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5 Jamaadith Thaani 1434 – 17 April 2013



The eruption of the massive haraam meat scandal and the exposure by non-Muslim institutions of the dastardly fraud should be a sombre lesson for Muslims. Even non-Muslims in this age appear to be more concerned than Muslims with the type of food they consume. Also make no mistake! All of the shaitaani, mercenary ‘halaal’-certificate hawkers are involved in this massive fraud of passing off pork, donkey meat, etc. as ‘halaal’ meat suitable for Muslim consumption. This fraud had been repeatedly highlighted by The Majlis over the years. Whilst many Muslims took heed and abstained from consuming SANHA, MJC, NIHT and ICSA halaalized carrion, careless Muslims, slaves of desire, continued to enjoy the rotten, diseased carrion which these unscrupulous money-drunk carrion halaalization outfits approved and certified. It is now hoped that they will at least heed the findings of  the responsible non-Muslim institutions who have established beyond doubt the fraud of mislabelling pork and donkey meat.
In this regard, Consumer Fair (formerly Consumer Forum), have issued the following statement:
15 April 2013

CONSUMER FAIR (formerly National Consumer Forum) wishes to place on record our call that the investigation by the National Consumer Commission into the meat labelling fraud be escalated to a Criminal Matter and that the National Prosecuting Authority in conjunction with the various regulatory authorities in the Departments of Health, Agriculture, and Trade and Industry immediately bring charges against the direct violators of the host of provisions meant to protect consumers from these enormous risks and abuse of Consumer Rights.

We believe that there were sufficient grounds to launch a full scale investigation into this matter as far back as November 2011 when the ORION COLD STORAGE debacle received considerable national coverage. Consumer Fair had laid criminal charges against ORION and its Directors and called for a Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry. The obvious lack of political will and the gross negligence on the part of the various Regulatory Authorities are directly contributory to the current state of affairs. To date 19 months after our criminal complaint against ORION COLD STORAGE where video and forensic evidence was available, the case is still unresolved.
South Africa has become a dumping ground for dubious meat products from kangaroo to camel, to water buffalo and pork hearts. There is no correlation between the amount of kangaroo being imported from Australia and products on supermarket shelves actually stipulating kangaroo as its ingredients. The Corporate Retailers named in the “Stellenbosch Report” has in their pursuit of maximum profits exposed South African Consumers to enormous health risks and gross violations of our rights to dignity, religious freedom and most importantly freedom of choice.

We hold the view that the so called Religious Authorities who sell labelling franchises to the food industry has also been exposed as a money making scam that poses to act in the interest of certain Religious Minorities. The prevalence of label fraud and the enormity of the problem are indicative of the incompetence of Halaal and self imposed Religious Regulators and affirm our position that they are imposing Religious Taxation on all consumers without being able to protect even their own constituencies.

Consumer Fair believes that it has become imperative that the various State Departments who has at their disposal a huge arsenal of regulations in the Consumer Protection Act, the Agricultural Product Standards Act, the Meat Safety Act, as well as a host of other Import and Tax evasion legislation should throw the book at all those responsible including the Corporate Retailers.

We call on all Consumers to become vigilant and lobby their local political representatives to pursue these matters and to put pressure on the powers that be that Consumer will no longer tolerate this ongoing abuse.

For more information contact:
Thami Bolani (National Chairman)”

The SANHA-MJC-NIHT-ICSA clique of Maitah(Carrion) Halaalizers in terms of the law could be  thrown into jail for 10 years or fined R10 million. The following press report should be a salutary warning for the Carrion Halaaizers:
SUPPLIERS involved in the meat labelling scandal could face fines or time in jail.
"In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, there are severe repercussions for these suppliers," trade and industry spokesman Sidwell Medupe said yesterday.
It was an offence to alter, obscure, falsify, remove or omit a displayed price, labelling or trade description.
Punishment included fines of up to R10-million or 10 years in prison. - Sapa

The grandiose claims of ‘halaal’ meat and ‘halaal’ chicken which these evil halaalizing outfits were making have been adequately debunked by the current meat scandal. It should be remembered that many of the 139 meat samples tested were ‘halaal’ stamped. Retailers were packing their own meats which were halaal-stamped and certified ‘halaal’ by the illegitimate progeny of Iblees who has adorned for these ‘halaal’ certifying bodies their satanism of halaalizing carrion.
Now, if after the current exposure of massive labelling fraud, any Muslim can still devour the halaalized meats sold by non-Muslim businesses certified by the progeny of Iblees, then he/she should examine his/her Imaan. Only a person bereft of Imaan has the satanic nerve of consuming carrion on the strength of a stupid ‘halaal’
logo/stamp sold to non-Muslims by the ‘halaal’ certificate vendors.

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