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The West, in its confrontation with Islam, is perpetually involved in weaving schemes and plots to undermine and destroy Islam and the Ummah. Among the variety of its plots is the Turkish concept of ‘islam’. Personnel from Turkey who are total modernists and averse to the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), are  diligently plying their brand of ‘islam’ in almost all Muslim and numerous non-Muslim countries, and the South African Muslim community has been designated a special target for the plot to erode Imaan and corrode the pure Islam of the Sahaabah which Muslims in this country are endeavouring to propagate and follow in whatever measure circumstances permit.

The totally modernist Turkish personnel who staff these secular-type ‘madrasahs’ ostensibly to impart Islamic education are Islamically unqualified to engage in this holy profession. There is no difference between the appearance, dress and style of these Turkish tutors and the Israeli Yahood. What type of Islam are they imparting to pupils when the teachers are clean-shaven men priding themselves with western garb? There is no semblance of Islam on their faces and on their bodies.  What type of Islam are they disseminating when students are required to be dressed like kuffaar?

There appears a deep and a sinister dimension to the Turkish set-up. They are able to operate freely, unhindered by the anti-Islam U.S.A. and other sinister agencies. They have huge financial resources at their disposal. They operate in very expensive buildings, and they construct buildings at the cost of hundreds of millions of rands. They have absolutely no problem to acquire permission from the governments of all countries, especially from countries which are actively placing severe constraints on true Islamic education. Thus, while Pakistan, India, Egypt, and similar other anti-Islamic governments do not allow foreign students to study the Deen in their lands, and even inhibit their own peoples from Deeni Knowledge, the Turkish cartel is allowed to flourish everywhere.  Even in war ravaged countries, they freely operate. Surely they enjoy protection! This is another sinister dimension to the Turkish so-called ‘islamic’ education operation.

It is quite manifest that the objective of the Turkish system of ‘deeni’ education is to produce Muslim robots –  docile people, subservient to western ideas and values, and inimical to true Islam and its vibrant system. They handpick students and despatch them to Turkey for a crash course to transform them into ‘sheikhs’ (ulama). After spending two or three years in Turkey, they return as Turks, not as Muslims. With their clean-shaven faces, western attire and spiritless drivel talk they appear like robots and Turkish mascots. They lack the spirit of the Deen which must necessarily vibrate in the heart of a student who has acquired true Knowledge of the Deen under the supervision of uprighteous Asaatizah.

We announce a timely warning to the Muslim community! It is not permissible to send children to these hybrid Turkish ‘madrasahs’. They emerge with an aversion for the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). There appears to be sinister forces manipulating this operation. All over the world sinister forces are infiltrating the madaaris, even into genuine Darul Ulooms to subvert the original Deeni syllabus and to substitute it with a kufrisized curriculum plotted in America. The objective is to prepare an ‘ummah’ who will be docile and subservient to the West. Towards this end, the U.S.A. has made available billions of dollars to Muslim countries, especially Pakistan, to combat and  eradicate the Maktab system  which the Ummah has inherited from the Salfus Saaliheen.

Here in South Africa, America’s objective is being gratuitously served by the ulama with their haraam hybrid so-called ‘islamic’ schools which have displaced the original, holy Maktab system and subjugated Deeni Ta’leem to the secular course. Supplementing the haraam so-called ‘islamic’ schools of South Africa is the hybrid, sinister Turkish ‘madrasah’ system. The attainment of the pernicious American objective has thus been simplified for the enemies of Islam.

One Turkish character is allegedly squandering R230 million in bricks, sand and water to construct just one building in South Africa, which will ostensibly cater for Deeni education. We can safely say that shaitaan himself is in charge of this operation.  Muslims should be alert and not be caught as suckers and morons. They should not ruin the Imaan of their children by disposing them into the snares of shaitaan who operates in the form of human beings who are described in the Qur’aan Majeed, “Shayaateenul Ins” (Human Devils).

In response to the satanic squander of huge resources on futile and stupid buildings, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Every expenditure is in the Path of Allah, except that which is spent on sand and water (i.e. buildings – unnecessary construction).” While this Hadith of our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) fully applies to the Turkish wasteful structure, we must warn the Ummah that it is not a construction without calculated design. There is another dimension which Allah Ta’ala will most assuredly expose in time to come. May Allah Ta’ala save the simple, unsuspecting Muslim public from the snares of the enemies of Islam.

1 Rajab 1436 (21 April 2015)


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