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What is the status of Khidmatul Awaam which is also a body organizing Hajj and Umrah facilities? Many people have doubts regarding the Islamic bona fides of Khidmatul Awaam. I do not see much ‘khidmat’ for the ‘awaam’ being rendered by this body. Please comment.


Firstly, the name ‘khidmatul awaam’ is a misnomer. It is a deception designed to mislead the unwary Awaam (masses/the community). The motives of this cartel are never altruistic. This body is devoid of any type of philanthropic connotation which it had endeavoured to convey and which it may still be doing. 

Outfits of this type deceptively parading under Deeni colours are Signs of Qiyaamah. The Hadith states about these Signs: “The dunya will be pursued (and acquired) with the amal of the Deen.” Khidmatul Awaam, like SAHUC, is in the ‘hajj and umrah’ game for the boodle. No one should dwell in ignorance in this regard. Their narratives of ‘service to the community’ are driven by mercenary motives. The craving is for boodle, nothing else. This entity does not render any khidmat to the awaam. The Shariah is not their guiding factor. The gravamen of their operation is always the boodle. 

This year’s Hajj quota is 1138. Sahuc has accredited only four agents to cater for these would-be-hujjaaj. For every 100 persons embarking on a mock ‘hajj’, the deposit is R3 million. Of the four agents, hitherto only Khidmatul Awaam has honoured this haraam deposit demand.  It has lodged R15 million in the bank where the money collects interest. 

The question which Khidmatul Awaam has to answer is: Whose money has been given as deposit?  From whence did this body acquire the R15 million? We have been given to understand that the R15 million is from the profit generated by Khidmatul Awaam – profit fleeced from those going for Hajj and Umrah. There is almost certitude that besides the R15 million, there will be many more millions in the coffers of this cartel of hajj agents. That is one reason for the name, khidmatul awaam being a deception and a misnomer. There is little difference between Khidmatul Awaam and SAHUC. They are birds of a feather. 

All Hajj & Umrah agents are inspired by shaitaan. Iblees is their main helper. This was confirmed by a Maaliki Faqeeh/Wali some centuries ago. Shaitaan spurs on the travel and hajj agents as well as the people to go for mock umrahs and hajj. Then those trapped by Iblees and his agents in the snare of mock ‘umrah’ and mock ‘hajj’ become entangled in sins from the day they leave home until they return. That is precisely why Hadhrat Fudhail Bin Iyaadh (Rahmatullah alay) said that while people emerge from their bathrooms purified of sins, numerous people return home from the Ka’bah loaded with sins. 

The status of ‘Khidmatul Awaam’ is no different from that of SAHUC and the travel agents.  They earn millions by exploitation. They are exploiters of the worst kind, for they use the Deen as a camouflage for their boodle shenanigans.

14 Shawwaal 1443 – 16 May 2022

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