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"Open Temple"

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CAPE TOWN’S “OPEN Temple” cult

In Cape Town, this non-Muslim cult is creating confusion by dubbing its temple a ‘mosque’, and its adherents ‘muslims’. This dubbing is deception and misleading. 

Muslims should not become confused by the adoption of Islamic nomenclature by this non-Muslim cult, for its activities and rituals have absolutely no relationship with Islam. The blatantly un-Islamic and haraam (in terms of the Islamic Shariah) rituals and activities of this cult are conspicuous evidence for confirming that the cult despite its utilization of Muslim/Islamic nomenclature has absolutely no relationship with Islam. 

The cult’s same sex ‘marriages’, and ‘marriages’ between men and women of different ideologies taking place at the cult’s temple are not of concern to the Muslim community regardless of the fact that this cult is dubbing such women who ‘marry’ kuffaar men as ‘muslim’. Dubbing a person ‘muslim’ does not render the entity a Muslim in terms of Islam. 

The ‘open temple cult’ is not the first cult of kufr to masquerade as ‘Muslim’. In the U.S.A, there is a cult which has changed its name like a chameleon changes colour. The American cult started off as the ‘Black Muslims’. Its founder was one moron, Elijah, who had claimed that he was god-incarnate. He claimed that Allah Ta’ala had settled inside him (i.e. made hulool in him) – Nauthubillaah! He claimed that the Qur’aan was the bible of his religion which he had dubbed ‘islam’, and although Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was the Rasool, he (i.e. Elijah) was the final messenger. This mushrik, kaafir, satanic cult had also appropriated the Kalimah of Islam to be their kalimah notwithstanding the fact that the whole corpus of this satanic cult was an embodiment of kufr, shirk and Satanism. 

The ‘open temple’ cult is precisely shaitaaniyat just as is the American cult which is known by a variety of appellations. However, innumerable convert followers of the American kufr cult who were misled and duped, had renounced the cult when they were made aware of true Islam. 

The ‘open temple’ cult in order to promote its noxious image, has announced the performance of a ‘marriage’ between a ‘muslim’ woman and a Christian man. This claim is baseless. Muslims should not be concerned and perturbed by this shaitaani, deceptive and misleading claim. The woman is a kaafirah. She is not a Muslim. The marriages of non-Muslims, be these conducted in the temple of any cult of kufr, is not our concern. The constitution of this country allows freedom of religion. Thus, if a person worships a puddle of faeces, or if he believes in and worships a pig, it is his constitutional right. 

Our only concern is the deception of employing Islamic nomenclature by non-Muslims. Regarding this deception it is necessary for the Muslim community to consult with attorneys to explore legal avenues for ascertaining the possibility of charging the cult leaders under some Act of Law for deception and false advertising. One lawyer is of the opinion that there is a valid charge of deception and false advertising, and this could be pursued in the courts. 

Since the vile beliefs and rituals of this cult are so blatantly abhorrent in terms of Islam, not a single Muslim will join these characters of kufr.

28 Jamadiyul Awwal 1436 – 20 March 2015


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