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Retreat and Defeat

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"If Allah aids you, there  is then none to vanquish you. (But) if He withholds  aid from you, who then can aid You besides Him?"  (Qur'aan)

Alhamdulillah! Israel, defeated on the battlefield in its limited 'ground invasion', has withdrawn and retreated from Gaza to what it  describes  as "defensive positions outside Gaza". In fact, these are positions of retreat and defeat.

Prior to  its unilateral announcement of a "72 hour truce", Israeli troops retreated from Gaza. To save face and to cover up its ignoble defeat and retreat, the Isareli murderers  claimed that "the main aim of the conflict – to destroy militants' tunnels – has been achieved."  The facts and reality on the ground  refute this Israeli LIE.

Debunking the Israeli LIE, BBC News reports:  "Just minutes before the truce came into effect, air raid sirens sounded in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as Hamas militants fired a barrage of rockets at central Israel."

This capability of Hamas and the Israeli retreat in the face of the barrage of rockets, demonstrate that despite Israel's murder of  approximately 2,000 civilians and  its cowardly air bombardments bringing destruction and misery to  all the civilians of Gaza, the objective of the brutal invaders was not achieved as  claimed to save face. While about a 100 tunnels have been bombed from the air, there are hundreds of more tunnels at the disposal of Hamas.

The brutality of Israel is conspicuously highlighted by the fact that while Israel has murdered 2,000 civilians and injured and maimed thousands of others – all from the air – Hamas has killed 67 Israeli troops. This figure  has been released by Israel. What the real toll of Israeli soldiers is, remains unknown.

Israel has hopelessly failed to fight on the ground. Hamas Mujahideen have  repelled every Israeli ground incursion with heavy losses for the enemy. This has been the deciding factor for Israel's retreat from Gaza. The stupid clownish protests, marches and boycotts of  moron howlers outside Gaza did not achieve Israel's defeat. The  issue was decided on the battlefield with guns and rockets. Genuine Muslims understand only two options – Jihad or Sabr. The  in between  womanish kuffaar options are not options for Muslims.

An important lesson for Muslims  is that despite  the moral decadence of the Palestinians as well as of the Ummah in general, Allah Ta'ala has not allowed the kuffaar to eliminate  the Palestinian Muslims. Allah Ta'ala, while not granting  the disobedient Muslims outright victory, has  at the same time not granted victory to the kuffaar  Yahood enemy.  In His Mercy He has bolstered Hamas  sufficiently to stage of defeat and to teach the cowardly Yahood butchers an unforgettable lesson in battlefield defeat for them.

If Muslim can only understand that their problem and cause for  their humiliation is their fisq, fujoor and even kufr, and that they have to abandon the kuffaar lifestyle which they have adopted, the tables will be divinely turned overnight. Since Muslims have appointed the western kuffaar to be their leaders in life, Allah Ta'ala has appointed them to be our rulers and to inflict  brutality and disgrace on us. Only munaafiqeen will deny the reality of  Allah's Hand operating behind the scenes. It is Allah Ta'ala who has empowered Israel and the West to dominate and humiliate Muslims. Denial of this, is denial of the Qur'aan which declares:

"Say (O Muhammad): 'O Allah! (You are) the Sovereign (King, Owner and Ruler) of all dominion (the entire earth). You bestow mulk (political power) to whomever You will, and you snatch away power (of sovereignty) from whomever You will. You grant honour to whomever You will, and you humiliate whomever You will. In Your Hand is all goodness. Verily, You Are All-Powerful over everything."       (Aal-e-Imraan, Aayat 26)

In similar circumstances of persecution, oppression and humiliation inflicted on the then Muslim Ummah of Bani Israaeel who complained about their abject misery, Nabi Musaa (alayhis salaam) did not instruct them to paint their faces like clowns and coons and  prance like monkeys in the street, nor did he  order Muslim women to commit zina in public with kuffaar, fussaaq and fujjaar males. On the contrary, he said:

"Musaa said to his people: 'Seek aid from Allah and adopt Sabr. Verily, the earth belongs to  only Allah. He bestows it (i.e. He grants political power/kingship) to whomever He wills from among His servants (be they Muslims or kuffaar). And, the ultimate Decree (of victory and success is  for the Muttaqeen." (Al-A'raaf – Aayat 128)

This is the stance of the true Mu'mineen of Taqwa - either Jihad  or Sabr. The day Muslims understand the moral rot in which they are groveling and then institute measures to remedy their disobedience, transgression and rebellion, Allah Ta'ala will once again utilize them to raise the Flag of Islam on the hilltops of the world.

It is not enough for the Muslims in Gaza to lick their wounds and to look askance at the world of the kuffaar for support and bread.  They should not act like the Yahood whose salient attribute is ingratitude for the bounties of Allah Ta'ala. When Nabi Musaa (alayhis salaam) instructed them to adopt Sabr and seek aid from Allah, the  immoral, rebellious Yahood  insolently retorted:

"…We were persecuted (by Fir'oun) before you (O Musa!) came to us and (also) after you came to us.' He (Nabi Musa) said: 'Perhaps soon your Rabb will destroy your enemy and grant you political power on earth, then He will watch how youacquit yourselves."  (Al-A'raaf, aayat 128)

This attitude of the Yahood has been adopted by the  morally decadent, modernist  Muslims of this age. When they are  advised to  seek Allah's aid and make Sabr, they acquit themselves insolently like the Yahood, denying and scorning Allah's command to this Ummah stated in the Qur'aan:

"Seek aid with Sabr and Salaat". (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 45)

And similar and identical aayats elsewhere in the Qur'aan Majeed. The immoral methods of the kuffaar are not for Muslims. As long as Muslims, in emulation of the Yahood and Nasaara,  follow them into the "lizard's hole", they will remain mentally and physically under the yoke of Yahood and Nasara colonization.

9 Shawwaal 1435 (5 August 2014)


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