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Jamiat's Madhouse

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The NNB JAMIAT, i.e. the NO NAME BRAND JAMIAT OF FORDSBURG, masquerading as ‘jamiatul ulama south Africa,  conducts a  clandestine ‘madrashah’ (which shall be termed MADHOUSE) to give effect to its pernicious dark agenda of undermining the Deen of Islam. The vile characters operating this madhouse of Iblees, Laeen, have lost their Imaan. While they  abortively describe their devilish institution a ‘madrasah’, it is in reality a veritable madhouse operating under the aegis of shaitaan, subtly plying the piracy of the interfaith movement and championing the cause of the orientalist enemies of Islam who have established the so-called ‘Islamic Studies’ faculties at  the universities of the kuffaar enemies of Islam. 

Before we comment further on the NNB’s  satanic Madhouse, the following letter from a concerned Brother will serve as an eye opener and a window  from which the syllabus of rijs, fisq and kufr could be observed and assessed. The Concerned Brother having inside information of the treacherous shenanigans of  the NNB’s  vile Madhouse, writes: 


Respected Mufti Sahib, I want to bring  to your attention  the ongoing shenanigans that are taking place at the  NNB.
The Principal and Sheikhul Hadith of the NNB ‘darul uloom’, the so-called ‘jaamiah al uloom islaamiyah’ resigned  at the end of the English year 2013.

The Maulana Sahib was prior to joining the NNB ‘darul uloom’ a senior  Ustaaz of Hadith at Darul Uloom Azaadville, as well as senior administrator responsible for the Alim faculty at Darul Uloom Azaadville.

According to students and ex-students, the NNB wanted to enforce secular studies side by side with the alim course, but the  Maulana Sahibl was against this view. A student informed me that the president of NNB bypassed Maulana Sahib in the beginning of 2013 to try and encourage students to study degrees. He actually made the following statement which was echoed by  a Molvil Z Ragie later in the year  that 'we do not want to produce imams, we want leaders'. So, my question is: Is this our Tariqa ????? (It is the devil’s tareeqah – The Majlis)

These NNB ‘ ulema’ (they are not ulema. They are shaitaan’s bootleggers – The Majlis) have no respect for their own system  of  studies !!! They regard the alim course as inferior. May Allah save us from this new fitna being initiated by NNB Deviates.

One student actually told me that the NNB believed that  Maulana Hassen was ‘too Deobandi’ for the  NNB and that the  NNB were actually happy that  he had resigned because he was an obstacle in their path, because since Maulana took over he guided the  madresa to a correct path and transformed the madresa into a Darul Uloom. But the insane deviates of the NNB want an elitist/modernist institution – (A kuffaar institute paraded as a ‘darul uloom’ to undermine Islam – The Majlis)

Another modernist view of their’s was that only matriculants should be accepted to study. Maulana rejected this view and accepted non-matriculants. Do we need non-Islamic or secular qualifications  as requisites to study the Shariah?? Did Maulana Thanwi RA and the thousands of great Fuqaha and Ulama do matric?? May Allah protect us from  this new Satanism introduced by the NNB cartel.

They want the madresa to be modelled on a university style rather then the mubaarak Minhaaj of our Darul Ulooms. Since their modernist principal took over,  Z Ragie, he has radically changed things in the Madhouse into a university style in conflict with the way of our noble Akaabir.

Three young upstart, insolent teachers of the institution worked actively against Maulana Hassen while being supported by the NNB shura. They used to openly ridicule him in class and attempt to instigate students against the administration, particularly one zaki vawda, the same person who gave Mufti Elias a hard time in ridgeway, Johannesburg.

Whatever decision Maulana Sahib made in the Madhouse, zaki vawda opposed it with the support of the NNB Deviates. This same pro-secular  z. vawda is studying  for a degree as well.

An ex-student who studied at the Madhouse told me that prior to Maulana Hassen arriving in the Madhouse, these unqualified teachers never completed any of the  kitaabs. One teacher actually done only 20 pages of Mishkaat for the whole year. Not a single kitaab was ever finished in the Madhouse. When Maulana Sahib took over, he gave them a chance. But seeing them not playing ball, he shared their load deeply upsetting them, thus causing them to dislike him. This student told me that these teachers were 25 yrs old only, but are teaching Tirmidhi Shareef, Muslim Shareef , Hidaaya, Mishkaat, Jalaalain and Qu’raan Tarjumah, etc.,  but never did they ever complete these kitaabs.

What nerve! Wet behind their ears but yet so arrogant! It seems their heads got too big for their bodies, and they got too big for their boots.

The main culprits behind these vile shenanigans are  ML A.A JEENA, ML KACHWEE, ML Z RAGIE and a Bham (We presume this  is a reference to the Reverend of the Cross, i.e. reverend Abram Bham – The Majlis).  Ragie took over all posts two weeks prior to the mock  ‘bukhari’ jalsa of 2013.

Respected Mufti SHB! This institute has the potential to cause major problems of FITNAH in South Africa due to  their khiyaal being different. Please highlight these important issues. We have enough problems already and now to have a modernist Madhouse  paraded as a ‘darul uloom’ run by a modernist NNB mob of treacherous molvis.  This  is a very dangerous fitnah development.” (End of letter)

In several Ahaadith, it is predicted that towards the end of time (Aakhiruz Zamaan), the “Ilm of the Deen will be pursued for the sake of the dunya”, and  “the dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirah.” While the fitnah  of the NNB Jamiat’s shaitaani Madhouse is lamentable and cause to be perturbed, it is not at all surprising because Rasulullah’s predictions have to necessarily materialize. Many of the predictions made by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are seeng the light of day in our era. What the Brother has described in his letter is a link in the chain of Fitnah predicted by Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Cause for greater lament is the shaitaani silence of the majority of Molvis who constitute the membership of the NNB Jamiat. Although  these Molvis are in opposition to the satanic shenanigans of the vile clique strangling the NNB Jamiat, their Imaani deficiency constrains them to seek refuge in a fortress of unholy silence which brings them  within the direct glare of Rasulullah’s castigation: “The silent one regardig the Haqq is a DUMB SHAITAAN.” By virtue of their shaitaani silence, all these molvis are  complicit in aiding and abetting the satanic agenda of the mal-oon cabal exangunating the rooh and Imaan of the NNB Jamiat.

The institution which the mal-oon NNB cabal operates as a ‘madrasah’ is a veritable kufr MADHOUSE presented to the ignorant public as a ‘darul uloom’. It is haraam for Muslims to study at this Madhouse of the NNB Jamiat. The Madhouse is under the auspices of Iblees-in-Chief  who has designed the syllabus and who dictates the   modus operandi of the deceptive ‘madrasah’. That institute is not a Madrasah. It has in fact been established to undermine the Deen – to dig the foundations of Islam. Whoever aids this shaitaani Madhouse in any way whatsoever, will be guilty of aiding Shaitaan to dig the foundations of Islam, an unholy task which he has assigned to the NNB cabal.

The status of the Qur’aan and Ahaadith is sullied with the shaitaani stipulation of kuffaar education being a qualification for  pursuing that ILM which was revealed in the holy Cave of Hira via the agency of Hadhrat Jibraeel (alayhis salaam). Just imagine the shaitaaniyat of this ludicrous stipulation! To study the kutub of the illustrious Aimmah Mujtahideen, Fuqaha, Muhadditheen and Mufassireen – to study the Qur’aan and Hadith – a condition acquired from those who wallow in physical and spiritual janaabat, is imposed as an incumbent requisite. Thus, the institute being a shaitaani Madhouse  is a logical conclusion. Shaitaan has touched the villains  of this haraam, illegitimate Madhouse of the Devil with insanity as is depicted in the Qur’aan Majeed: 

“They stand like one driven to madness by the touch of shaitaan…”

May Allah Ta’ala save us all from the Fitnah of these shayaateen in human form.

30 Rabiul Awwal 1435  - 1 February 2014

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