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The MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL HALAAL (SIC!) SHOWCASE, funfare festival which will be held in April 2015 in Malaysia conspicuously highlights the immoral mismanipulation of the Deen for monetary gain. Under cover of the term ‘halaal’, the haraam boodle will be minted via the agency of the plethora of satanist CARRION-HALAALIZING haraam structures such as SANHA, MJC, NIHT and numerous other appendages of shaitaan all over the world. All of these carrion halaaizing mafia  outfits are in league with Iblees himself. 

The organizers of the haraam carrion-halaalizing festival/fair with its preponderance of haraam events, are paying lucrative enticements to lure companies to participate in the function of Iblees. 

SANHA, as South Africa’s premier Haraam carrion certifying organization and flagship of the haraam carrion industry,  urges companies to participate in its haraam carrion  ‘pavilion’ at the haraam carrion festival of Malaysia. SANHA is offering ‘qualifying’ companies – companies which qualify in the  carrion industry – R17,000 travel assistance and R2,300 per day pocket money for participating in the festival of Iblees. 

The exorbitant amounts which the Carrion Outfit (SANHA) is offering companies for participating in the haraam festival is a good indicator for judging and understanding the extent of the carrion-halaalizing trade.  Besides the millions of haraam boodle which these haraam filth are revealing in their financial  accounts for duping the public, the hidden millions from which the haraam perks are paid are an entirely different subject. 

The enormous amount of haraam boodle which the carrion industry rakes in should be an eye-opener for Muslims. We are dealing with a different type of Mafia-Thuggery when dealing with carrion-halaalizers.  They have already bartered away their Imaan for the miserable gains of this world, and they are not  about to relinquish the filthy boodle for coming clean and for making Taubah and for thinking about Maut, the Qabr and Aakhirat. Since Jahannam is a fairy tale for their hearts corroded, hardened and utterly destroyed by carrion-halaaizing, carrion trade and carrion consumption, it appears that the Doors of Taubah have become sealed to them. Their brains and hearts are welded to haraam and kufr, hence they specialize in destroying the Ummah with the poison and filth of CARRION. It seems that they were born specifically for this Satanist mission of destroying the Ummah with halaalized CARRION. Carrion-Halaalizers are the illegitimate progeny of Iblees. About these shayaateen in human form, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“There will be in my Ummah such people in whom these bestial  lusts will permeate just as rabies permeates in a man. There will remain not a vein and not a joint, but it (the rabies of bestial lust) will have penetrated.” 

These CARRION-HALAALIZERS  are driven to utter depravity. Their craving for haraam boodle is like the craving of a mad rabid dog. It is not a light matter to feed the Ummah CARRION – CARRION proclaimed ‘halaal’. There is nothing but divine curse and destruction for these rabid mobs of CARRION purveyors.

10 Safar 1436 (3 December 2014)


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