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US General's Malice and Insult-Their Verbal Malice is Mild - Page 1

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US General's Malice and Insult-Their Verbal Malice is Mild
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Whatever Boykin blurted out or stated calculatingly in his private sessions with Christian groups, is shared equally by Bush, Blaire and the whole miserable lot of Allah’s enemies. However, the hatred and the plots embedded in their hearts have to be concealed and allowed to smoulder within their breasts o­n account of some political expediency which dictates the political directions and sets the stage for international political scenarios.


The primary motive for restraint as is apparent in the aforementioned ‘injunction’ of Mr.Bush, is their weakness and inability, despite the ‘superpower’ designation, to go it alone against even impoverished, emaciated and practically impotent ‘third world’ countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan to launch its cowardly and ulterior motivated strikes against these two impoverished lands, America was in dire need of an alliance of half the world to support it militarily, economically, morally, geographically and strategically. America never was an empire nor will it ever be o­ne. In fact, it is in an advanced stage of decline o­n all fronts and in all spheres. This is evidenced by the fact that the USA goes with cap in hand to Europe and Muslim countries begging for billions of dollars of aid to assist it in its piracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Alliance which is imperative for America’s survival and without which it could never have so brutally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, includes a large segment of the Muslim World. The misfortune of evil kufr governments which are a reflection of the moral bankruptcy and evil of the present –day Ummah, has ensured that the munaafiq political leaders succeed in placing the greater part of the Lands of Islam securely in the camp of the western kuffaar. This then is the political expediency which compels Mr.Bush and Mr.Blaire and others of the same ilk to conceal ‘what is worse’ in their hearts.


Although political expediency constrained Mr.Rumsfeld to cite the ‘injunction’ of Mr.Bush, his hatred for Islam and the Ummah, which bred and fosters the concealed malice in the hearts, cannot permit him to denounce or even dissociate from Boykin who had mouthed a small part of the hatred within their breasts. It is for this reason that Rumsfeld speaks of "private capacity".

If Mr.Musharraf of Pakistan should, for example say: "Bush is a Debaucher" or "America is the Aggressor", and a Pakistani governmental official claims that Musharraf was speaking in his ‘private capacity’, will these comments be tolerable to Mr.Bush, Rumsfeld and the like?

The truth is that there is no such thing as "private capacity". The whole miserable lot is concealing their hatred in their hearts, and in their ‘private’ gatherings they open up the valves to allow some of the malicious steam to escape.

"Verily, hatred has fumed forth from their mouths

but that which their breasts conceal is worse."



In the Aayat of Al-Baghdaa’ (Hatred) in which Allah Ta’ala informs us of the deep seated malice which the kuffaar in general harbour within their bosoms for the Ummah, Muslims are warned against bosom-friendship with the kuffaar. Let us now rationally examine in the light of the Qur’aan, the following statement of Boykin and all those whom he represents and whose views and feelings he has aired, albeit in a so-called ‘private capacity’: "Radical Islamists hate the US because we’re a Christian nation."

While the venom which Boykin has spat out from his heart is not at all surprising nor shocking, his low level of intelligence is most surprising in view of the fact that he holds a very senior position in the Conspiratorial Axis of the Shayaateen. It would be expected that the Chief of this Axis would at least have appointed a man who had some understanding of the people with whom he dealt.

Intellectually speaking, logically and rationally the claim that Muslims hate the US because it happens to be a Christian country is blatantly false. No enemy of Islam can substantiate this allegation rationally. Suicide bombings are not any evidence for the claim of Boykin and his ilk. Fighting the US in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else is not proof for the claim. Even the stupid public marches and demonstrations in the streets and ignorant westernized Muslims shouting anti-US slogans and hurling puerile epithets which are basically childish stratagems of ridicule, are not valid grounds for the malicious claim that Muslims hate the US because it happens to be a Christian country. Such emotional talk can deceive o­nly the stupid kuffaar masses.


In refutation of this utterly false claim made by Boykin, we present the following rational and irrefutable facts to which the Qur’aan, history and all unbiased honest men, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, testify:

(1) The Qur’aan singles out the Yahood (Jews) and Nasaaraa (Christians) from among the rest of the unbelieving people of the world and places them o­n a better level of hope, hence it (the Qur’aan) proclaims them as the Ahl-e-Kitaab (The People of the Book—the Tauraah and Injeel). While all other unbelievers are referred to as being Mushrikeen and Kaafireen, the Jews and Christians are mentioned with the title of respect and honour, viz., Ahl-e-Kitaab not withstanding the fact that in the technical terminology of Islam, they too are Mushrikeen and Kaafireen. Leaving no doubt in this regard, the Qur’aan occasionally does clarify the issue of the People of the Book being polytheists and unbelievers. They are polytheists because they believe in a plurality of gods. The Christians believe in three gods — so much for Boykin’s claim of his god and the imagined ‘idol’ of Islam. The Jews believe in Nabi Uzair (alayhis salaam) being the son of Allah. Both groups deny the Final Rasool of Allah Ta’ala, hence they are among the Kaafiroon. But this does not go to say that Islam has commanded Muslims to hate Christians. Undoubtedly, Muslims hate and are duti-bound to hate their kufr and their falsehood. Islam does not offer any apology for proclaiming that o­nly Islam is the true religion, and all religions besides Islam are false and will lead their adherents into Jahannum. The Qur’aan Majeed declares:

"Verily, the Deen by Allah is o­nly Islam."

"Whoever searches for a religion other than Islam,

never will it be accepted from him."

Any Muslim who cannot come to terms with this Qur’aanic Declaration and seeks to appease the kuffaar with some queer and baseless interpretation can make his exit from Islam. He may join the ranks and enter into the bosoms of those whom it woos.

(2) The Qur’aan allows Muslim males to marry the women of the Ahl-e-Kitaab. Lest ignorant Muslims misunderstand — as they do in this day — this Qur’aanic permission to mean encouragement and exhortation to marry women of the Ahl-e-Kitaab, it is necessary to clarify that there is a difference between validity, permissibility and exhortation. While such inter-marriage is valid and permissible, it is far from encouraged due to the accompanying evil consequences and danger to Imaan. This is not the occasion to elaborate the issue. Insha’Allah, and if He bestows the Taufeeq to us, we shall address this question in a special treatise.

Suffice here to say that if Islam propagated hatred for Christians, marriage to their women would not have been accepted as valid. Marriage to the women of all other religions besides the Religion of the Book, is not valid.

Intelligence does not conceive of permissibility of marriage with those against whom hatred is directed. The demands of hatred are something else, not love and marriage, and according to the Qur’aan, the foundation for the durability and perpetuation of marriage is mutual love.

(3) The Qur’aan permits Muslims to consume the slaughtered meat of Jews and Christians provided that the slaughter of the animals has been effected correctly in accordance with the original rites of the Kitaab (Tauraah). If the slaughtering is incorrect, then just as incorrectly slaughtered meat of Muslims will be haraam, so too will such meat of the Ahl-e-Kitaab be haraam.

If Islam propagated hatred for Christians, the meat of their correctly slaughtered animals would not have been proclaimed halaal for Muslims. In this matter too the Qur’aan differentiates between the Ahl-e-Kitaab kaafireen and the rest of the unbelievers.

(4) During the initial era of Islam when the persecution of the Mushrikeen exceeded all bounds, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) ordered the Muslims to migrate to Ethopia, a Christian country where the emperor accepted them with open arms. Inspite of Ethopia being a Christian country with a Christian king, the relationship was extremely friendly.

(5) The Qur’aan commands Muslims to refrain from befriending all kuffaar in general. But it never teaches hatred for them. While the Qur’aan mentions the hatred of the kuffaar for Muslims, it does not order us to reciprocate with malice.

(6) Islam’s mission of Da’wat and Tableegh (propagating the Deen) is directed to all mankind —to all non-Muslims. If Islam propagated hatred for Christians, they would have been excluded from this mission, the ultimate aim of which is salvation for mankind in the Hereafter. A religion which teaches hatred for others cannot be propagated to them. The hatred will constitute an effective barrier for acceptance of the propagated religion.

The plot of Shaitaan is to prevent non-Muslims from accepting Islam to their everlasting benefit and salvation. In the furtherance of this plot, Shaitaan uses men to implant in the minds of the unwary and ignorant masses that Muslims hate Christians, etc. Innumerable Christians and other non-Muslims have embraced Islam and are still doing so. Why does this imagined hatred not prevent them from entering this Fold of Salvation which Islam presents?

(7) Besides the US there are dozens of Christian countries. Why is the ‘hatred’ directed solely to the U.S.A., and not to other Christian countries? We urge Boykin and his superiors to ponder. .

(8) Why is the ‘hatred’ of the "Islamic Radicals" directed to Israel as well? Israel is not a Christian country? If Boykin will respond by stating that the hatred is common for both Christians and Jews, we shall answer that the factor of kufr is common in all non-Muslims of whatever persuasion they may be. But inspite of this common factor, the "Islamic Radicals" are not venting their hatred in any direction other than the US and Israel. Why do they display this attitude of selective ‘hatred’ when their Holy Scripture, the Qur’aan, has a harsher attitude for the kuffaar other than those of the Ahl-e-Kitaab?

(9) If the hatred for the US was based o­n the fact that it is a Christian country, then to a greater degree would there be hatred for the countries of communism. The godless and atheistic ideology of communism is more repugnant to Islam and Muslims than the kufr of the Ahl-e-Kitaab.

(10) In the struggle to oust the communist infidels from Afghanistan, these very same "Islamic Radicals" — Osama Bin Ladin and his imagined Al-Qaidah — were in an alliance with the USA. For fifteen years, this selfsame Christian USA schooled and trained these very same ‘radicals’ in the art of ‘terrorism’ to achieve the American aim of ousting the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. At that stage what was the position of the ‘hatred’ of the ‘Islamic Radicals’? Against whom was it directed? US or Russia? And was Russia a Christian country?

(11) Are the "Islamic Radicals" in Chechniya fighting Russian brutality and murder because Russia is a Christian country? Mr.Boykin should reflect and answer. The Chechens have been fighting the communist aggression for ages, not because the aggressors happened to be Christians, for they are not.

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