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Boycotting Israeli products

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Q. What is the Shariah’s view on boycotting Israeli products?

A. If a product is labeled ‘Israeli’, a Muslim’s heart will not allow him/her to purchase it. This is  the emotional reaction stemming from the heart of a Muslim. However, from the Shariah’s point of view we shall not say that it is sinful to buy and consume such products. Those who are making the boycott a Shar’i issue, should also extend the boycott to Chinese goods. The Chinese have massacred millions of Muslims, and are currently doing the same. Islam is being systematically abolished in China. This year the Chinese have forbidden Muslims to fast and perform Taraaweeh. Furthermore, American and British goods should likewise be boycotted because these two powers are Israel’s backbone. Besides being Israel’s main supporters, these countries have destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and are still involved in these conspiracies to destroy Islam and the Ummah.

The logical conclusion of boycotts will be that Muslims should boycott all the hypermarkets, supermarkets, sellers of vehicles, banks and all institutions and businesses  run by the Yahud, Americans, British and Chinese. There should be consistency, honesty and sincerity in our acts, and this requires sacrifice and accepting hardships. But no one is prepared for this. They only want to  make  noise and blow a lot of hot hair and make clamours full of sound and fury signifying nothing.


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