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In the Annual Report 1434/2013 of SANHA, its 'theological director' states in his report:

"Ahamdulillah, the Ulama continue to play a significant role in the day-to-day running  as well as executive management and organization. During the period under review, the Ulama Council represented by the theological committee met on two occasions."

How did the Ulama play a 'significant role in the day-to-day running'', when the Ulama Component's theological committee had met only twice? The Carrion Cabal only confirms its own falsehood.

In addition to this confounded LIE, the Lockhat-Navlakhi Carrion Cabal which has hijacked the SANHA organization, has been trumpeting the theme of the primary and most significant  role of the Ulama Council in the affairs of the body. This theme piped by the cabal is a blatant falsehood. The Ulama component of SANHA is being misused as rubber stamps. The Ulama Council is not only expected to endorse and rubber stamp every decision made by the Lockhat-Navlakhi Carrion  Cabal, but is in fact instructed to rubber stamp all decisions effected  by the cabal.

The truth of the matter is that the Ulama Council entity has no meaningful role in a hijacked Sanha – hijacked by the Lockhat-Navlakhi Carrion Cabal. This reality has come to the fore recently as a result of the refusal of  Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape to submit to Navlakhi's instruction to a sign a letter of complaint and condemnation of Mufti A.K.Hoosen.

Navlakhi simply trust the prepared letter in the face  of Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape and instructed Maulana Igsaan Abrahams to sign it. However, the Maulana Sahib firmly  refused and has demanded that a meeting of the Ulama Council be convened to discuss the letter. But the Lockhat-Navlakhi Carrion Clique of hijackers is averse to such a meeting.

It is essential that the Muslim community understands that the decisions  in the name of SANHA and all aspects of the carrion halaalization industry  are the disgorgement of the Lockhat-Navlakhi Carrion Cabal.

The CABAL has become extremely dictatorial in its mannerism and issues decisions and directives to the exclusion of the Ulama component of the body.  The extremely discourteous, in fact rude manner, in which the cabal has treated SANHA's executive member, the Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape is adequate evidence for the recklessness of the Carrion Cabal. This unintelligent recklessness displayed by the Carrion Cabal is the effect of  mental irrationalism  caused by  the inordinate  greed for the haraam riba boodle extracted from  the holders of the haraam 'halaal' certificates  which halaalize the haraam carrion.

In the very same Annual Report of SANHA mentioned above, Maulana Abbaas Ali Jeena Sahib of the NNB Jamiat (the No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg), says:

"Halal is an integral part of the life of a Muslim. Not only is it a direct command of Allah in the Noble Qur'an, it also has a very strong link with virtuous deeds. The acceptance of supplication and prayer depends to a great extent on the type of food that enters one's body. It is on the basis of this bond that many a pious people Have noted: 'In accordance with the  proportion of Halal a person consumes, likewise will be the inclination and pleasure derived in performing good deeds.'  ………Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied: 'Eat Halal and speak the truth."

This flowery  message of the Deen is not meant to decay in the  silly, glossy Annual Report  issued by the Carrion Cabal. Muslims are under Shar'i obligation to implement this Naseehat practically by abstaining from consuming the  haraam, rotten, diseased carrion which the Carrion Cabal halaalizes  under the subterfuge of a toothless, silent, Dumb Shayaateen' ulama entity which the Carrion Cabal projects as its 'Ulama Council', when in reality this Council is a clumsy rubber stamp utilized by the Carrion Cabal to halaalize haraam Maitah.

Muslims who consume the haraam carrion inflict irreparable harm and damage to their physical bodies and to their Souls. Cancer, a variety of serious heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. are diseases which  afflict the consumers of the Carrion Cabal's halaalized carrion chickens and meat products.

Muslims should have mercy on their own bodies and Souls which are sacred  Trusts bestowed to them by Allah Ta'ala. Long before the actual Hisaab (Reckoning) in Qiyaamah, there will be a  prior lesser Reckoning pertaining to the Amaanat (Trust) of Health – that health which Muslims are  destroying with their gluttonous consumption of halaalized carrion and  inordinate indulgence in sin in general.

There is an appalling and disturbing increase in serious diseases such as cancer, heart and diabetes in the Muslim community of this age. Prior to the free availability of  rotten halaalized carrion, these diseases were practically unheard of  in the Muslim community. The sudden  surge of these grave maladies in epidemic proportion is the direct consequence of  devouring the haraam carrion chickens and carrion products which SANHA, MJC, NIHT, etc. have halaalized despite a deluge of irrefutable evidence existing to prove that all of this muck and  diseased najaasat being halaalized  is in fact HARAAM.

"Only those of intelligence derive lesson (from admonition)." (Qur'aan)

26 Safar 1435 (30 December 2013)

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