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Are Shias Muslim?

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Are Shias Muslims?or Are All Shias Kaafir?


11 Shawwaal 1430  (30-09-2009)

All Shiahs in this age are non-Muslims. They subscribe to a number of
clear-cut beliefs of kufr, hence they are not Muslim. Among their
beliefs of kufr are the following:

(1)  Extension of Nubuwwat (Prophet) to their twelve imams.
(2)   Their imaams have all the Attributes of Nubuwwat.
(3)   Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) brings wahi to their  imams.
(4)   The twelve Imaams are Ma'soom (sinless) just as the Ambiya are
(5) The present Qur'aan which the Ahlus Sunnah have is a fabrication.
The 'true' Qur'aan is with Imaam Mahdi in a cave where he is in
(6)   All the verses extolling Hadhrat Ali (radhiyallahu anhu) have
been deleted from the present Qur'aan Majeed.
(7)     All the Sahaabah barring a handful, became munaafiqeen.
(8)   Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) had erred in delivery of the Wahi.
Allah Ta'ala had sent him to deliver the Qur'aanic revelation to Ali
(radhiyallahu anhu), but he erred and   delivered it to Muhammad

(sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Besides the above, they have many corrupt practices.


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