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The Sunday Times (6 April 2014), in a report captioned: CHICKEN FATWA HEARING RESCHEDULED, mentions SANHA’s grouse and grievance as follows: 

“Sanha’s mufti Mohammed Yusuf Seedat…… said: ‘Our issue is simply that we be given an immediate right of response. We were basically asking for that right to be granted and that the station’s management not sanction or allow their presenters to make such defamatory comments without  any action being taken against them.” (Emphasis ours) 

SANHA has approached the non-Muslim BCCSA (Broadcasting Complaints Commission of S.A.) with the plot to stifle Mufti A.K.Hoosen – to prevent him from proclaiming the Haqq. Proclaiming the carrion chickens HARAAM has been too much and too drastic a blow for the Carrion Cabal of SANHA. 

Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s Fatwa of Haqq has haemorrhaged the brains and the hearts of  SANHA’s haraam carrion halaalizing committee consisting of the Kalb Yusuf Patel (Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s student), Navlakhi, the Spin Doctor and the imbecile, Lockhat. The two former ones of this unholy trinity are classical  SCHOLARS FOR DOLLAR specimens. They are Scholars for Dollars because they have commercialized aspects of the Deen.

Their haraam commercialization by way of mutilating the Shariah’s sacred system of Thabah, by selling lucratively the term, Halaal, and by halaalizing carrion, is the source of  the haraam income  of millions of rands. They are mismanipulating the Deen for haraam boodle, and they are pressurizing Muslim traders to extravasate haraam fees for  haraam scraps of paper  which they call ‘halaal’ certificates with which they even  halaalize the meat and chicken products of non-Muslims. Thus, the title, “SCHOLARS FOR DOLLARS”, is most befitting for them. This title, far from being ‘defamatory’, is an epithet of the Haqq, the application of which had devolved as an incumbent duty on  Mufti A.K.Hoosen who had become convinced of the haraam status of Rainbow, Earlybird and  the plethora of other brands of commercially killed chickens.

Now,  in sheer desperation, having lost their  mental  equilibrium and Imaani bearings, the SANHA clique has enlisted the aid of the kuffaar BCCSA ‘court’ in the nefarious bid to suppress and conceal the Haqq –the truth of the chickens being HARAAM. In the pursuit of their malicious desire for vengeance, they have thrown overboard the command of the Qur’aan which forbids seeking resolution in kuffaar courts. 

Contrary to what Seedat of SANHA says, in terms of the Shariah they have absolutely no right to demand a response on a medium which is not their property. They have their own radio shaitaan. They have all the right to respond with their baatil via their radio shaitaan medium. They  profess to be ‘ulama’, yet they are   totally ignorant of the mas’alah -- stupidly unaware that it is haraam to enlist a kuffaar court to impose a kufr ‘right’ on others thereby usurping  the property of others, in this case being the radio belonging to another entity. Halaalizing carrion has obliterated every vestige of Imaani conscience in these miserable  juhala Scholars for Dollars.

It is essential to understand that SANHA’s rush to seek kuffaar aid from the kuffaar court is not  really to enforce a ‘right of response’. The Channel Radio has  offered SANHA many opportunities to respond, but which were refused. The mad desire is to punish Mufti A.K.Hoosen. The insane craving is to humiliate him in the kuffaar court for the simple reason that he has proclaimed the Haqq – he has branded all the carrion chickens halaalized by SANHA and others to be HARAAM. This is the fundamental issue, nothing else. It is this  commercialization of a Deeni issue which  renders SANHA’s lot of molvies Scholars for Dollars.

 SANHA, having rejected the proposed arbitration of its own ‘Grand Mufti of S.A.’, Hadhrat Maulana Radhaul Haq Sahib, is insanely hugging the kuffaar court to seek revenge and to compel the Channel Radio to silence Mufti A.K.Hoosen. The effect of Mufti A.K.Hoosen’s proclamation of the Haqq on the chicken issue is  vividly portrayed in the following Qur’aanic aayat:

“But (in fact) We strike baatil with the Haqq. Then it (the Haqq) smashes out its (baatil’s) brains. Then suddently it (baatil) vanishes.”

According to SANHA’s Seedat, the Haqq has now become ‘defamatory’, and usurpation of property has become a ‘right’ because according  to the kuffaar BCCSA code of conduct it is a ‘right’. Carrion halaalizing has totally blighted, in fact, destroyed the intellectual faculty of SANHA’s molvis all of whom are imbecile  dumb devils who rubber stamp all the haraam demands of Navlakhi.

7 Jamadith Thaani 1435 – 8 April 2014


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