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Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: "Verily, I fear for my Ummah the 'aimmah' (molvies, sheikhs, reverends, pundits, quack spiritual guides and scholars for dollars) who (will mislead my Ummah)."

The following letter of a concerned Brother – a layman Muslim – serves as the introduction for this Naseehat.


The Concerned Brother writes:

" Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh 

I have a humble request for your naseehat regarding the following:

Recently, a number of 'so-called' scholars are becoming involved in animate photography, thereby implying it's permissibility to the layman.

These 'scholars', shockingly, are graduates of institutions affiliated with Darul Uloom Deoband. More surprisingly, there are some senior scholars who are also involved in it. These 'scholars' reside mostly in the UK and USA. Now, Ulama from South Africa are also starting to jump onto this bandwagon. This is creating doubt amongst the laymen. On one hand, some Ulama have declared animate photography completely Haraam, without doubt. Whereas on the other hand, some Ulama who on the outset seem to be affiliated with the trusted Ulama, are propagating otherwise. 

One quality of a Mu'min is that one should have good thoughts of other Muslims and one should not harbour any evil thoughts regarding them. How do we, the public, maintain Husne-Zin (good thoughts/opinion) regarding these Ulama? It is becoming increasingly difficult in these times of fitnah to maintain Husne-Zin. Not only regarding these Ulama, but other Ulama as well, who are involved in all sorts of evil. Your invaluable advice on the above will be immensely appreciated." (End of letter)


Brother, we are living in an era in close proximity to Qiyaamah. It is an era in which there is a noxious glut of  ulama-e-soo' termed , 'Al-Aimmatul Mudhilleen' by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). For  these 'scholars' who  mislead and deviate the masses, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed profound fear.  In our day we are observing the materialization of Rasulullah's prediction in which he said: "The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky  will be their ulama. From them (these vile, miserable scholars for dollars) will emerge Fitnah, and the Fitnah will rebound (boomerang) on them (hemming them into the  mess and corruption they spawn and disgorge)."

It is not possible to entertain husn-e-zann (a good opinion/good thoughts) about these wolves in sheep's skin. It is not valid to  cherish good thoughts about shayaateen in human bodies. These miscreants  are described in the Qur'aan Majeed as "dogs" and "donkeys."  The Qur'aan Majeed brands the ulama-e-soo' and the al-aimmatul mudhilleen as  "dogs which puff and pant", and  as "donkeys" which carry loads of kitaabs. 

The molvies whom you have referred to  are not Ulama of Islam. They are evil  scholars for dollars.  They are  the 'aimmah' who mislead the Ummah. Their 'halaalization'  act is not confined to  halaalizing pictures of animate objects. They operate a massive, vile, haraam halaalization industry in which they halaalize pictures, carrion, riba, kuffaar sport, intermingling of sexes, liquor, riya, takabbur, etc, etc., etc.  They operate a miserable, devilish, sinister, haraam industry  ludicrously aggravated by the 'deeni' guise with which they cloak and attempt to conceal their baatil, fisq, fujoor, bid'ah and kufr. 

The Ahaadith warn the Ummah against  these marauders who pillage and plunder the Akhlaaq and the Imaan of the masses. The Hadith warns: Beware and see  from whom you  acquire your knowledge or  your guidance. Instead of Knowledge, the Al-Aimmatul Mudhillen impart jahl (ignorance), and instead of guidance, they  administer dhalaal (deviation) which casts  the unwary Believer far, very far off the track – far from Siratul Mustaqeem. 

These ulama-e-soo'  about whom the Brother laments are in the same category as the  deviant ulama of Bani Israaeel or they may be  even worse. Allah Ta'ala, Himself, has proclaimed them to be like "dogs" and "donkeys". And where is this Divine Proclamation sounded? Turn the pages of the Qur'aan-e-Hakeem, and you will find the reference to these "dogs" and "donkeys". 

Pictures of animate objects are absolutely HARAAM. This HURMAT (being haraam) is evidenced by Nusoos-e-Qat'iyyah rejection of which is  explicit kufr – kufr which expels  the denier from the fold of Islam. Those who  satanically halaalize pictures of animate objects are undoubtedly, kaafir – murtad. There are no two opinions on this issue. The  stupid, satanic opinions of morons,  braying donkeys, and howling dogs have no  status in the Shariah.  The opinions of a world full of morons cannever  abrogate  a Shar'i Hukm on which Ijma' of the Ummah has been enacted from the very age of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Regardless of the method by which pictures are  made,  pictures of animate objects  are haraam. The  opinions of the miscreant  molvies and sheikhs regardless of their so-called 'prominent'  worldly status, are of no significance in the Shariah. Their  baatil fatwas are  ghutha products of their ghabaawat.

Names and Institutions should no longer impress and awe Muslims.  The  names which had once upon a time inspired awe and reverence in the hearts of  the Ummah belong to the illustrious Souls who are all underground, and the Institutions of Haqq belong to bygone times. Neither do we look up to Azhar or Deoband in this age for Shar'i guidance. The Curtain has fallen, and the Janaazah of Ilm and Taqwa has already departed from these  illustrious Abodes of Ilm and Taqwa. 

These miserable 'graduates' are graduates in the science of Satanism   which they have draped with an outer façade of  the 'deen' to bamboozle and mislead the unwary and the ignorant members of this Ummah.  They are Habaailush Shaitaan – Snares of Iblees, the Devil in Chief. Relative to the dajjaaliyat and shaitaaniyat of these Al-Aimmatul Mudhalleen, the fisq and fujoor of the masses appear like 'ibaadat'. 

Brother, the involvement of the ulama-e-soo' in animate pictography  and photography is but the tip of the iceberg of their  vile haraam halaalization industry. They are rotten to the core. That is precisely why Allah Ta'ala  in the Qur'aan-e-Hakeem depicts them as "donkeys' and  "dogs". They are Signs of  Qiyaamah – of the Approaching Hour. While it is  extremely lamentable,  it is not at all surprising. The Warning for the community is to  be alert and to stay far from the poisonous fangs of the "Scholars for Dollars" who pave the path of Jahannam.

5 Jamadil Ula 1435 – 6 March 2014


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