afflicted to the physical body by the consumption of carrion and even mushtabah (doubtful) food, exercises damaging consequences on the soul, and whatever harms the soul, harms the physical body. The insane consumption of  carrion filth has completely fossilized Muslim thinking. They are now incapable of  correct mental discernment. They fail to understand the irreparable harm and damage they are inflicting on their own bodies and souls with the  carrion chickens and carrion meat they are devouring.
Almost every so-called ‘Muslim’ butchery in the country deals with haraam imported meat and haraam  imported chickens. This does not detract from the locally haraam carrion chickens of Rainbow, Early Bird and the plethora of other carrion-chicken killing facilities halaalized by the likes of  SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, etc.
Even non-Muslim countries have become extremely concerned with the damage the diseased carrion is afflicting to their people, hence steps have been instituted to curtail the imports of the diseased chickens and meats.
Animals including chickens are fed by the Satanists with rotten animal portions, including faeces, all converted into feed.  Then such filthy, diseased animals which  spread the disease of mad cow and many other diseases, are halaalized by the mercenary halaalizing agencies whose primary objective is nothing but to fill their haraam coffers with haraam boodle regardless of the  destruction they are causing the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the community.
Muslims should  reflect on the numerous diseases affecting  the community – diseases such as cancer, heart problems, etc. which were never endemic in the Muslim community of some decades ago. Now the  haraam illegitimate chickens  have come home to roost in consequence of  decades of carrion consumption. Muslims are supposed to be a wholesome and hygienic community – a people with the loftiest moral standards. But, spurred on by the shayaateeni  carrion halaalizing  outfits, they have degenerated to a sub-bestial level devouring what even many animals will  find revolting and bypass.
It is surprising that no feeling of nausea assaults them when they consume the devil’s food – the filth of the diseased carrion chickens and the haraam diseased  meat. The Qur’aan Majeed and the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are replete with exhortations to reflect and meditate in whatever we do. When you are about to  devour the halaalized diseased carrion, then  bring to mind what so many Ulama have been warning you against.  Reflect  on the rot you are eating. If you meditate along these lines a few times, a natural revulsion for the haraam filth will generate in your heart. Ridding yourself of carrion addiction will then  not prove too difficult.



Following the lead of the U.S., Australia, and several other countries in Europe that have already adopted the use of Rotarix in small infants, British health officials are currently talking up the alleged benefits of the vaccine in order to gain public approval for its widespread introduction. According to official claims, the vaccine program, if implemented as intended, will cost the public health system in the U.K. the equivalent of nearly $40 million a year, while only purportedly saving it about $32 million a year.

But missing from the conversation is any talk about the very serious side effects of Rotarix, which just so happens to contain live attenuated virus. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), infants given Rotarix are twice as likely to develop intussusception, a potentially-deadly medical condition in which the intestines become blocked ( Based on the figures, the risk of dying from these vaccine complications is likely higher than the risk of dying from rotavirus, which is relatively low.

Beyond these direct side effects, it was uncovered back in 2010 that every batch of Rotarix ever produced since the vaccine's initial introduction back in 2008 has been contaminated with viral genetic material of PCV1. As reported by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) at that time, foreign DNA from this swine virus had apparently contaminated GSK's working cell bank and viral "seed" stock long before the vaccine even hit the market, which means millions of children have potentially become exposed to this tainted vaccine material. (

According to the FDA's website, neither the agency nor GSK know how foreign DNA from PCV1 came to be present in Rotarix in the first place, and the two entities are supposedly still "investigating this question." Meanwhile, the Rotarix vaccine is still in widespread use, and health authorities are continuing to push parents to subject their young babies to this questionable vaccine that, at best, only helps reduce the number of days an infant suffers from diarrhea. With this in mind, do the risks of the vaccine truly outweigh its alleged benefits?

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