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Q. A Salafi expressing himself on the Rainwater Treatment Hadith says:

“Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi (704 – 744)- a great muhaddith praised by al-Dhahabi, Ibn Kathir and others – said about the rainwater hadith, quoting an isnad that he found for it, that  it is “made up and  fabricated”. After quoting it he says: “O Allah, seize its fabricator. How ignorant, audacious and moronic, he is.” Please comment.

A. Indeed, how ignorant and moronic of this stupid, moron Salafi who disgorged this bunkum argument without having understood what is written in our book, The Rainwater Treatment Hadith & the Flotsam of the Salafis. The response to all such stupid claims as made by Hafiz Ibn Abdil Hadi (above) has been adequately given in our book. The problem with these Salafis and neo-Salafis masquerading as Hanafis, is that they are either too stupid to understand or they are too blind to see reality. They are the blind and stupid followers of the likes of Al-Baani. They lick up just any vomit disgorged for them by Al-Baani and Ibn Taimiyyah. They are the blindest and most ignorant followers. They are incapable of intelligent reasoning. 

Firstly, Hafiz Hadi commented on some obscure isnaad which he managed to fish up from perhaps some murky pond. His comments are restricted to the specific ‘isnaad’ which he had managed to unearth. Then without applying his mind, Hafiz Hadi simply blurted out his moronic comment. If he had applied his mind intelligently, his Taqwa would have constrained him to apply a brake on his tongue, for while Hafiz Hadi may be blissfully unaware of the narrators in the Isnaad which he had managed to unearth from somewhere, he is NOT unaware of the illustrious Muhaddith, Imaam Razeen Al-Abderi who has recorded the Rainwater Hadith in his famous kitaab, Tajreedus Sihaah. There is consensus of all authorities on the glittering integrity and greatness of Imaam Razeen. There are no two opinions on this great, noble and illustrious Imaam and Muhaddith. Thus, even if Hafiz Hadi had found that the particular isnaad which he had mysteriously unearthed from some murky waters is ‘fabricated’, his Aql and Taqwa should have constrained him to exercise caution and to restrain his tongue from pouring out calumny and rejecting a Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) so insolently. 

His intelligence was supposed to have dictated to him that although the particular isnaad which he had discovered may be ‘fabricated’, he had to exercise caution because the great Imaam Razeen recorded this same Hadith, but with a powerful isnaad, not with the isnaad which Hafiz Hadi had dug out from some obscure or  unknown source. While the isnaad found by Hafiz Hadi could be the product of suspicion, there is not the slightest blemish on the Isnaad presented by Imaam Razeen. His Isnaad is the Sihaah Sittah. 

Imaam Razeen has explicitly mentioned in the Muqaddimah (Introduction) of his famous, Tajreedus Sihaah, that all the Ahaadith he has recorded are from the Sihaah Sittah (the Six Most Authentic Hadith Books). We have expounded in detail on this issue in our book. Whoever is genuinely interested in the quest of the truth, should read our book with a clear, unbiased mind, divested of the moronic tripe and trash which Salafis indoctrinate with their hollow slogan, Qur’aan and Sunnah. 

Again, while it is possible that the obscure isnaad on which Hafiz Hadi had mysteriously stumbled, is ‘fabricated’ in terms of his criteria of  ascertaining authenticity, we have not claimed authenticity for the Hadith on the basis of the obscure isnaad produced by Hafiz Hadi like a conjurer producing a rabbit from his hat. At no stage  is even a remote reference made to the obscure  isnaad stated by Hafiz Hadi. It simply does not feature in our discussion and in our refutation of the bunkum of the the Salafi and neo-Salafi moronic argument against Imaam Razeen. 

We reiterate that the authenticity of the Hadith in question is based on the explicit declaration by Imaam Razeen that the Hadith was acquired from the Sihaah Sittah. All the evidence for this appears in our detailed book. Thus, the comments of Hafiz Hadi belongs to the trash, since he had blurted out his drivel without applying his mind. If  a muhaddith unearths a Hadith,  e.g. that five Salaat are Fardh, from some obscure and dubious source whose isnaad is putrid and fabricated, it will be haraam for him to say that the Hadith is a fabrication when the very Hadith appears in Bukhaari, for example. Another glaring example is the fact that seawater is unanimously taahir/paak. There is no difference in this fact. But the isnaad of this Hadith on which this ruling is based, is condemned and rejected. There is no authentic isnaad for it. But the ruling derives its authenticity from the Sahaabah and the Aimmah Mujtahideen of the first century. 

Furthermore, it is quite probable that while the isnaad dicovered by Hafiz Hadi is ‘fabricated’ according to his  criteria, this very same so-called  ‘fabricated’  isnaad could be a Saheeh (authentic) isnaad according to the criteria of another Muhaddith. This subject of Hadith authentication is a bewildering maze of confusion in many aspects. This too has been explained in our book. 

The comments of Hafiz Hadi  relative to the authenticity of the Rainwater Treatment Hadith cited by the illustrious Imaam Razeen in his Tajreedus Sihaah, are baseless and fit for the trash. The Hadith is authentic and has been acquired from the Sihaah Sittah, and this is the final word in the authenticity of this Hadith regardless of it being chagrin to the Salafis and neo-Salafis parading themselves as Hanafis.

1 Rabiuth Thaani 1436 – 23 January 2015


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