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24 Rajab 1434 – 4 June 2013



Justifiably berating the Shayaateen of Radio Shataan, a Mureed of Hadhrat Hakeem Akhtar (rahmatullah alayh) writes:


Hazrat I hope you are well.

In a sickening, nauseating display of false grief, the operators at MW 1548, also known as radio shaytaan, deliberately have been taking full advantage of the high public emotion surrounding Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar's (RA) demise. They remind one of vultures, waiting for such tragic incidences to occur, to boost their listenership. It was quite revolting, an attention grabbing trick, a cheap publicity stunt.

To what further level of lowness are they capable of stooping? They make a big show of crocodile tears now when Hazrat (RA) passes away, but are totally unprepared to practice on his teachings. Everyone is aware that Hazrat was opposed to women on air from the very beginning.

Throughout Hazrat's life, they would purposely, spitefully play Hazrat's nazms etc... to make it seem as if he was supportive of their rotten station. They even went so far as to deviously con some of Hazrat's khulefaa from Pakistan to come on air. At least this time, for once, they should have conducted themselves with a bit of dignity, instead of behaving like a bunch of two - faced mercenaries who were desperate for public attention, trying to hog the limelight.

They have gone against all of Hazrat (RA) teachings and now when he leaves the world, want to prove to the public the great love, admiration and respect they have for Hazrat. Could  anybody have behaved in a more putrid, disgusting manner? They shamelessly jump the bandwagon of public grief when Hazrat (RA) passes away, but choose not to implement Hazrat's teachings on their station.

They put women on air - Hazrat had taught that to listen unnecessarily to na-mahram women's voices  is completely Haraam and zina of the ears, as men would unintentionally yet definitely derive pleasure there from. They refuse to root out the very rotten apples from their ranks. These were Hazrat's primary teachings - to avoid haraam love relationships with na mahram women and with young boys. The outward hue and cry, the farcical hullabaloo they made, was nothing but a big joke, a mockery of a very sad occasion, an insult to our Hazrat and his life - long preaching and a smack in the face of Hazrat's sincere lovers and followers.

Such exhibitionists are sick, mentally twisted, devoid of any sympathy for those of us who are grieved at the loss of our beloved Sheikh (RA). They deserve a sound flogging for their insensitivity, for their cold,
manipulative approach to the whole situation.

For them, obviously, there is no business like show business, nothing else matters. They have no scruples, they are devoid of basic human decency. They should perhaps learn some social etiquettes by reading Hazrat's kitaab "Condolences to the bereaved'. This would benefit them greatly. They would
at least then learn how to conduct themselves when someone passes away. Perhaps, next time a great Aalim passes away, they will not behave like publicity-seeking, hungry vultures or hyenas.

Please comment..WASSALAAM”


YOU HAVE COMMENTED ADEQUATELY, MASHA-ALLAH! May Allah Ta’ala reward you for stating the Haqq.

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