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Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The son of Aadam (i.e. man) grows older by the day whilst two tendencies in him grow younger: (1) The greed for more wealth, and (2) The desire for longer life.”

This GREED for more wealth is a special attribute of all those who deal in haraam and who nourish their bodies with haraam. Outstanding in this class of human specimens are the CARRION halaalizers such as SANHA and MJC. And, of all the vile lot of   Carrion pedlars in this rotten game of halaalizing what is rotten in terms of the Shariah, are SANHA and the MJC whose gluttony for the Maitah boodle is appallingly egregious. These two from the conglomerate of shayaateenul ins are mutual competitors in the Satanism of Maitah halaalizing.

SANHA is winning the race, having left the MJC lagging far behind although the latter has somewhat succeeded in blocking  SANHA’s carrion attempts and ambition in the Western Cape which is its (the MJC’s) preserve in the sphere of  Carrion-Tax which  fills their rotten, stinking carrion coffers with multiple millions of rands annually. What these Maitah halaalizers do with all the boodle, is kept a secret although there is no mystery for people of intelligence and for those who know the inner-operations of these carrion cabals.

SANHA is now extending its carrion tentacles to Pakistan in the gluttonous hope of extravasating more carrion boodle from that land for halaalizing carrion. Pakistan or Napakistan (the Unholy Land) is supposed to be a Muslim country where all meat products are supposed to be halaal thus obviating the need for the farce of ‘halaal’ certification. What have the people of Napakistan been devouring for one and half thousand years? Have they all along been gluttonously gobbling carrion – rotten and haraam meat products to now necessitate the deception of carrion halaalizing shenanigans of a foreign mercenary whose objective in life is to suck haraam boodle from traders in the name of the Deen by halaalizing the carrion which Allah Ta’ala has made Haraam?

Pakistan is a land of thousands of Madaaris and many thousands of Ulama or so-called ulama of the mercenary class. What need do they have for SANHA, the Carrion Halaalizing pedlar? There is no conundrum underlying this hallucinated ‘need’ for certification to halaalize carrion in Pakistan.  If the couple of Ulama of Binnoritown Madrasah with whom SANHA is in cahoots and consultation have allowed themselves to be duped into believing that they are consuming carrion and that there is therefore a need for certifying the carrion ‘halaal’, are so stupid as to swallow the carrion yarns of the South African boodle-hunter, we are sure that others in Pakistan may not be as stupid.

In reality, there is no conundrum. They are not all that stupid as to genuinely believe that Pakistan is in need of halaal certification, i.e. halaalizing of carrion. What is transpiring presently is carrion politics. In a Hadith about the Signs of the Impending Hour is mentioned:

“The dunya will be pursued with the deeds of the Aakhirah.”

All of these carrion purveyors are Signs of Qiyaamah. They display their hidden kufr by using the name of Islam to halaalize carrion for the sake of the haraam boodle. The boodle is the dunya mentioned in the Hadith. This rotten, carrion dunya is being pursued by SANHA with an act of the Deen, namely, the term ‘Halaal’, which this miserable entity is employing for the haraam boodle of the dunya.

A shenanigan of the carrion politics and carrion plot spun by SANHA in Pakistan is to rope in the son of the Principal of Binnoritown Madrasah which is about the most famous Madrasah in Pakistan. The plot is to appoint the son as the overall supervisor of the Carrion enterprise which SANHA will initiate over there in that rotten land which has become infamous and notorious for selling the Deen down the drain in a variety of ways. Now that unfortunate land will be adding another nail into its moral and spiritual coffin by the biggest Madrasah submitting to the haraam carrion scheme of SANHA.

They have agreed only for the sake of the boodle. A substantial portion of the haraam boodle which SANHA will generate from its haraam carrion industry in Pakistan will flow into the coffers of the Madrasah. In this vile, devilish manner will SANHA succeed in purchasing the co-operation and silence of the Madrasah which will act as the Carrion rubber stamp for SANHA in the same way as the other big Madrasah in Karachi operated by Mufti Taqi is the rubber stamp for the halaalized RIBA promoted under its aegis. It is carrion politics, riba politics and haraam boodle politics. The whole lot are ulama-e-soo’ – bootlickers and bootleggers having sold their souls and their Aakhirah for the jeefah (carrion) of this dunya.

We are inhabiting the age in which fitnah and fasaad are on the ascendency, and this Satanism is incremental, and its rise will continue until the advent of Imaam Mahdi (alayhis salaam). Nevertheless, it is the obligation of the Ulama-e-Haqq to declare the truth and to name and shame the villains who operate in the name of the Deen, although we do acknowledge that they are bereft of shame. They have no skin on their faces and they strut around with their satr exposed. Once Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi (rahmatullah alayh) saw Iblees strutting proudfully in the market place. He was stark naked. Not a stitch of cloth on him. Hadhrat Junaid reprimandingly said: ‘Iblees, at least have some shame for the people.” Shaitaan scornfully said: “Here are no people. All those who are in the bazaar are animals.” Hence there is no need to have shame if one is named among the beasts. This is the idea of Iblees, which he entertains about these carrion and riba halaalizers.  There is no insaaniyat left in them. Since the lowly beasts too have Imaan, only Allah Ta’ala knows if these carrion and riba gangs of mafia have any Imaan in their hearts. But we can safely say that their brains are calcified and their hearts are fossilized. There is no such attribute as conscience in them. If they had any Imaani conscience, they would have acquired clear direction from Rasulullah’s command: “Seek a fatwa from your heart.” SANHA knows why it is halaalizing carrion, and it knows why it is roping in the son of the principal and why it has embarked on carrion politics in Napakistan. But the filth in its heart and brain has deranged its intellectual perception and destroyed its spiritual vision. And that is what Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan: “Thus does Allah cast RIJS (FILTH) on those who have no Aql” (i.e. whose intelligence has become deranged with haraam such as halaalization of carrion and riba.)

15 Sha’baan 1436 – 3 June 2015


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