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Question #12214 – 24/11/2014

Can you tell me about Maududi?



It is a basic and simple fundamental fact that every action of a Muslim is only solely for the Pleasure of Allaah. Thus a Muslim's Salaat, Fasting, Zakaat, and Hajj are only for His Pleasure. In fact any action, no matter how big or small the action is, it is for the Pleasure of Allaah. Thus Tilawaat of Quraan, Zikr, Nafl acts, aiding the poor and even smiling are solely for the Pleasure of Allaah.

Maududi Sahib, the founder and head of Jamaat Islaami, Pakistan, fabricated an absolutely new concept, idea, and philosophy. He, in his urge for developing ‘iqaamat ut Deen’-(Establishing the Deen)  -- establishing by any means an Islaamic government began to interpret the basic tenets of Islaam from this very lop-sided angle. Like a jaundiced person, he began to give everything a political overtone. Thus he states that:-

1) Salaat is a training exercise for Jihaad

2) Zakaat is a military fund for Jihaad

3) Fasting is to train like soldiers who have to stay without food at times for long periods

4) Hajj is a huge conference in nature for plotting larger scale military operations.

Thus, Salaah, Fasting, Zakaat, and Hajj are in reality meant for this very preparation and training – Fundamental of Islaam – Pg250) It is this basic change and alteration which are causing a loss in the basic trust and focus of Deen. This leads to total corruption and deflection from the Straight Path.

Maududui Sahib, in the attempt to take over the government supported Faatimah Jinnah, but lost. Although, he wrote intensively against a female becoming a head of state. We say that if there is an opportunity to establish the Deen via formation of the government then the Muslims should do so. However, by moving the objective from the ‘Pleasure of Allah’, to ‘Iqaamatul Deen’ it leads to corruption of Deen and alteration to the basic fundamentals of Deen.

The above is a summary of Allamah Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri’s exposition. He is currently the Sheikhul Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband). We say: Moulana Tariq Jameel, the current star orator of the Tablighi Jamaat, states that:

1) Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (A.R.) complicated ‘deen’ while Moulana Maududi simplified Deen

2) Maulana Maududi did not start a new party

3) Moulana Maududi did not have a new ideology

4) Moulana Maududi did not invent new laws.

The fallacy of these statements is self-evident. But the Tabligh Jamaat still promotes him, and has now given him the platform once again to address the huge gathering in Raiwind (2014). This is strange and astonishing. The elders of the Tabligh Jamaat seem to be losing their hold on matters of promoting the truth. But sadly, it is considered taboo to correct the activities of local Tabligh members let alone that of the elders. How sad! And Allah Knows Best.

(End of Question & Answer)

Tariq Jameel whom the Tablighi Jamaat is honouring and promoting in conflict of Rasulullah's warning:  "He who honours a man of bid'ah aids in the demolition of Islam.", and, "When a faasiq is praised (and honoured), the Arsh (of Allah) shudders,", has drifted exceedingly far from Siraatul Mustaqeem. His dalliance with Shiahs, his praise and defence of the deviate Maududi, his criticism of the Akaabir Ulama-e-Haq, and his public indulgence in stunts abhorrent to Islam, have rendered him a faasiq. The Tabligh Jamaat elders are in grievous error for giving him the platform to address Muslims.

Ways and means which are in conflict with the Shariah are accursed. There is no benefit in employing flagrant violaters of the Shariah to assist in the sphere of tableegh. Tableegh is not in need of a character such as Tartiq Jameel who has betrayed Islam.  The focus of the Tabligh Jamaat elders has been deflected from Allah Ta'ala, hence they are increasingly becoming mired in nafsaani politics, an example of which is the employment of Tariq Jameel. This deflection from the Haqq bodes ill for the Tabligh Jamaat.

Anyhow, as much as we are averse to it, history testifies that all movements of Haqq also degeneracy and ultimately become calcified in baatil, and are then transformed in to sects of deviation. It has happened to the Madaaris, the Khaanqahs, the Sufi Silsilahs, and now the Tabligh Jamaat is following suit. May Allah Ta'ala save us from the evil of our nafs and the snares of shaitaan.

4 Safar 1436 – 27 November

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