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Barelwi Bawa

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“A Barelwi bawa from Baroda, India is presently visiting the U.K. with his retinue. Within their household they have graves which they have converted into darghas (mausoleum). Every year they have a function called urs. At this function they have people who poke needles into themselves and cut off their tongues and even the heads of people. Then with the bawa’s saliva they miraculously replace the tongues and the heads.

They have come to the U.K. to raise funds for a school which will cater for Muslims and non-Muslims. Is it proper to contribute funds (Lillah and Sadqah) for the bawa’s project?” (End of letter)


Never commit the mistake of falling into the snare of these Satanists. Their stunts are satanically inspired. They employ satanism, magic (jadoo), mesmerism or some other kind of satanic force to demonstrate their rubbish displays which they present as ‘miracles’. Remember that the criterion which distinguishes between truth and falsehood – miracles (karaamat) and satanic displays (istidraaj) is the Shariah.

If a person grovelling in bid’ah, qabar puja (grave-worship), fisq and fujoor displays seemingly ‘supernatural’ deeds, know that he is a Satanist. Genuine miracles (Karaamaat) are sometimes displayed by Auliya – men who meticulously follow the Shariah and whose lives are adorned with the Sunnah. Such miracles are by the permission of Allah Ta’ala.

Don’t be duped by this gang of ‘bawas’ who fleece the ignorant masses of money under guise of the Deen.  If the devil has so much power to restore the dead to life by re-joining the cut-off head of a person, then he should utilize his ‘powers’ to gain the funds he requires for his school of satansim. Why did he have to come all the way from India to the U.K. to collect funds when he supposedly is the master of such fabulous miraculous powers? The bawa is nothing but a fraud and a Satanist. Beware of him and his gang of Satanists.

It is HARAAM to contribute funds to this gang of shaitaani fleecers and frauds.

16 Ramadhaan 1435 -14 July 2014


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