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Complaining about the haraam shenanigans occurring in a Musjid in Canada, a Brother writes:

“The anti-Islam ‘Muslims’ make every effort every single day to insult and destroy the face of true Islam in this Mosque.

There is no fixed imam. Any jaahil can stand in front to lead as long as he is endorsed by the Salafis who are in charge of the Mosque. Some imaams are bare-headed, wearing half sleeved T-shirts, long trousers below ankles, or even bermudas in some cases, long moustaches and clean-shaven faces while people with Sunnah appearance are following behind.

Very, very rarely is an Imaam in proper Sunnah attire.  Covering the head is considered a sin while leading the prayer or making their own Salaah.

Recently they have introduced a Bengali  Imaam  who leads some of the prayers (Salaat). He fits the description of ulema‘ soo  and scholars for dollars to the letter.  He starts a bayaan after Maghrib or Ishaa Fardh Salaah to please his masters, i.e.  the Salafis.  People intending to make Sunnah are prevented or disturbed as he carries on blabbering on the  loud speaker at the top of his voice.

He recites the Quran in ‘dancing’ tone.  One could  easily dance to its tune. This was also pointed out in a letter to Masjid committee

Toddlers with disposable nappies loaded with urine and faeces run amok in the Mosque and sometimes sit on the  Mimber steps and on the  carpet of Mosque which has never been washed in Shariah way.

After Fardh Salaah,  people split into groups and start talking loudly  inside the Masjid hall disturbing everyone’s prayer. Announcement is made on the speaker for silence, but to no  avail

After Fardh Salaah, announcements on loud speaker are made  about Muslim  congregational swimming, fund raising, hockey, camps, halaqas, Muslim school fun fare, activities, about visiting Shaikhs, fund raising dinners and bazaars, election, various committees and boards and  go-karting. Up to 10 minutes sometimes are wasted in these announcements. There is no way one can concentrate in one’s Sunnah and Nawafil due to the commotion and racket going on.

One of their worst tricks which cannot be beaten is their bid’ah thikr. One or two or more of them while making their salaah individually, like sunnah and nafal, will start saying  “Allah o Akbar” at the top of his voice in Qiyam, going to Ruku, Sajdah and all the movements of Salaah.  This sound can be heard by everyone in the Mosque and it completely sabotages the concentration as it carries on for the whole duration of that  zindiq’s salaah, sometimes 5-7 minutes. Some times 2-3 persons will execute the same performance like a concert from various corners of the Masjid hall.  This happens almost on a daily basis. This is  a trick no one can beat. No one can break prayer to ask the morons  to refrain from  disturbing  others.

The moment  Fardh salaah is finished, a group waiting outside enters and starts a second  jamaat behind  another imaam who makes sure to recite Qiraa’t at full volume, saying   ‘Allah o Akbar’ very loudly at the change  of each position.

Sometimes a third and fourth congregation takes place inside the Masjid in similar manner

Above two are most annoying tricks INVENTED by Salafis to damage the prayers of other Musallis.

Children run in and out of Mosque bare footed from carpet to toilets, outside  yards back and forth with no restrictions. Adults with dirty wet socks  and no shoes on simply walk in to the Masjid, on the carpet.

Sometimes children will start competing in races from one wall to the other inside the Masjid as it’s a large hall or  playing ,while Fardh Salaah is carrying on and their fathers after the salaam  feel very proud instead of admonishing them. Never a word is said by anyone .

Sometimes a child will cry loudly throughout the duration of  Fardh Salaah at full pitch and it’s taken on as  a norm.

Adults and children stand mixed in Fardh Salah - children next to their dads. Some of them are girls.  Some of these children  wear shorts exposing their thighs fully, sometimes up to the private (satr) area  when sitting.

Are these people muslims? Some of the people making noise in groups while  people are praying  are Shiahs masquerading as Sunnis. But what about the others who have no regard for the sanctity of the House of Allah. and enjoy desecrating it. There are many more things taking place.   These are just a few.

It is like performing Salaah  inside a bazaar or in the midst of a fun fare.  It takes the guts of a lion to perform Salaah in this menagerie/mad asylum in the midst of all these ongoing shenanigans around one.

On Eid day a group of  Bidatis recites  takbeer  (which we are ordered to recite ) on loudspeaker at the top of the voice  in various tones and one person hands over the cordless mike to next and this torment carries on till the Khutba is made. No one can absolutely sit in peace or make his zikr. This is a big torture.

The Khutba is in English on Eids and in the Friday Congregation.

On Eid Day a letter from the president is read by one of the board members on a speaker and one feels like he is attending the board meeting of an insurance company and not Eid Salaah.

Last year it was announced that Eidul Adha will be on a certain day. Just 1 day before the announced date it was announced that Eid will be a day before to coincide with the Saudi Eid.  This created chaos and confusion especially for people working in offices who had to face the problem of changing their day off. The reason used was that we Saudis are funding the mosque. But this Mosque has many hundreds of thousands of dollars in reserve and people regularly put money in the box too.

Youth Group I’tikaafs are a big hit here, and enjoyed by everyone. Youth come in hordes to sleep overnight, have nice time together, get good free food, play with their cell phones, play soccer in Masjid yard thus ‘elevating’ the level of their Imaan. After some of these Haraam activities free dinners are served to lure the innocent children and public in community hall next to main hall.

Someone is funding these free dinners to listen to the discourses of   visiting Shaikhs attending a ‘Da’wah’ conference on  this or that course, workshop/talkshop/haraamshop on how to be “good modern” Muslims fully  homogenized and synchronized to modern times.

Most of these matters have been pointed out to board members, but Salafi dollars have blinded their eyes, and sealed their ears.

I need some advice as I am one of the poor, forlorn musallis  like many others who have no other  nearby Mosque to go to. I do not belong in this mob of insanity.

If there is a suggestion  how to approach the people in charge and convince them to stop anti-Islamic  behaviour it will be  highly appreciated.”


When hearts are bereft of  Khauf-e-Ilaahi (Divine Fear), there is no way of approaching and advising  such people, for they come under the purview of the Qur’aanic aayat: “They are deaf, dumb and blind, hence they will not return (to the Path of Rectitude –the Path of the Deen.)”. Brother, undoubtedly, you are in a Jihad situation. There is only Sabr for you and the handful of other sane Muslim. You are  truly in a menagerie or in a madhouse. There is no way of advising and guiding people driven to insanity by the touch and spell of shaitaan.

You have one consolation, and that is  the unfolding of Rasulullah’s prediction in front of your eyes. One of the  signs of Truth of a Nabi is the materialization of his prophesies. This is what is happening in this era, and the rot and shaitaaniyat which you are beholding are not restricted to the Musjid in Canada. It prevails all over the world, especially in western and Arab countries where Salafis are in control. The primary example of the shaitaaniyat which the Salafis have implemented in the Musaajid, is the villainy which takes place in the two Holiest Musaajid – Musjidul Haraam and Musjidun Nabawi. The Salafis have converted the Musaajid into flea markets, fish markets and menageries. The sanctity of the Musjid is completely destroyed and desecrated.

The fussaaq trustees and the bogus ‘imaams’  at the Canada Mosque are juhala of the worst breed. Perhaps they are not even Muslims. They come within  the scope of the following Hadith narrated by Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amr (radhiyallahu anhu):

“There shall dawn a time when  people will gather in the Musaajid, perform Salaat whilst not a single one  of them will be a Mu’min.”

Clearly, according to the Hadith, the Musjid in Canada is definitely a sign of Qiyaamah. Among the Signs of Qiyaamah, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Soon will there  be a time when nothing will remain of Islam but its name. Nothing will remain of the Qur’aan but its text. The Musaajid will be elaborately adorned structures, but  bereft of hidaayat.....”


All the Musaajid constructed by Saudi/Salafi dollars as well as by other fussaaq, are  large, adorned buildings, but absolutely devoid of Noor. There is nothing but zulmat in their Mosques. Despite all their money, they are unable to find decent Imaams to man the Musaajid, hence they get just any Tom, Dock or Harry, moron or buffoon to lead the Salaat. Just imagine! A veritable baboon in bermuda loin cloth leading the Salaat in a huge Musjid. Most certainly, the Musjid must be cursing the villains in control of the Musjid and the villain juhala who defile the sanctity of the Musjid with their haraam antics and shenanigans.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  “Talking in the Musjid devours good deeds just  cattle devour grass.” When this applies to only talking, what then should we infer from the satanism in the Musjid described by you?

Once while Hadhrat Umar Bin Khattaab (radhiyallahu anhu) was sitting in the Musjid, he observed two young men talking. He called them and asked from where they hailed. They explained that they were from out of Madinah. He said that if they had been residents of Madinah, he would have whipped them. The whipping is for defiling the sanctity of the Musjid with unnecessary conversation. Musaajid are not erected for worldly talk and for all the filth and defilement which are taking place in the Canadian Musjid described by the Brother.  If Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) was prepared to whip people for only indulgence in worldly conversation in the Musjid, what would be his attitude and reaction if he had to witness the satanism  of the Canadian Musjid and of the haraam that takes place today in Islam’s Holiest Musaajid?

Among the signs of Qiyaamah, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Voices will be raised in the Musaajid.” Far more  and far worse than “voice-raising”  is taking place in the Musaajid.  The Signs of Qiyaamah have to necessarily materialize.

A way of extrication from the cauldron of insanity in which you and some others are mired, is to set up  a Jamaat Khaanah. Any brother  may offer a room in his house for Salaat purposes, or a few brothers  could hire a room/store  which could be used as a Jamaat Khaanah. You will then have peace of mind.  Was-salaam.

10 Rajab 1438 (30 April 2015)

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