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This is an enquiry e-mail via from:

Abu Usama < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

“Asalaam alaikam warahmatullahi wa barakautuh

The mujahideen group known as the islamic state or simply known as dawlah have been taking alot of territory in syria and iraq ( confirmed by reliable sources and also even western media reports this) and they are applying shariah and there is peace and security in the land.

Some people have launched accusations saying they are khawarij and takfeeri but they do not show solid proof for this but they use speculative accounts or he said or she said then they say one fighter did this so the whole group has done it also coming out with conspiracy theories.

America recently said they intend to bomb the mujahideen in iraq to halt their advance as they fear Baghdad will fall some people claiming to be ''muslims'' are happy about this due to personal dislike of the group and say may Allah kill them all (aoudhubillah)

They have been accused of apparently saying to the yazidi ( devil worshipping cult in iraq) to convert to islam or die although this is a lie as the yazidis left the territories as they didnt want to embrace islam and they are starving on the mountains as they willingly left.

And yesterday some americans were captured after a battle at mosul dam they say the captured man was a journalist others say he was a spy/soldier and the group beheaded them to strike fear to the kuffar it has already had a very strong impact now the british government says anyone who supports this act will go to prison.

Obama has not listened to the group he says he will continue bombing them to halt their advances. Irregardless of what one thinks of the group is it obligatory to support them as they seem to be on the right path and whats the hukm on those who cheer the americans bombing them and feeling happy they get killed

Also regarding the beheading some people say its evil as they say beheading enemies is not from islam even though the sahabah did this is it a major sin for laymen to say something is not from islam when in fact it is and what about those scholars who say a similar thing?”

(End of the Brothers letter)


Abu Usama

The situation in Iraq is extremely murky. We shall be able to comment correctly when the saga plays itself out. We have no first hand information on the ISIS group. This group may or may not be a massive kuffaar plot just as the establishment of Saudi Arabia was a British plot.

We too feel very uneasy about this group. We cannot understand the mass exodus of the 200,000 Christian Iraqis. We don’t understand the exodus of 50,000 Yazidis, and we don’t understand the killing of Bid’ati Sunni Muslims. It is haraam to kill them on account of their Bid’ah. It is haraam to kill non-Muslims wantonly.

An Islamic state presents the option of Jizyah to the non-Muslims, and in lieu guarantees their freedom and protection. Their life, honour and property are safe in the hands of the Muslim rulers and the Muslim citizenry. An Islamic state where the non-Muslim component lives in fear is no a genuine Shar’i state.

The non-Muslim population would have gladly accepted payment of Jizyah since it would have guaranteed for them safety and a prosperous worldly life. Why would they refuse to pay the paltry sum of Jizyah when all income tax, rates, and the host of other taxes are abolished in an Islamic state? The Jizyah will be only a fraction of the bludgeoning amount of income tax and other taxes and levies which they used to pay to the kuffaar governments. If this aspect of the Shariah had been correctly explained to them, these non-Muslim citizens would have accepted ISIS with open arms. In fact, they would have become strong supporters of ISIS if they had seen the justice of the Islamic system of government in actual play. It was inordinate fear which led to the mass exodus of the non-Muslims population. We cannot figure out a rational argument for refusal to pay Jizyah.

Even Shiahs may not be killed. They too are a non-Muslim component of the Muslim state. The non-Muslims living in an Islamic state are the target of Da’wat and Tableegh. They are not the target for Qatl (killing).  They are Allah’s Makhlooq (Creation), and every effort had to be expended to invite them to Islam.

Brother, if the Sahaabah had conducted themselves like ISIS when they had conquered the kuffaar territories, then today, you and us would not have been Muslim. We would still have been idolaters and mushrikeen – Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, etc. 

It is our gut feeling – we may be wrong – that the current American bombings are an orchestration of deception to divert attention from the sinister U.S. plot underlying an intensely dark agenda to colonize Iraq and Syria with surrogate ‘Muslims’ constituting the ruling regimes, in the same way as Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world have already been colonized. All Muslim countries today are governed by kuffaar surrogates of the U.S. in particular, and the West in general.  While these puppet regimes profess to be Muslim, they are in fact Munaafiq.

At this stage it is best to sit back, spectate and make dua for the reformation of the Ummah. Supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to bless this fallen, disgraced Ummah with an Aadil Sultan who will mirror the Uswah Hasanah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and carry aloft the Standard of Islam in the footsteps  and in the style of the Sahaabah.

26 Shawwaal 1435 – 22 August 2014

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