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UUCSA stands for UNITED ULAMA COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICA. Currently there are two 'UUCSA" claimants — a genuine claimant and a bogus claimant. The bogus 'uucsa' entity has initiated kuffaar court action against the genuine UUCSA body. The fight created by the bogus is all about the name, UUCSA. The parties in the dispute shall hereinafter be referred to as the Applicant who is the bogus and as such will also be referred to as the Zaalim (Oppressor), and the Respondent who is the genuine UUCSA, and as such will also be referred to as the Mazloom (the Oppressed One). 

The Applicant (Zaalim) is dragging the Respondent (Mazloom) to the kuffaar court in its nefarious attempt to have the name UUCSA belonging to the Mazloom deregistered, so that it (i.e. the Zaalim Applicant) may perpetuate its deception to mislead the government and the Muslim community. 

The Zaalim Applicant is falsely claiming to be the sole representative of all the Ulama of South Africa, as well as the representative of the entire Muslim community of the country. Every Muslim understands the gross falsity, deception and wickedness of this haraam claim made to hoodwink primarily the government of the country.

The Mazloom Respondent (the genuine UUCSA) while claiming this name, desists from making the grandiose and false claim of representing all the Ulama and the entire Muslim community of South Africa. The Respondent UUCSA has explicitly clarified that it does not represent all the Ulama of the country nor the entire Muslim community.

The Zaalim Applicant (Bogus 'uucsa') is poised to squander several hundred thousand rands of public money (Lillah funds and perhaps Zakaat also) in the pursuit of its haraam nefarious objective of claiming the name.

The name UUCSA, whether used by the Zaalim Applicant (Bogus uucsa) or by the Mazloom Respondent (the genuine UUCSA), is undoubtedly deceptive, and not permissible in terms of the Shariah. Understanding this Shar’i fact, the genuine UUCSA has not once issued any statement on behalf of all the Ulama and the entire Muslim community. On the other hand, the Zaalim Applicant has laboured at every conceivable opportunity to project the false image of it being the representative of all the Ulama and the Muslim community.

Since the term ‘united’ does convey the impression that the body operating with the title, UUCSA, represents all the Ulama of the country, it is not permissible for both entities to appropriate this misleading appellation. Thus, the way forward to solve the stupid and demeaning imbroglio created by the NNB Jamiat and the Cape MJC in the name of UUCSA, is for both the Applicant and the Respondent to abandon the term 'united'. A reputation should not be structured on the foundation of a conspicuous LIE. The word, 'UNITED' in the context in which it is being manipulated is a despicable falsehood, most unbecoming of entities professing to be Ulama.

It will only be appropriate to adopt this designation, i.e. ‘United Council of Ulama of S.A.’, if every Ulama organization in South Africa aligns itself with the Body which dubs itself UUCSA.

It is imperative that the Muslim community, both Ulama and laymen, fully understands what the whole mess created by the Applicant is all about. It is all about a name coveted for projecting falsehood – a false image – with the objective of deceiving and misleading the government and the Muslim community at large. Thus, this haraam kuffaar court fight initiated by the Zaalim Applicant has absolutely no Shar‘i sanction. It has no Deeni content and no Deeni hue. The haraam court action is motivated purely by the flagitious and egotiscal promptings of men who conspicuously exhibit narcissistic tendencies. In the bid to realize the haraam objective of their nafsaani excogitation, the clique consisting of NNB Jamiat and MJC elements with one or two Qabar Pujaari bid'atis stupidly tagging along like obsequious poodles, will be utilizing the Lillaah funds of the community. It is the Waajib obligation of contributors to take these elements to task. For a certitude the Muslim community does not contribute their Lillaah and Zakaat Sadqaat for gushing down the sewer drain of the nafs. The contributors must take up issue with the NNB Jamiat for this haraam, shady kuffaar court action which is devoid of any Deeni merit whatsoever.

It should be noted and well understood that the Mazloom Respondent (Genuine UCCSA) had no part in the enactment of this haraam kuffaar court action. The Mazloom Respondent is being dragged to the kuffaar court against its will and wishes, and in diametric conflict with the Shariah. The Oppressors will still have to regret the haraam action they have instituted in the despicable bid to gratify the demand of their nafs.

Ulama are supposed to act in the interests of Islam and the Ummah. But what are we beholding here? We see men intoxicated with the vile attributes of hubb-e-jah (love for the world) and hubb-e-maal (love for money) making a mockery of themselves and of the august Institution of Ulama, for the attainment of self-gratification.

18 Rajab 1435 -18 May 2014

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