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Vile Ship-Cruise

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Shaitaan has indeed adorned flagrant vice and immorality by depicting the evil of the vile ship-cruise with 'Islamic' hues. In a previous article some naseehat was offered  regarding the satanic cruise to Hell. A  CONCERNED BROTHER complements the nassehat with the following information which we reproduce verbatim:

"The msc 'halaal' cruise organisers intend performing Jummuah salaah aboard the cruise liner. Is Jummuah salaah aboard a ship valid?

(Jumuah Salaat is not valid on the Ship of Shaitaan – The Majlis)

The MSC 'halaal' cruise.

At the outset it must be stated that the MSC 'halaal' cruise is nothing but pure deception. The abbreviation MSC more fittingly stands for Muslims Should Compromise. It is obvious that each and every Muslim who sets foot aboard that shaytaan-infested cruise liner will have to compromise a great deal of his Deen in order to stay afloat safeenatush shaytaan (the ship of shaytaan) which abounds with an abundance of great fitnah.  

Regarding the availability of halaal food, it is only a question of which 'halaal' certified carrion will be served. The rat race is on for the South African 'halaal' bodies to make a debut aboard shaitaan's msc cruise liner. The information provided by the msc cruise liner authorities states the following in a question and answer format:

Q. "Will there be officials available on site from the appointed Halaal certifying body to observe that all meals/snacks comply with the necessary Halaal standards?

A. Yes, we will endeavour to secure the services of one of the Halaal certifying bodies onboard the cruise to ensure that the minimum Halaal standards are met, at the very least.". (It will be a case of carrion personnel certifying carrion as 'halaal', Darkness piled on darkness – filth on filth – The Majlis)

If SANHA's maximum halaal standards mean stunned, carrion chickens, what chicken will be served that will meet minimum Halaal standards? Whilst the organisers are quick to state that all the utensils will be 'sterilized' (probably with an alcohol based sterilizer), they
conveniently remain silent with regards to where the 'halaal' meat will be stored. It will probably be stored in freezers containing pork and ham. It should therefore not come as a surprise should it transpire that the Muslims aboard the cruise liner were 'mistakenly' fed pork.

(Regardless of the utensils in which haraam filth, pork and liquor had been served to others all year through, physical 'sterilizers' and even water cannot purify such mal-oon utensils from the spiritual filth which contaminates these utensils. How can a Muslim of healthy Imaan ever consume water or juice froim a glass which had been used to serve liquor, even after that glass was washed? How can a Muslim who knows that he/she is a Muslim ever eat from a plate from which pork was served, even if that plate  has been washed? Will any Muslim who happens to be sane in his/her brains, and healthy in Imaan, ever eat his/her  food from a chamber pot used for urination and even defecation even after the chamber pot has been washed? Will a Muslim drink from a glass which was used to drink urine, even after that glass has been washed? – The Majlis)

Whilst the promoters vociferously proclaim that the on-board bar and casino will not operate for the duration of the cruise in order to make the cruise 'islamic' (some 'islam' of Iblees – The Majlis), their deathly silence regarding the bar and casino surcharge betrays their true  shaitaani colours. In this regard, the msc authorities state: "What is the reason for the on-board bar revenue and casino surcharge (OBR)? The OBR surcharge is a surcharge paid to
MSC Cruises for the leasing of the cruise ship in its entirety and ensuring that the casino and nightclub are completely shut down and the bar does not contain any alcoholic beverages. The surcharge applies to every passenger over 18 years of age and amounts to R1000.05 per person.".

The above stipulation effectively means that each passenger above 18 years of age will have to contribute R1000.05 in order for the casino and nightclub to close shop. Whilst on a normal cruise, a man is free to abstain from supporting the nightclub and casino, this same man is compelled to pay R1000. 05 to compensate the casino and nightclub for expected losses. What kind of 'halaal' cruise is this? How can any Muslim pay R1000.05 in order to 'lease' a nightclub and casino?  With regards to the on-board entertainment the msc authorities state: "Islamic songs will be played and sung. The entertainment line-up, which includes some of South Africa's finest Muslim entertainers, has been overhauled completely to ensure that it does not go against the basic Islamic principles.". 

What concept of Islamic principles do these kuffaar authorities have? The nasheed group/band Wahid who will be entertaining is composed of a rappper (s) and beatboxer(s). (These are fussaaq and fujjaar shaitaani personnel employed by Iblees to sow the seeds of nifaaq in the hearts of Muslims who will be frolicking and lustfully indulging in fisq and fujoor. Rappers and beatboxers are among the agents of Shaitaan. They are the cavalry of Iblees. They mimic the voice of the Devil-in-Chief. – The Majlis) What entertainment is Qaari Ziyaad Patel going to provide? Is the Quran recitation going to become entertainment aboard the cruise liner? What is Dr Katz, a female doctor doing as part of the entertainment group? Is she along with the rest of the females who are setting sail aboard the msc going to make lewd spectacles of themselves by allowing the menfolk to cast lascivious glaces at themselves in the name of 'entertainment'? What about the swimming pool where males and females can swim together? 

The principle of all hands on deck, all clothes below deck, applies to the pool. What about all the females (waitresses and ship crew included) who will be romping around the ship of shaitaan, from upper deck to lower deck. Perhaps this ship is setting sail for the throne of shaytaan which, according to the Hadith, is situated on water. 

Every Muslim who intends sailing on the msc should take cognisance of the hadith of Rasululallah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) which states: "Sin is what bothers the conscience". If after ruminating on the above hadith, one cannot realise the sin, futility and vileness of the so-called 'halaal' cruise, then perhaps it is time to assess the authenticity of one's Imaan. (End of the Brother's letter)

The explicitness of the immorality which will be perpetrated on board the Devil's Ship, precludes  even self-deception. No one, not even the  organizers of  this haraam cruise,  can honestly believe the dastardly canard of  the designation, "Halaal/Muslim cruise." Of a certainty, the females will not be locked up to pass their days cooped up like the carrion broiler chickens in the cabins. They are all set to roam and romp on the deck, in the  shaitaani amusement halls, pool, on the decks, etc. They are all poised for the commission of every brand of zina – all paraphernalia of zina and actual zina.  There will be plentiful  zina dalliances.  All the passengers on that  ship of shaitaan will be fully exposed to the contagion of sin and  the indiscriminate mayhem of fisq and fujoor. Safeenatush Shaitaan is a satanic abode for  the achievement of  gratification of the concupiscent  designs of the carnal nafs of the fussaaq and fujjaar occupants of  the vile ship. All the Salaat which will be hypocritically  performed  to befool, befuddle and dupe  the performers and to  lull their conscience  with a hallucinatory aura of  piety will not depurate their tarnished souls from the spiritual impurities  with  which  the la'nat of that devil's ship will impregnate their hearts. 

Each and every so-called Muslim female who will be on the shaitaani voyage is Islamically speaking a prostitute. Their presence will be designed to attract maximum  male fussaaq and fujjaar attention. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described a perfumed woman walking  pass a gathering as  a woman  who  "is so and so". This  signifies her being akin to a prostitute. On the Devil's Cruise, the tools of Iblees will not be confined to perfume. It will be perfume,  fine garments, allurements of feminity, female exhibition and seduction. Precisely for  their expertise in the deployment of such wiles  did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) describe  such lewd women as Habaailush Shaitaan (the snares of shaitaan).

Every act on that haraam shaitaani ship will be the devil's act. The whole ship is mal-oon and mabghoodh. Every person on board  Jahannam's boat will be under the la'nat and ghadhab of Allah Ta'ala and His Malaaikah. Every Muslim is required to seek a fatwa from his/her heart and intelligence. What will be your state if Maut apprehends you on a ship sailing to Jahannum? What will be the condition of  shaitaan's passengers if the evil ship should sink? Muslims are required to engage their Aql, and when reflecting, intelligence should be coloured with the hues of Imaan. Only then will they be able to think and decide according to the Qur'aan and the Sunnah.

5 Rajab 1435 – 5 May 2014

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