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(Excerpts from the Writings of Sheikh Fakhruddin Owaisi)

1.  Sahib al-Faydah (Shaykh Tijani) is higher than the Mahdi.

Know also, that after this Sealing of the Divine Matter, there is no other Reality emerging in the Circle of Ma’rifah (recognition of Allah). The matter has been sealed through Nubuwwah (Prophethood), Wilayah (Sainthood) and Khilafah (Viceregency). God may only be known through these Circles (i.e. only through the Tijani Tariqa). The appearance of the Mahdi (AS) will not change any of this, only support it and confirm it.

The appearance of the Mahdi (AS) will be a physical phenomenon, but not the appearance of a new Divine Reality. That is why the Maqam of the Sahib al-Faydah is higher than that of the Mahdi. (Faydah  Tijaniyyah   Part 3, page 5)


2. A New Sin
The pen is shy to write any commentary in explaining this statement of our Master the
Seal (Shaykh Tijani) for it contains such Divine Secrets, revealing which is more Haraam than drinking wine and fornicating. (Faydah  Tijaniyyah  Part 3, page 8)


3. ShaykhTijani will guide the Mahdi from his grave
What proves this is that Shaykh Ibrahim (RA) himself mentioned in his Diwan that he
will be the Shaykh of the Mahdi (AS)! I quote from his Diwan Mubarak:

And may I guide the Imam al-Mahdi the Seal, all the time as his Teacher, while alive and from the Grave. (Faydah  Tijaniyyah   Part 2, page 2)


4. Seal of Saints
It is well known that the role of the Seal of the Saints and his Muhammadan Tariqah in the world of Wilayah is the same as the role of Seal of Prophethood (SAW) and his Islamic Religion, in the world of Nubuwwat. The Inheritance is complete.

Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani's position among the Awliya is like that of Sayyidina  Muhammad sallallahu alaihiwasallam among the Ambiya. Subsequently, the position of the Tariqah Tijaniyyah amongst the Turuq is like the position of Islam amongst the Religions. (Faydah Tijaniyyah Part 2, page 3)


5. Promoting intermingling of men and women
Sheikh Fakhruddin Owaisi's latest Facebook post (21 January 2014) consists of a picture of men and women posing together for a Mawlid.

Facebook post Dec 24, 2013: BEAUTY OF ISLAM: The renowned Friend of Allah and Pious Scholar, Habib Umar bin Hafiz listening to nasheed music, with women present.


6. About the Sahabah ( radhiallahu anhum)
Sheikh Fakhruddin writes disparagingly of  Sahabah like Hazrat Muaawaiya and Hazrat Abu Sufyan  (radhiallahu anhuma):   Facebook post Nov 29, 2012:
Even after accepting Islam (when the "game was over"), Abu-Sufyan referred to the Rasul sallallahu alaihiwasallam's conquered lands as his "Kingdom". This jealousy and hatred continued afterwards in the form of hatred for the family of the Rasul sallallahu alaihiwasallam, i.e. the Hashemites. His son Muawiyah fought Imam Ali for power and nothing else ... Imam al-Hasan radhiallahu anhu was poisoned by Yazid during his father (HazratMuaawiya  -radhiallahu anhu)'s rule. Nothing was done to punish him. Rather he was made the Successor and people were forced by the sword to pay allegiance to him.

Facebook post Dec 4, 2012:

7. Music allowed depending on content

Facebook post Dec 22, 2013: Take It Easy: A Maher Zain concert or a Riaad Moosa show is simply Halal Entertainment for an otherwise stressed Ummah. So let the Ummah breath please.

Must say that I am quite excited for the coming MAHER ZAIN show in Cape Town. Ma Sha Allah! Mahabbah emanates from his voice and lyrics. He is a fantastic (alternative) inspiration for our youth. A proof that Islam can be fun, lively and beautiful (something many of your youth have lost hope in)! ... By the way, by "MUSIC" here we only mean music with lyrics that are Islamically acceptable. As for your Lady Gaga kinda stuff, then that is HARAM according to ALL. Not because of the "music", but because of the content and intent.



The Tijaani religion of West Africa is a religion of shirk and bid’ah. Some of the kufr of this misguided sect is as follows:

(1) Ahmad Tijaani said:

"Thus isma has been guaranteed to the prophets and with them the qutbs. The Prophet has not mentioned them (the qutbs) when he said 'there is no infallibility except for a prophet, because he wanted to keep them concealed since their rank had not been revealed„.... (Jawaahir)

The Ijma' of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah is that only the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) are Ma'soom, i.e., they only enjoy the attribute of ismah (sinlessness), not Auliya even if they are qutbs.

(2) Hajj Umar al-Futi, the disciple of Ahmad Tijani, says in Rimah of Umar Bin Said:

"....that walis never sin, and any breach of the Shariah in which they may become involved is only apparent but not real, and is always designed by the walis themselves to test the faith which their followers have in them."

It is baseless to claim that walis never sin. Walis are not like the Ambiya.

(3) "After Ahmad al-Tijani started his order he relinquished his affiliation with the four orders which he had joined, asserting that he did not achieve spiritual realization through the aid of any of the founders of these orders and he owed fealty to none of them."

This is a vile attack against the illustrious Mashaa-ikh of the Four Sufi Orders. A man who has strayed from Siraatul Mustaqeem will find fault with the great Auliya of former times.

(4) Ahmad Tijaani produced no Silsilah. Unlike the four Silsilah which all trace their origin to Hadhrat Ali or Hadhrat Abu Bakr. Tijaani claims that his link with Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is direct. He has no Mashaa-ikh before him in his silsilah. Stating this, Jamal Abdun Nasr says:

"Contrary to the usual practice among the Sufis, Ahmad Al-Tijani produced no silsila, or perhaps it would be truer to say that he produced a one-link silsila which went directly from him to the Prophet. (Jawahir)."

The greatest defect in the claim of wilaayat made by Tijaani is that he has no silsilah.

(5) The following statement of Ahmad Tijaani is recorded in Jawahir

"None of the men (i.e. Walis) can admit his followers to Paradise without my reckoning or punishment, no matter what sins and acts of disobedience they may have committed, except I alone."

In this statement Tijaani regards himself as the pivot of Najaat (salvation) whereas this is baseless and kufr. The Pivot of Najaat is the Kalimah Shahaadat. Furthermore, no wali can ensure anyone's admission to Jannat. This is the function of only Allah Ta'ala. Intercession (Shafa'ah) will be with the permission of Allah Ta'ala. No wali and no Nabi has the power to admit anyone into Jannat.

(6) Among the beliefs of bid'ah and even shirk of the Tijanis is that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the four Khulafa-e-Raashideen attend their special thikr sessions where their litany, Jawaharatul Kamal is recited. There is absolutely no Shar'i basis for this claim. Furthermore, the logical conclusion of this belief is that if there are 100 groups of Tijanis reciting this thikr in different places at one and the same time, then Rasulullah and the Khulafa are present at all the gatherings at one and the same time. This is the conference of the attribute of omnipresence to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Khulafa. But, only Allah Ta'ala is omnipresent.

(7) The Tijanis give greater importance to their prayer than to the Qur'aan Majeed. They claim that their Salatil Faatih, in addition to a long list of outrageously exaggerated benefits is 6,000 more meritorious than reciting the Qur'aan. They also assert that if a person is unable to take wudhu then he may not recite the Jawaharatul Kamal with Tayammum. But, the Shariah allows one to touch and recite the Qur'aan with Tayammum if water is not available. Salaat for Allah Ta'ala can be performed with tayammum, but the prayer of the Tijaanis cannot be recited with tayammum! This is outrageous to say the least.

(8) Tijaanis during their wazifah sessions spread a white cloth. The purpose of this is to reserve the place for Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the four Khalifas whom, they believe, attend their sessions. This is utterly baseless and shirk.

While this sect masquerades as an authentic Sufi Tareeqah, in reality it is a baatil sect which has no link with the Mashaaikh of Tasawwuf.  The Tijaani religion was established relatively recently, in the year 1815, less than 2 centuries ago by its  founder, Ahmad Tijaani who had claimed that he had acquired the Tijaani Faith directly from Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). He has no Silsilah (Chain) such as the other authentic  Sufi Silsilahs who all link up to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) via the Sahaabah. That the Tijaani religion came into existence 12 centuries after Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) should be ample evidence for its falsehood.

This sect subscribe to beliefs and practices of kufr and shirk. Salaat behind them is not valid.

15 Rajab 1436 – 5 May 2015


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