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“HALAAL” PORK has become SANHA’s norm. There is no longer any surprise in hearing, seeing and devouring ‘halaal’ SANHA PORK.  The perennial justification is ‘labelling error’. 

What the ignorant people of defective Imaan refuse to accept or understand is that they have been consuming haraam carrion chickens, haraam carrion meat and even PORK halaalized by SANHA. The ‘labelling error’ gimmick is unacceptable. 

A Muslim whose Imaan is untainted with  carrion, will never  compromise his/her Imaan by devouring meat products  obtainable from kuffaar shops and today from even most Muslim-owned butcheries.  The ignorant public has been fed for decades with SANHA and MJC halaalized carrion, hence a PORK-labelled packet of meat does not jolt their Imaan or conscience since the decades of carrion consumption has extinguished their Imaani conscience. 

Halaal certifying bodies are among the worst scoundrels, rogues and robber who pillage and plunder the Imaan of moron Muslims who have become like dogs and vultures. They devour just any rot and filth which bears a ‘halaal’ logo of any Jahannam-destined Carrion Outfit.

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8 Jamadith Thaani 1443 – 11 January 2022

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 19:13  

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