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The Inner Circle

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We are inundated with queries regarding some “Open Temple” being initiated by a group of non-Muslims in Cape Town. It is not proper for Muslims to be concerned with non-Muslim affairs. The group, calling themselves, “The Inner Circle”, follows a cult of their making. There are innumerable cults and kufr religions in the world. These are not the concerns of Muslims. 

The latest “Open Temple” cult is simply one of the latest concepts of kufr and unnatural immorality innovated by Iblees. The only concern for Muslims regarding this new shaitaani cult is their mischievous and deceptive appropriation of the term, MOSQUE to describe their temple of worship. 

As far as this deception is concerned, there appears grounds for legal action by the Muslim community to prevent confusion. We need to explore the legal channels for instituting action to prevent this new shaitaani cult  from misusing Islamic terminology and spreading confusion. 

We do not see anything new in the adverts of this new shaitaani cult. All temples and places of worship of the kuffaar are “open temples”.  It is not the business of the Muslim community to concern itself with the temples of worship of the kuffaar such as this latest cult of Iblees. In this country of glorified abortion, immorality and homosexuality, the kuffaar are allowed wild indulgence in the worst of vices and to establish ‘temples’ for conducting  unnatural acts of perversion. But, again, it is none of our concern. Whether they will urinate or defecate in their “Open Temple” should not cause us to even bat an eyelid. Such public urination and defecation are in consonance with the doctrines of the cults of Iblees. 

These shaitaani cults will enjoy their unnatural aberrations and perversions until the time when suddenly the Athaab of Allah Azza Wa Jal causes the earth to split and swallow the vermin to disappear deep into the bowels Jahannam.


17 Zil Qa’dh 1435 – 12 September 2014


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