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A Brother, querying the way for the Deeni education of women, says:

In this day & age, where female Islamic education is necessary & males are not fulfilling their Islamic duty of educating their women, would you please:

1. Advise specifically on each of the scenarios below &

2. If any one or more of the scenarios below are Haraam, Makrooh, undesirable or not advised please advise what the alternative solution is & 3. If any of the scenarios below are permissible, in particular (B) & (C) are there any conditions attached, which if not followed would make it impermissible?

So the question is:

Is it permissible, undesirable, not advised, Makrooh or Haraam for women to attend the Masjid for:

(A)       Islamic talks WITHOUT their Mahram?
(B)       Islamic talks WITH their Mahrams
(C)       Salah WITH their Mahrams &
(D)       Salah WITHOUT their Mahrams.

If any of the aforementioned scenarios are Haraam or Makrooh, it would be very helpful if you could specify why, in the light of Shari'ah, this is the case?



In this day and age, Allah Ta’ala has simplified for women the acquisition of basic Islamic knowledge necessary for their day to day life. An abundance of Islamic literature is available  in English, Urdu and Arabic to cater for the Islamic education of females. The basic Waajib  quota of Islamic knowledge necessary for all Muslims, male and female, is available in elementary kitaabs such as Kitaabul Imaan, Kitaabut Tahaarat, Kitaabus Salaat, Kitaabus Saun, etc., etc. All of these books are available in English. In fact, a kitaab such as Beheshti Zewer, covers far more than the Waajib requisite of Deeni Ilm. Thus, there is no excuse for any woman who refrains from educating herself at home in the sphere of Waajib Deeni Ilm. 

It is not permissible (Makrooh Tahrimi) for women to attend the Musjid for talks just as it is Makrooh for them to attend for Salaat. The same ruling applies whether they are accompanied by a mahram or not. In fact, the mahram who takes them to the Musjid is likewise a mal-oon just as his mal-oonah female. 

We have published five or six books on this subject. In these books we have argued and answered the issue from all and every aspect. If you have not read these books, inform us. In fact, all these books are available on our website. All the Shar’i dalai-il have been explained.

14 Zil Qa’dh 1435 – 9 September 2014


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