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A Single Entity

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The NNB Jamiat, i.e. the No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg, SANHA, the Carrion Halaalizer and  Radio Shaitaan, the so-called radio islam, are a single entity. The Reverend Abraham Bham, Spin Doctor M.S.Navlakhi and Haidar Ali Dhorat, the station manager of Radio Shaitaan  are the primary scholars for dollars. 

The Devil’s Radio is an extremely haraam lucrative producer of  haraam dollars. The NNB Jamiat and Radio Shaitaan speak much of ‘transparency’. Transparency demands that the Muslim public be informed of how many tens of thousands of rands  these scholars for dollars draw monthly from Lillah funds lying in the coffers of the institutions under their control. Is the NNB Jamiat with its Radio Shaitaan paying these ‘scholars’ R30,000, R40,000 or R50,000 a month haraam ‘salaries’? 

And, how many millions of rands of the public’s  Zakaat and other Lillah funds are lying undischarged in the coffers of the NNB Jamiat? According to a strong rumour in the Muslim community, the NNB Jamiat is sitting with R6,000,000 undischarged Zakaat funds,
and R20 million Lillah funds. At its AGM, the NNB Jamiat had no financial report. Does this conform to ‘transparency’? As long as the NNB Jamiat does not validly dismiss  these rumours, the label of Scholars of Dollars will stick  firmly. 

The NNB Jamiat is called on to answer the rumours pertaining to the Zakaat and Lillah funds in its coffers, as well  as the huge ‘salaries’ being paid, plus the many other perks which are extravagated from Lillah funds. 

Further, is the NNB Jamiat involved in the stratagem of submitting Zakaat funds to Tamleek for secular education and for any other secular  operations?

The NNB Jamiat has also much to answer for the Nurul Islam school debacle. The genuine  governing body of that institution  which has been  illegally displaced by the NNB Jamiat scholars for  dollars should come clear on this issue as well. These dollar scholars  must necessarily  release accounts for all haraam expenditure.

27 Jamadil Ula 1435 – 29 March 2014


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