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A very Concerned Brother lamentingly writes:

"It is so sad that the name and spirit of the Maktab are completely lost. The Ulema who have introduced this 'islamic school’ idea must be held directly responsible for the evil they have created for our children.

At these so-called 'islamic' schools, Qur'aan learning/teaching time has been slashed to a bare minimum. Hadith lessons have been abandoned. Islamic history has been eliminated. Role models are now sportsmen, nasheed artists, Drs. and western professionals.

Foreign guest Ulema are paraded for 'barkat', name and show. Shockingly, non-Muslim teachers are now filling the teaching posts. Frequently, they question our children on Imaani issues, and insult them

I have seen young male ulema openly 'counselling' young females, and vice versa. Muslim boys are using huge hats, more like soup bowls for show, and making a mockery of the Sunnah headgear.

Muslim apas and teachers use ‘hijab’ only as a uniform, putting it on at the entrance of the school-gate, and as soon as they leave the school, they remove the hijab garb. Even the small girls are emulating their teachers in this act. Hijab has merely become a uniform.

I have seen in a few small towns where the Maktabs still operate, the vastly different behaviour of the children. It is a joy to watch them. Their character is so much different from the pupils attending these so-called ‘islamic' schools. Please offer some naseehat on this deplorable state of affairs.

Shaitaan is a vile and cunning teacher. He entraps even the Ulama with his snares presented in deeni colours and forms. Having convinced the extremely short-sighted Ulama of the ‘benefit’ and 'goodness' of so-called 'islamic' schools, lblees has achieved a resounding victory. He has manipulated ‘ulama’ to plunder and destroy the Maktabs which are the modes of Qur'aanic Ta'leem which the Ummah has inherited from the Salfus Saaliheen of the Khairul Quroon epoch. 

Having succeeded in plundering the Makaateeb, shaitaan has scuttled the holy Ta'leemi syllabus of imparting Qur'aanic and basic Deeni Ta'leem in the one and only constructive method, namely, the methodology of the illustrious Saaliheen. Today the ‘islamic’ school children are, in general, unable to recite the Qur'aan Majeed properly. They lack in basic Deeni education, and their akhlaaq (moral character) is rotten, putrid and stinking to the core. They are morally corrupt, spiritually blind, unable to differentiate between children and elders. Respect is a lost and forgotten treasure as far as these rude pupils of 'islamic' schools are concerned. 

In these haraam 'islamic' schools, there is no respect for the Qur'aan Majeed. The backs of the pupils are on the copies of the Qur‘an Majeed. The Holy Kalaam of Allah Azza Wa Jal is handled like kuffaar secular text books. Children handle the Qur'aan Shareef without wudhu. Even baalighah girls in the state of haidh handle the Qur‘aan Majeed and are constrained to recite it in their corrupt manner. 

Haraam zina relationships are struck up in the precincts of these haraam shaitaani schools between male and female teachers; between teachers and pupils. These schools are breeding grounds for vice and immorality. The smattering of Deeni education haphazardly imparted is for deceptive objectives — to hoodwink and befool parents and the community at large. 

The old-style Qur'aanic Maktab conducted after school hours is a haven – a sanctuary where the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the pupils are developed. The holy environment and atmosphere pervading the Maktab cannever be acquired in these evil 'islamic' secular schools where the Qur'aan Majeed is subjected to sacrilege and disdain. The goals of the two vastly different institutions are vastly different, in fact mutually repellent. While the objective of the 'islamic‘ school is the dunya being pursued in the name of the Deen, the Maqsad of the Maktab is the Aakhirah — Allah's Pleasure and Najaat.

It is now the bounden duty of the Ulama to reintroduce the Maktab system to salvage the Imaan and Akhlaaq of Muslim children. It is impossible to integrate Qur'aanic Ta'leem with secular education. In every such model of integration, the Qur'aan is invariably made the maid-servant of secular education, and assigned an underling role most unbefitting its lofty Divine Status. The Qur'aan was revealed to the Community of Sahaabah. Who can be better than the Sahaabah and the Salfus Saaliheen in the matter of understanding and teaching the Qur'aan? Shaitaan has indeed snatched away the Aql of those molvis who had fabricated the kuffaar 'islamic' school system labouring under the grossly evil impression that a new system of teaching the Quraan Majeed can outclass the system of the Salfus Saaliheen – the Maktab system which has been transmitted to each successive generation of the Ummah down the long corridor of Islam's 14 century history.

18 Rajab 1435 -18 May 2014

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