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Burger King KZN

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We reproduce a statement sent to us by a brother:

"‎Salaams All. Please note that I have personally investigated the
"halal " status of Burger King and I am sad to say that it has NO
Official Halal Status.
According to my calls to this so called organization the Shura
Committee certificate is for cleanliness etc and Not the Burger
Apparently the Officer in Cape Town told me that the MJC sanctions the
Patties for Burger King.
When followed up it was found to be untrue.
Furthermore if that was the case then an MJC certificate would have
also been displayed.
This to my knowledge is a Misleading statement and I have only checked
on the KZN  stores.
Allah is my witness. That I have done my duty and have passed on the
information to my Muslim brethren.
Please stay away from Haram and ensure that our children so also. Ameen.
"And eat of what is Pure and leave out that which you Doubt"

Was Salaams.


16 Muharram 1436 / 10 November 2014


Hijri Date