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Malice & Animosity

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A Brother Responds To The Malice & Animosity Of SANHA, The Carrion Halaalizer

Unable to restrain the malice they harbour for the Jamiatul Ulama of Kwazulu-Natal, the SANHA CARRION HALAALIZERS very thoughtlessly issued an insipid and puerile diatribe disgorging nothing but stupidities in a desperate attempt to besmirch the name of the Jamiat. A Brother, Saleh Muhammad, has aptly and adequately responded to the rubbish which the SANHA CARRION & PORK HALAALIZER has spewed out. The response is reproduced verbatim hereunder.

assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahe wa bara kaatu

I am forced to write this in reply to this SANHA’s  article. I was filled with disgust and dismay after reading flash news no. 71. What an offensive article by SANHA, poking fun @ kzn jamiat, + using words that are demeaning and arrogantly running down an organisation using words such as demise, spin, then saying their spin 'lacks credibility', implosion, temerity etc. All this it seems to self justify their own income.

They mock this muslim organisation who tried to provide the muslim ummah with a free halaal certifying body who i presume were sincere. I am in no way saying that JUKZN were a trusted and reliable organisation due to the simple fact that i dont know them nor do i know what work they did, and especially since i am no expert. But from this SANHA article i have gleaned a few facts that these people seemed to be sincerely concerned about the muslim ummah as well as not making money out of halaal certification, which alone is commendable. It also seems that SANHA was feeling very threatened by them.

With their "demise" SANHA should pick up additional income

They are gloating over the closing of JUKZN halaal body which seems to be an organisation with more Taqwa(facts deduced from SANHA article) then SANHA.

This article uses a saying made famous by a jewish economist "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."  which most probably very aptly describes the SANHA way of operating. By the way this saying in my opinion is unislaamic.  This saying goes against all islaamic principles of "love for your brother what you love for yourself" and all mumins are brothers. This saying goes against Rasul SAW who gave away when he was asked even if that was all he had. When we muslims give charity or invite someone to our house for a meal then SANHA says we are insincere based on a saying popularised by a jewish economist.

When we have Quraan and Ahaadith and our Aslaaf, why do we need examples from people whose blood is seeped in kufr and whose aim in life was to acquire dunya no matter how?

When a muslim has an excuse accept it. Dont the Ulema @ SANHA know that? Yet they call the excuse "the spin" then go on to JUDGE them by saying "lacks credibility". They are calling JUKZN liars.

The gloating and using words to demean JUKZN makes me want to puke. I try to respect all Ulema and all organisations even if I dont agree with them, but an article like this makes it hard to keep respect for SANHA.

The level they have stooped to is vomit inducing.

unfortunately i dont have the words to write what I am actually feeling after reading this sick SANHA article

We ask forgiveness 4 our errors and ask forgiveness from those who we may have offended and ask ALLAH AZZA WA JAL to forgive us all and guide us to siraatal mustaqeem aameen

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