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Q.  On 15 May 2015 a conference dubbed, “Engaging The NDP” will be held

at the Wanderers Club. A Gala Dinner will also be held. I am sure that liberal molvis and sheikhs will also be attending. Is it permissible to participate in this conference and dinner?

A. Brother, for a Mu’min there is no difficulty in understanding that participation in the haraam  conference of fisq and fujoor, and mingling with the kuffaar are all major sins. It is not permissible to participate in this haraam conference. As for the liberal molvis and sheikhs who will be participating, they are  fuel for the Fire of Jahannam. Jahannum too has to survive. According to the Qur’aan Majeed, its fuel is men and stones.

Further, in Jahannam there is a terrible Tree called Zaqqoom. Molvis and sheikhs of the stercoraceous ilk will have to eat from Zaqqoom.



Q. Some modernists are organizing a ‘Ramadhan’ vouching programme. The life-course will be conducted in Mu’adh bin Jabal Masjid Hall in Crosby, Johannesburg on 24 May 2015. The fee for attending the one day course is R130. Is this a valid Islamic course?

A. It is a valid shaitaani course. It is another one of the many money-making stunts to fill the pocket with haraam money. According to the Hadith, one of the signs of the approaching Hour of Qiyaamah is that “the dunya will be pursued with the amal (deeds) of the Aakhirat.” Religion will be used and misused for gaining the haraam boodle. It is not permissible to attend the course, and it is haraam to pay haraam fee.



Q. What is the fatwa on energy drinks? Even Muslim children are consuming this substance in abundance.

A. All energy drinks and soft drinks are Haraam. Energy drinks are obviously worse and more destructive to the health and morals. It is a powerful initiator for alcohol consumption. The following report by non-Muslim experts who are regarded as ‘authorities’ to emulate by Muslims, adequately explains the basis for the prohibition of these haraam drinks.


Alcohol link to energy drinks – study
Katharine Child

ENERGY drinks are being linked to heavier and riskier drinking by teenagers.

New research shows that US teens who consume even one energy drink a week are more likely to binge-drink – considered by researchers as having six or more alcoholic drinks in a sitting.

The Journal of Paediatrics has just published the study that also showed American teens who consumed energy drinks were more likely to start drinking alcohol, even as early as age 12.

Researchers from the University of Dartmouth Norris Cotton Cancer Centre had a number of theories as to why energy drinks seemed to be correlated with heavier and riskier drinking.

Energy drinks, specifically caffeine, could make the drinker feel less drunk and less impaired than they actually were. “Caffeine may also counter the depressant effects of alcohol, increasing alertness and leading to a longer timeframe of drinking,” the study said.

Energy drinks are very popular with younger South Africans.

A report by Analytix in 2012 noted growing popularity of mixing drinks like Red Bull with vodka or other spirits.

More than 70% of energy drink consumers were aged between 15 and 39, with students using them at exam time.”  (The Herald, 4 May 2015)




Q. What religious persuasion does Sheikh Ninowy subscribe to? Is it permissible to attend his lectures?

A. At the best he is a confirmed bid’ati and faasiq. At the worst, he is a hidden Shiah. It is not permissible to listen to the talks of bid’atis and fussaaq. Insha-Allah, we shall write in greater detail on this subject.



Q. Please comment on the latest craze of nasheeds (singing religious songs) in the Musjids. Is it permissible to have such singing in the Musjid and to listen to the singing?

A. Singing even ‘religious’ songs for public entertainment is HARAAM. The sin is aggravated when the Musjid is defiled with the haraam deed. It is not permissible to listen to these clowns who pollute the Musjids with their haraam singing.

18 Rajab 1436 – 8 May 2015


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