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Iowa food supplier charged with falsely selling $4.9m worth of beef as halal Major indictment also charges Midamar’s directors with conspiracy and fraud

Bill Aossey Jr, founder of Midamar Corp in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, pleaded not guilty on 10 December to falsely marketing beef as halal to Muslims. His sons, Jalel and William Aossey, were arraigned on Monday on similar charges.

A food supplier for several years falsely marketed beef to Muslims around the world as meeting strict halal standards, exporting products that were not slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, federal prosecutors allege in a major fraud indictment. Midamar Corp, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, sold at least $4.9m in beef to customers in Malaysia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and elsewhere that did not follow the halal practices promised in its labeling and advertising, according to the indictment returned on 5 December by a grand jury.

Midamar and its directors, brothers Jalel and William “Yahya” Aossey, are charged with conspiring to make and use false statements and documents, sell misbranded meat and commit mail and wire fraud.  Also indicted is another company the brothers controlled, Islamic Services of America, which is one of the few organizations approved by Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE to certify beef for import into their countries. The defendants are charged with 91 other counts of making false statements on export certificates, wire fraud and money laundering……………

The indictment alleges Midamar, a pioneer in halal food in the United States, and Islamic Services of America repeatedly gave the false impression that beef products complied with import and United States Department of Agriculture requirements. The company said the case stems from a regulatory action brought in 2010 by USDA inspectors that it thought had been resolved.

In reality, Midamar’s primary beef supplier from 2007 to 2010 was a Windom, Minnesota, meatpacking plant that used bolt stunning to ensure all cattle slaughtered “were rendered senseless and were dead”, the indictment alleges. The plant, which was not certified for export to Indonesia and Malaysia, often did not have Muslim slaughtermen present and did not pray or recite the “Tasmia” prayer, the indictment says.

After the orders arrived at Midamar in Cedar Rapids, employees removed federally required labels showing the beef came from that plant with acetone or nail polish remover, the indictment says. Employees allegedly then put on fraudulent labels indicating the meat came from an Omaha plant that was certified to export to Malaysia and Indonesia. Midamar allegedly included the false representations about the source on export forms and certificates that were presented to and approved by the USDA.

Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed, president of the Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products, said many Muslims are already suspicious about meat products that claim to meet halal standards.

“This indictment will add to their suspicion,” he said. “Where can we buy? Which one is halal?”(End of report)

“O People! Eat from the earth that which is Halaal and Tayyib (wholesome), and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan, for verily, he is your open enemy. Most certainly, he instructs you with only evil and  immorality, and that you fabricate about Allah what you know not.”


One of the primary and major causes for the moral corruption and degradation of the Muslim Ummah, is the universal and large-scale consumption of meat and chickens, and haram junk ‘food’ which the Shariah describes as MAITAH – dead, rotten, diseased carrion. All entities/bodies involved in the halaal-certificate racket, all over the world, certify as halaal the rotten carrion Maitah. Numerous countries, especially in the West and in the East, the chief shaitaan in the carrion game being Malaysia, are operating a multi-billion dollar halaalized carrion industry – halaalized by vile outfits such as SANHA, MJC and NIHT. All these countries have similar agents of Iblees whose mission on earth is to destroy the moral and spiritual fibre of the Ummah by feeding Muslims with haram, diseased, rotten carrion.

This maitah racket operated by the mafia agents of Iblees posing as Muslims has become so ubiquitous and so bizarre, that even non-Muslim governmental authorities have deemed it imperative to take action to curb the massive world-wide fraud which these carrion-halaalizers are operating. They are a real Mafia gang of thugs of a different kind using religion for the boodle. They are amongst the worst bootleggers grovelling in a cesspool of inequity. In the light of the exposure of numerous carrion scandals damning the carrion halaalizers in recent years, only Muslims whose Imaan dangles on the flimsiest of threads will still devour meat and chickens certified ‘halaal’ by SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, etc., and this applies equally to Muslims in other countries who devour CARRION certified ‘halaal’ by the haraam ‘halaal’ certification bodies in their respective countries.

All of these agents of Iblees who certify the Carrion are birds of a feather regardless of the country from whence they operate. No one should labour under any delusion regarding the satanism of all organizations who are engaging in the halaal-certificate racket.

Molvies and shaikhs who aid and abet in this devilish carrion-halaalizing fraud and racket are genuine shayaateen who are destined to circumambulate their own intestines in Jahannam. They are absolutely corrupt and rotten to the core. It is difficult to believe that such vile specimens of humanity can have Imaan. They are worse than drug pedlars, debauchers, rapists and murderers, for these carrion pedlars destroy the morality and spirituality on the entire Ummah.

These carrion peddling molvies and sheikhs who are the slaves of haraam boodle, should reflect on the indictment of the U.S. authorities arraigning the carrion frauds for the massive R60 million ($5 million) carrion obscenity. Even the kuffaar authorities are appalled at the massive fraud which professed Muslims perpetrate in the name of their religion. The crucial aspects of the report by the Guardian are:

“In reality, Midmar’s primary beef supplier from 2007 to 2010 was a Windom (Minnesota) meatpacking plant that used bolt stunning to ensure all cattle slaughtered were rendered senseless and dead, the indictment alleges. The plant which was not certified for export to Indonesia and Malaysia, often did not have Muslim slaughtermen present and did not recite the “Tasmia” prayer, the indictment says.”


It is imperative for Muslims to reflect and examine the meat and chicken issues with their intelligence, not with their nafs.  They should not perpetrate self-deception to smother their Imaani conscience for the sake of gratifying their inordinate bestial craving for carrion. Carrion addiction is like drug addiction.  The many diseases for which physicians are unable to prescribe remedies are the consequences of devouring carrion chickens and carrion meat – filth not fit for even dogs, yet humans who are supposed to be Allah’s noble creation debase themselves to sub-bestial levels.


Emphasizing the imperative importance of consuming only Halaal food, the Qur’aan Majeed ordering the Ambiya, says: “O Rusul (Messengers)! “Eat (only from that) which is Tayyibaat, and practise virtuous deeds. Verily, I am aware of what you are doing.”

(Al-Mu’minoon, Aayat 51)

Tayyibaat are pure, wholesome and 100% halaal foods.  Tayyibaat is an incumbent condition to acquire the ability and spiritual stamina for practising deeds of virtue. One who devours haram and even mushtabah (doubtful) food – junk ‘food’– is deprived of goodness. He does not acquire the spiritual stamina for A’maal Saalihah (Virtuous Deeds).

On the occasion when Allah Ta’ala expelled Iblees from the heavens, he made several supplications (duas), one of which was for his rizq (food). Allah Ta’ala informed him that his food would be: “That on which the Name of Allah is not taken.” While the Tasmiyah (reciting Bismillaah) is not the only requisite for Halaal, it is of fundamental importance. In this regard, the Muslim community is assured that 90% or more of all commercially killed chickens are the food of Iblees since it is impossible for the fussaaq slaughtermen to recite Tasmiyah on every chicken. A deluge of evidence confirms this reality. In fact, the fussaaq have no concern for the requisites of the Deen.

Those concerned with their Imaan, Akhlaaq and health should apply pressure on their nafs to extricate themselves from the quagmire of carrion addiction in which they are incrementally sinking deeper and deeper with each morsel of carrion they devour.

“Only people of intelligence heed lesson…” (Qur’aan)



“Are any chicken and meat products certified halaal by The Majlis? I do not know which Muslim butchery and Muslim chicken supplier to trust. The frequent scandals in the meat and chicken industry have created too much distrust. It has become very clear that none of the halaal certifiers can be trusted. Are you perhaps aware of any trustworthy Muslim butcheries on whom we can rely for our meat products?


We are not aware of any trustworthy Muslim butcheries in the country. There may be, but it will be rare, and we are unaware. In general, the whole miserable lot of butcheries and chicken-killers brutally pillage and plunder the Imaan of Muslims with the haraam meat and chicken products they feed Muslims. 

Even those who appear to be ostensibly ‘pious’ are governed by the monetary factor which desensitizes the heart. They are capable of producing plausible arguments to justify their haraam meat and chicken carrion wares. 

All cattle are killed before the so-called ‘slaughtering’ is effected. A long metal bolt is brutally shot from a high-powered gun into the skull of the animal, smashing its brains to smithereens, and causing it to drop in most cases instantaneously.  While Muslims, primarily the Carrion-Halaalizers such as MJC, SANHA and NIHT, vigorously contend that the animal brutally destroyed with the captive-bolt gun is alive after its brain has been brutally smashed into atoms,  Kuffaar experts  contend  that the animals subject to this brutal system of killing dies almost instantaneously. The report in this bulletin also mentions this fact. Thus all beef in the country is HARAAM. In addition, these ‘Muslim’ butcheries deal in the half-price haraam carrion meat imported from places such as New Zealand. The profits are too lucrative to forgo, and the Imaan is too weak to prevent abuse of Amaanat. 

There is absolutely no permanent and valid Muslim supervision at abattoirs. Slaughtering systems are 100% in conflict with the Shariah. The ‘assurances’ given by ostensibly ‘pious’ butcheries cannot be trusted.  Money dictates everything, and Imaan has been corroded and putrefied by eating and selling carrion. Thus, the Imaani conscience is utterly destroyed. The deadened Imaan, like dead battery cells, cannot send out any danger signals. The meat and chicken situation is rotten and deplorable. 

If any trader claims that his meat/chicken products are halaal-tayyib, go and ascertain for yourself.  Satisfy yourself before devouring what could be haraam carrion. And, remember that ALL sausages and polony products must necessarily contain harmful preservatives, poisonous and haraam MSG, haraam and harmful colouants and other haraam and doubtful spices which the meat-traders procure from kuffaar manufacturers. In this age, Imaan is tested with the ‘persecution’ and ‘torture’ of abstention from consuming haraam carrion which is certified ‘halaal’ by the worst scoundrels inhabiting this planet of ours.

13 Rabiul Awwal 1436 – 5 January 2015

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