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Sinking Ship of the Ummah

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Our current and on going projects.


Al-hamdulillah, purely by the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’ala, have we managed to establish a small tent village for the Syrian refugees. The little ‘village’ consists of 150 tents which were purchased with the funds contributed by the Muslim community. 

These tents gave been set up on the outskirts of the City of Idhlib in Syria. This city is still under the control of the Mujahideen. But for how long? Only Allah Ta’ala knows. 

These few tents – 150 – are a tiny drop in a vast ocean. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been mercilessly bombed out of their homes, towns and cities by the Russian and Assad regime kuffaar. The Brothers, Sisters and little Children are suffering in horrendous misery. They are sprawled on the rocks and the desert in the blazing sun without shelter and food. The relief aid from all over represents a couple of drops in the ocean. It is nothing but misery and suffering. While we must understand that all this suffering is the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala for the sins and villainy of Muslims, we have to continue to provide whatever little assistance we are capable of. 

Do reflect seriously on the plight of these refugees. Although this extremely modest 150 tent project has been initiated, there is not a single toilet, not a single bathroom and no water facilities for these 150 families as well as for the other innumerable thousands stranded on the rocks and in the desert without shelter. It is our intention to have some toilets and bathrooms constructed. We also intend to arrange more accommodation facilities, Insha-Allah. These are vital and urgent needs.

Reflect! The tents are small structures – 6M X 4M – in which a whole family has to huddle and make do. Reflect on the innumerable bounties and comforts we are enjoying, then bear in mind the plight of the Refugees. For Allah’s Pleasure contribute generously towards this Project for the suffering Muslim Ummah. Build up your capital for the Aakhirat.  Jazaakumullaah!

UDHIYA - QUR’BAANI 1440 / 2019

Along with the execution of the obligation of Qur’baani, the needs of the poor can also be served by doing the Qur’baani in villages in which the inhabitants are extremely poor and unable to afford the luxury of meat most of the year. We shall appreciate it very much if those who will be participating in the Qur’baani Project will send in their order and payment early. Although we shall be taking Qur’baani orders right until the Day of Eidul Adhaa (10th Zil Hijjah), early ordering and payment will make our task easy.

If you are sending your order and payment by post, please inform us also by e-mail. Due to postal incompetence, last year a number of Qur’baani orders reached us days and even weeks after Eidhul Adha. Therefore, ensure that you notify us by e-mail even if you post your payment.       Jazaakumullaah




The miserable and heart-breaking plight of the Syrian refugees needs no introduction. Hundreds of thousands of these refugees, mostly women and children, are languishing in dire conditions of abject misery – misery in every field of life. 

However, the heart-tendering misery of this segment of the Ummah has attained graver heart-rending levels with the recent ruthless, cruel inhuman bombing of civilians in the Idhlib region which is so far in the control of the anti-Asad forces. The recent relentless brutal assaults from the air on the civilian population have resulted in an exodus of hundreds of thousands. Thousands of families – mostly women and children – have been assigned to the open desert without the barest of shelter.

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The cost of maintaining a Maktab is about (ZAR) R12,000 a year. We do not build Maktab structures. An existing Musjid or a hut, etc. serves the purpose.  

If any bandah to whom Allah Ta’ala has bestowed wealth has the heart to assist in this Project wholly or partly, it shall be appreciated. Build up your capital in Jannat. Be an active cog in the Project to save a segment of the Ummah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) from spiritual and Deeni destruction.

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