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29 Shawwaal 1434 – 6 September 2013


A number of people has written to complain about the haram antics and activities of Ansaarush Shaitaan Radio.  Hereunder we reproduce a letter from a justifiably irate Brother.

“As Salaamu Aliakum,,    Respected Hounorable Ulama,

You are receiving this email as i feel you are the only credible organisations who can answer.Please assist with this.     Yet again i am amazed by the doings of Al Ansaar (Radio Ansaarush Shaitaan).

Before Ramadaan I  called Mr Joosub and had asked him as to what is going on with al ansaar as there is a lot of fitnah that goes on there in terms of all these shows that are being presented, Fairs that take place from time to time as well the encouragement of illicit relationships at these fairs. He swore me " go do what F#*K you want" For a Muslim to speak to anyone like that is disgraceful.

At present they have intermingling of sexes at the station which is forbiddden in Islam. They have shows that have a mix of men and women. Is this permissible in Islam?

I need clarity on this neither does the Jamiat , Darul Ihsan or Radio Islam have these problems. I am also aware that we have various Moulana's come on from Jamiat and Darul Ihsan etc but what i fail to understand is that with all these haraam activities happening, how is this still possible for the Ulama to participate?  Please advise me as i am very disturbed about all of this glaringly haraam activities.. Forgive me for saying but this is like sitting on the fence situation.

There is music that is  being played daily and al ansaar says thats ok. It doesnt have, but if you really think about it, artists like Milad Raza Qadri use musical instruments when singing. In the morning and evening is Hafiz Wadi whose doing the ‘halaal’ segments. He plays only Qiraat and speaks to Moulanas. Then comes the breakfast show with a male and female both ghair mahrams sitting in 1 studio laughing and flirting like over the air of al ansaar which is unIslamic with all those music items.  

Is this station really portraying Islam as it should be? Is it because there are wealthy business people supporting this station therefore one cannot turn away from this? Please help me and the rest of the community understand what is this all about. The station does not respond to any queries. They say they will get back to you. Islamically they do not follow the fardz or the sunnah way of doing things.

When there was the problem about music and they had a meeting they called  a Mufti,  and they lashed him about his comments.

They are promoting there “wonderful” Souk yet again. This is a money making scheme, promoting haraam activities illicit relationships and intermingling of sexes and  scantly dressed women with no modesty whatsoever.   Someone please help me understand this.  I’m not here to make a problem but when issue's need to be addressed one should be able to get answers. Jazakallaah!”    (End of letter)

There is no conundrum in the issue which has you apparently flummoxed. The reality is that these radio stations masquerading as  ‘Islamic’ media are appendages of Iblees. Shaitaan has harnessed these vile radio stations to promote zina, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr in the name of ‘Islam’.

It is indeed most lamentable that the Ulama who make themselves available to these evil radio stations are short-sighted. They fail to discern the greater harm to the community and Islam which their participation spawns.  By participating with the radios of the Devil, the Ulama are actually aiding and abetting in sin and transgression. They confer respectability and acceptability to a thoroughly vile, evil, corrupt and immoral medium. They wash garments with urine and  believe that the clothes  have become taahir/paak.

Whilst  these evil radio stations are obscene and immoral, the destruction to Islamic morals, Imaan and the Deen of the masses caused by Ulama participation is worse. On the Day of Qiyaamah, the Ulama who associate with  these  filthy media will have to answer in the Divine Court. When Ulama consider it valid to  utilize a zina medium for propagating Islam, they may just as well make tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed  sitting and relieving themselves in the toilet. There is no difference.  The insult  to the Deen by the Ulama of these  radios of Iblees is worse than the insult by  satanic media themselves.

Brother, we are moving swiftly in the direction of Qiyaamah. You will still see worse. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us. May He save us from His Chastisement which is overhanging this community.

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