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21 Shawwaal 1431 – 1 October 2010



On 15 August 2010, Mufti Afzal Elias, in a radio programme lambasted and thoroughly exposed the HARAAM chicken carrion which SANHA, the Maitah-Purveyor is feeding to the unwary Muslim community under the massive deception that the carrion Rainbow and Earlybird chickens are halaal. Mufti Afzal Sahib had stated the bare facts on the basis of which every Muslim, provided he is not a SANHA lackey, can understand and accept that the commercially killed chickens certified and approved as halaal by SANHA are in fact absolutely HARAAM beyond the slightest vestige of doubt.

SANHA subsequently, in an extremely flabby response, side-stepping the reality of the facts, tried in vain to defend the carrion chickens it is marketing as ‘halaal’. We have been informed that Mufti Afzal Sahib will be issuing a very detailed response and rebuttal of SANHA’s flabby and deceptive response. Meanwhile we shall proceed to refute SANHA’s deceptive arguments, in a series of articles. In the present article we shall deal with the following contention of Mufti Afzal and SANHA’s response.

In the radio programme, Mufti Afzal Elias said:

“Well we are clear about this that these chickens where there is no Tasmiyah been recited are absolutely Haraam…….I have seen  the plant at Hammarsdale Rainbow plant, and it is virtually impossible. Do one mathematical calculation: 275,000 chickens are slaughtered in 24 hours, meaning that 190 chickens are slaughtered in one minute. There are 4 slaughterers. So one slaughterer is slaughtering 47 chickens in one minute. This is humanly impossible – that he recites 47 times Bismillaah Allaahhu Akbar,  especially when the slaughterers are giving affidavits that they are not reading the Tasmiyah.”

SANHA responds to the above contention as follows:  “Mufti Elias is blatantly incorrect. 275,000 chickens are slaughtered on average daily in two shifts at the Hammarsdale plant but not with 4 slaughterers. There are two slaughter lines with 4 slaughterers on each line in addition to relief slaughterers who rotate on an hourly basis. The wrong fundamentals in maths cannot give you the correct answer.”

Regardless of the mental gymnastics which SANHA is employing to bamboozle people who are unacquainted with the reality and the facts and figures on the killing fields where millions of chickens are tortured to death on a weekly basis. There is a basic starting point which will throw considerable light on the skulduggery of SANHA which is the effect of carrion chicken paranoia – a disease of mental derangement which Allah Ta’ala inflicts on the brains of the predatory halaalizers of haraam carrion meat which in terms of Islam is not fit for even dogs.


The basic starting point to rebuff SANHA’s deceptive argument, which underscores SANHA’s complicity in the haraam carrion industry is SANHA’s own affirmation of the number of chickens which each chicken-killer has to kill per minute.  In a letter addressed to Rahmat Khan, The Muslim Supervisor at Earlybird Farms, Olifantsfontein, Mr.M.S.Navlakhi, SANHA’s ‘theological director’, states:

“Per your request, we hereby confirm that the line speed of the chicken conveyor must at all times be in harmony with the number of Muslim slaughterers engaged in slaughtering thus enabling them to comfortably utter the Tasmiyah and correctly carry out the ritual slaughter which in any event should not exceed thirty seven (37) birds per slaughterer per minute.”

SANHA itself has affirmed 37 birds per minute per killer.  SANHA had issued this directive after many and vehement objections by both the slaughterers and the MJC hired Muslim supervisor, Rehmat Khan, Ismail Khan and A.S. Dhoba. While Dhoba has resigned on account of the haraam malpractices, he has denied the real reasons for his resignation.  The 37 chickens per minute is of theoretic import only. In practice the number exceeds 37 chickens. Nevertheless, to debunk SANHA’s lies we shall temporarily assume that 37 chickens per minute per killer is the norm. If this theory is meticulously observed in practice, it means that a killer is able to devote only about one and half seconds to murder a chicken. This works out to 2,220 chickens killed per hour by a single killer.

Even on the basis of SANHA’s version of 37 per minute, it is a virtual impossibility for the killers to recite Tasmiyah on every chicken while at the same time ensure that all four neck vessels are severed in accordance with the Shariah. The reasons for this impossibility are as follows:

(1)           The chickens are cruelly shackled upside down. This is indeed a haraam, awkward position for slaughtering. Islam has ordained another system for halaal slaughtering.

(2)           The chickens approach the killers on a fast – very fast – moving conveyor belt. There is absolutely no time for even a second’s break in the process of killing.

(3)           Each killer has to allow two chickens to pass by, and kill the third chicken.  He has to count two and kill the third one. But this does not allow the killer two seconds of rest. The speed of the line ensures that even before the first chicken has been correctly killed, the next one is on top of the killer.

(4)    The hand of the killer has to move incessantly for an hour. Even if the killer takes a puff of dagga, he is still human and cannot tolerate the continuous killing and the blood-letting non-stop for an hour. His eyes become blurry behind the dirt-blood stained mask which he dons. His mind becomes befogged with the blood and stench of thousands of chickens he has to kill at speed and in motion in a haraam and brutal manner. It is humanly impossible to cope with this inhuman killing system.

(5)    The killers do not perform Salaat. While on the job, they never go for Jumuah Salaat nor for Eid Salaat. Imagine the type of killer who is supposed to discharge the sacred Amaanat of halaal slaughtering for the community!  No daily Salaat, no Jumuah Salaat and no Eid Salaat!  When the conscience of these killers permits them to practise wholesale neglect and abandonment of these Fardh fundamentals of Islam, what can be expected of them regarding the Tasmiyah, especially in the rotten conditions prevailing at the killing plants?

(6)  On the admission of the killers, they simply do not recite Tasmiyah.

(7)  Inspections by Muslims, Ulama as well as laymen, and sworn affidavits by the killers affirm that the four neck vessels are not and cannot be correctly cut in these horrendous conditions.

(8)  The killers are supposed to detect dead chickens and remove them from the fast-moving line while at the same time doing the killing. Due to the speed, the killers are unable to detect dead chickens at all times. They simply cut and murder whatever chickens cross their path at speed.


This then is the evil carrion chicken scenario. Even if it is accepted that 37 chickens are killed in a minute by a killer, it is impossible to recite Tasmiyah on every chicken, and it is also impossible to correctly severe the neck of all the chickens.

The reality is something else. The number of chickens killed per minute per killer is higher than 37 which is the number stipulated by the Carrion Purveyor – and this number too is extremely high. Just imagine! 37 chickens per minute per killer in vile circumstances as explained above. It is indeed a cruel, sadistic joke and mockery of Islam, all enacted for the haraam boodle which line the haraam pockets of the haraam mercenaries who have put up the Shariah for sale to the kuffaar chicken plants.


The National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) had made a sudden, unannounced inspection of Anca Chickens which is a SANHA certified carrion chicken plant in Stutterheim, Ciskei.  In a report on the inspection, NIHT stated:  “The line speed was established to be around 16 birds per minute. ….Upon the inspection of 30 chickens, one had its head completely severed, one not slaughtered at all and twenty five of them improperly slaughtered with one or more of the necessary pipes not completely cut and in some instances still intact.” Of great significance are the following factors:

  • The line speed was only 16 chickens per minute, less than half SANHA’s stipulated 37 per minute.
  • Of the 30 chickens 27 were killed improperly. In other words, of the 30 carrion chickens, even NIHT confirmed that 27 were Haraam.

Now when halaal slaughtering is not possible even at the rate of 16 chickens per minute, how could it be possible at 37, more than double the 16?  The fact is that the kuffaar brutal system simply does not permit halaal slaughtering. It is impossible to slaughter  correctly as the Shariah requires when  the killers have to kill in motion hundreds of thousands of chicken daily, approaching at speed, dangling upside down, many even dead. The above enumerated factors simply do not allow for correct slaughtering. If this  rotten carrion killing system  is capable of producing halaal chickens, then 27  from 30 chickens moving relatively slowly (16 per minute) would not have been the effects of Shareetatush Shaitaan (slaughter of the devil).


In a six-page affidavit explaining the rot and carrion of   the Sanha certified Rainbow chicken killing facility, slaughterer, Rashid Khan who worked for years at Rainbow, states:

  • “When these electrically stunned chickens reach the slaughterman, he is not always able to detect whether the birds are dead or alive. The mask which fully covers the face and eyes blurs his vision. The dead bird is slaughtered and continues on the line…. After a period of time the mask due to collection of dust and blood blurs the vision of the slaughterman who frequently fails to detect dead birds on the line.
  • The line speed is moving at a maximum speed of 155 – 160 chickens per minute, and according to some slaughtermen, at times the speed is 180 per minute. Each slaughterman is under pressure to slaughter 40 birds per minute, that is, a bird every one and half second. (When the line speed is 180, then each killer has to kill 60 per minute –The Majlis)
  • Slaughtermen generally recite Tasmiah for a maximum time of five minutes per hour. For the remaining 55 minutes, all birds are slaughtered without Tasmiah. It is humanly impossible to recite Tasmiah on every bird. In this connection, the following facts are of vital importance:

(i) The high speed of the line, 155 – 160 chickens per minute

(ii) The hour long slaughtering session

(iii) Lack of concentration

(iv) Slaughtering 8 hours daily

(v) Fatigue

(vi) Disorientation due to the continuous spilling of blood for hours and being a participant in a cruel process in conflict of our religious requirements.

(vii) General lack of religious consciousness of the slaughtermen

(viii) In this  hectic state, the slaughterman is supposed to be alert watching for dead birds

(ix) Due to the line speed, many birds slip by a slaughterman without being cut. When this occurs, the slaughterman is required to shout “double”. This is to alert his companion that a bird has slipped by. Now the next slaughterman is required to slaughter an additional bird in the same time in which he is supposed to slaughter one bird. Uncut birds become the focus of attention and annoyance. Some slaughtermen dislike this ‘imposition’, and simply leave the uncut bird to continue on the line into the scalder where it is scalded alive.

  • The daily production is 300,000 birds which are slaughtered in two eight-hour shifts. In each shift eight slaughtermen execute the extremely difficult task of slaughtering 150,000. Although there are 12 slaughtermen, only 8 slaughter at any given time. This is roughly 20,000 birds per slaughterman. ….It is impossible for a slaughterman to daily, for months and years to recite Tasmiah 20,000 in eight hours, especially with the aggravating factors explained above.”


Ismail Khan and Rehmat Khan are the MJC’s Muslim supervisors at two plants owned by Earlybird Farms which are certified by the MJC. Despite SANHA’s denial, Early bird is also CERTIFIED by SANHA although this Carrion Purveyor stupidly and deceptively describes its certification with the stupid term ‘approval’. In a letter of frustration and complaint, the two  Muslim supervisors jointly  wrote to  Imaam Harris of the MJC: “There is a total lack of communication between management and us prior to implementing changes…….These things need to be  communicated with the halaal team so we can ensure that Shar’ee requirements are adhered too. …..Currently there is an increase in production. We have a slaughterer / bird ratio maximum which is at 40 birds per minute. With the increase in production we are on maximum, i.e. 40 per minute per slaughterer. … Please negotiate for both plants as the excess workload is also becoming a major problem. We should stand our ground by putting pressure on Earybird to adhere to our Shar’ee requirements fully.”

The complaints by the two MJC appointed Muslim supervisors speak volumes for the haraam carrion industry operated by the SANHA-MJC cartel.  This strong complaint and the threat to resign by the supervisors, constrained, the MJC’s Imaam Harris to write to Earlybird as follows:

“Thus far, we have had no responses from you with regard to our grievances. As indicated to you, our supervisors at both Plants are very unhappy and have threatened to resign because of various factors, viz. (1) Interference in the manner of slaughtering and the loosing of heads. May we respectfully remind you that the method of slaughtering has to be in terms of Islamic laws. Any changes to the slaughtering methods, night create Haraam and not Halaal birds. This will seriously affect your sales.  (2) The same goes for trying to decrease the amount of Slaughterers at both Plants. This is not acceptable…. The issue of County Fair must never be compared with Early Bird. Over the years we have also had numerous problems with County Fair over their Slaughtering teams and have occasionally informed them of our dissatisfaction.  (3) Then we also have your value-added Plant which is not certified. We are not aware of the ingredients used and who is in charge of the production. (4) As previously stated, our supervisors for whom we have great respect and trust, have also become very unhappy in that there is no communication with them.”

In addition to the many complaints, the number of chickens per slaughterer per minute is confirmed at 40.


Both the MJC and the Muslim supervisors at Earlybird Farms have raised the County Fair plant in their letters of complaint to the management of Early Bird. In their jointly written letter to SANHA, the Muslim supervisors stated in regard to County Fair which is a Cape based carrion chicken killing facility certified by the MJC:

“Unfortunately the MJC is allowing the County Fair operation which is about the same production as us, to operate with half the amount of slaughterers. We have addressed the issue to Imaam Yaseen who acknowledged that the County Fair operation has insufficient slaughters and will give this matter his urgent attention.  EarlyBird Farms wants to reduce the amount of slaughterers and with the production on the increase over and above my current compliment of 13 slaughterers per shift, and will require more slaughterers to maintain the bird/slaughterer ratio as per our standards, this request of mine has upset them more.”

Confirming what the supervisors mentioned in their letter of complaint, an internal communication of Earlybird from Mr.Theo van Strijp to Mr. Mike Snyman and to the Muslim supervisor, Ismail, states:  “During the benchmarking between County Fair and Earlybird Standerton it came out that we have 13 slaughterers per shift. County Fair has 13 slaughterers in total for both shifts. We need to discuss this urgently.”

What is of immense significance in exposing the haraam carrion debacle of SANHA and MJC, are the following two facts:

  • The production at Earlybird and County Fair is the same.
  • Earlybird has  13 slaughterers per shift
  • County Fair has 13 slaughterers for both shifts – 6 and half slaughterers per shift.

It is indeed startling, shocking and lamentable to  note that despite County Fair operating with half the number of killers, it kills exactly the same number of chickens as are killed in the same time by Earlybird with  twice the number of killers. Any dunce can understand that at County Fair the rate of killing is 80 chickens per minute per slaughterer, hence it (County Fair) is able to produce the same number of killed chickens in the same time with half the number of slaughterers. At Earlybird the rate is 40 per minute. At County Fair a slaughterer is required to kill a chicken every .75 seconds. In three quarters of a second he has to accomplish the killing. This is SANHA’s and MJC’s ‘halaal’ slaughtering. Let them hang their heads with shame. Let them jump into the scalding tanks of County Fair, Earlybird and Rainbow, and let them perish in the rotten, faeces-blood-filled boiling water in which they torture the chickens. With kufr audacity they market this haraam rotten carrion ‘halaal’.

Non-Muslim animal rights organizations have also established that the line speed is 180 chickens per minute for three killers, i.e. 60 chickens per minute per slaughterer. But at County Fair it is 240 chickens per minute for three killers. It does not matter whether the number of chickens killed per minute by each killer is 16, 37, 40, 45, 60, or 80, the result is the same, namely, HARAAM CARRION CHICKENS.

These facts and figures will, Insha’Allah, convince every unbiased Muslim in search of the Haqq (Truth) that all commercially killed chickens are HARAAM.  If Muslims kill chickens by this evil kuffaar system, the chickens will also be Haraam. The physical and spiritual damage wrought by SANHA’s and MJC’s certified carrion chickens destroys the health and spirituality of an entire community. Diseases have assumed epidemic proportions in this age. This is the effect of consuming filth, the worst of such filth being halaalized carrion chickens. The Qur’aan commands us to consume not only halaal food, but TAYYIB (wholesome, pure, clean and healthy) food. How has it become possible for Muslims to have strayed so far from the Straight Path that carrion chickens pumped with antibiotics, pork substances, etc., and fed with filth-feed made from dead and rotten animals and dead chickens of their own kind, has become ‘delicious’?



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