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Cruelty to Animals and Silence of Ulama

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We reproduce here an article by a  Pakistani Brother who expresses his abhorrence regarding the  cruelty perpetrated on animals and the haraam silence of the Ulama. The article is preceded by a brief introduction prepared by another Concerned Brother from the U.K.


The issue of humane treatment, supervision, and slaughtering of animals is another issue in which the extremely small number of Ulama who speak the Haqq (truth) bears ample testimony to the fact that we are in such close proximity to the last hour during which the number of Ulama-e-Haqq, whose continual presence Allah (azza wa jal) has promised in order to differentiate Haqq from Baatil, will dwindle to a select few.

Whilst issues such as the legalisation of alcohol, riba, pictures of animate objects, moon-sighting, women attending masjids, etc. require from the reader a degree of sincere searching and effort in order to determine who is truly on the Haqq - a sincere effort that most fail to apply due to a fear of the Haqq (truth) which threatens their worldly indulgences/inclinations - this particular issue requires hardly any effort from the sincere reader in order to determine who these select Ulama currently are, whose continual presence has been ordained on Earth precisely for the purpose of proclaiming loud and clearly the Haqq on every issue.

Anyone, even the greatest Jaahil, who searches his soul sincerely and brings to fore his basic humanity and feeling for Allah's creation, will realise the shocking and revealing nature of the deafening silence emanating from the masses of Ulama - such basic humanity and feeling which even countless non-Muslims are demonstrating with heart-felt campaigns against the horrendous torturous suffering subjected to innocent animals purely in order to satiate the gargantuan and gluttonous appetites of both the masses and the hordes of Ulama for whom the Haqq in this issue is, literally speaking, most bitter to their taste-buds.

A Brother writes: “I am writing from Pakistan. I am an average engineering student. I recently viewed some information about what exactly the poultry industry is. I used to be a regular consumer of poultry. But, after I learnt  how brutally these creatures of Allah Ta’ala are treated in their short lifespan of 40 – 50 days, and  the fact that they are  genetically modified to maximize profit for the trade, I have completely abandoned eating chickens. They grow to their maximum weight in just 40 days. They can’t stand even on their own legs. I am now trying to cut out whatever little of farmed-goat meat I consume.

I had tears in my eyes and  still have tears while writing this letter. I was searching for an Islamic stand on this issue. It seems that you, The Majlis, are the only Deobandi body that has come out strongly against the entire cruel issue. I have tried to talk to local muftis and people in general about the chicken corruption and brutality. The only response I received was: “You are talking about animals when in Pakistan even people don’t get their  rights.”. It appalls me each time I hear such stupid responses…….  Please speak to the Ulama  that it is wrong to issue fatwas  to favour McDonalds, KFCs and the poultry industry as a whole.

I applaud you for the staunch stand against the inhuman and haraam practices of this cruel, inhuman trade. I pray (make dua) for your well-being and for your organization. I supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to reward you in full for exposing the brutality and highlighting the  plight of the innocent, voiceless creation of Allah Ta’ala. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that whoever will be merciful to even a sparrow, Allah will be merciful to him.

While I was searching for the orthodox position on this modern cruelty to animals, I almost lost all hope after seeing more and more fatwas condoning factory farming  and all the un-Islamic and cruel practices associated with this brutal industry.. They are not even saying that it is Makrooh. I started to think very ill of these people. I have lost respect for the scholars who consider this cruelty as acceptable, no matter how famous and popular they (the scholars) may be. Your organization is the only one that has given me hope. Thank you very much. May Allah Ta’ala give you and your family immense rewards, Aameen. (End of letter)


Brother, we are living in an age about which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had predicted: “Verily, Islam began forlorn. Soon will  it return to its forlorn stage as it had been. Therefore glad tidings for the forlorn ones.”

We are in that forlorn age, and we are the forlorn ones. But by the fadhl of Allah Azza Wa Jal, the world takes note and is compelled to listen when the Haqq beams. The scholars of this era are largely scholars for dollars. Dollars zip their lips and convolute their brains. Thus they churn out rubbish fatwas of kufr for the jaib (pocket) and for the nafs. Hubb-e-Jah and Hubb-e-Maal has destroyed the scholars of the age. They are no longer beacons of light. They are satanists in the darkness, leading the ignorant masses into their lairs.

The Muslim community, including almost all the Ulama, are completely insensitive to the zulm and haraam being  inflicted on animals. By Allah’s fadhl we have been campaigning against this evil and haraam for many decades. The fatwas condoning the evil chicken industries are really lamentable. The Muftis are more concerned with worldly objectives than with the Deen and the Aakhirah, hence they support haraam institutions with their corrupt fatwas. The same  situation exists here in South Africa with the Ulama. We are  constantly disputing  and fighting with them. At least in South Africa, there is a welcoming awakening in the population on this issue. The greater awakening is paradoxically among the non-Muslim segment of the population. But, Alhamdulillah, since the campaign against chicken brutality and halaalization of carrion is an on-going process, thousands of Muslims in our small Muslim community are abstaining from the carrion chickens which the cruel trade produces and which unscrupulous Muslim scoundrel  scholars for dollars halaalize.

But, in Pakistan there is not a single entity among the thousands of Ulama and the plethora of Deeni institutions who is concerned with this extremely important and urgent issue. The silence in Pakistan on this issue is deafening and sickening. This is one of the reasons we say that the country where you live is NAPAAKISTAN. May Allah Ta’ala keep you with aafiyat.

12 Zil Hajj 1435 – 7 October 2014


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