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Question: The Jamiat KZN is calling for funds to aid the stricken Syrian refugees. The cause is undoubtedly worthy and noble. However, I have a query. It has been brought to my attention that the last time when the Jamiat KZN distributed aid to the Syrian refugees, they (the Jamiat) linked up with KIMSE YOK MU. This organization is part of the anti-Islam Gulen movement which is today conspiring to unseat the Erdogan government.

It is a known fact that Gulen, the founder of the movement, is living in the United States under American protection. In the upcoming elections in Turkey, the Gulen movement will be doing its level best to bring down the present pro-Islamic Erdogan government. Why does the Jamiat not work together with Al-Imdaad Foundation? If the Jamiat will again be in partnership with the Gulen Movement, will it be correct to contribute funds when it is known that the Gulen movements is working to destroy Islam?

ANSWER: Why the Jamiat is not joining Al-Imdaad Foundation in the Syrian arena is not known to us. Please direct this question to the Jamiat. The Gulen movement is undoubtedly a kuffaar group masquerading as Muslims. Their agenda is to destroy Islam, hence this movement is doing its best to scuttle the Erdogan government which has opened up the way for the re-establishment of Islam which the Yahood conspiracy under Attaturk had abolished. 

We believe that the last time when the Jamiat KZN had linked up with this movement to distribute relief to the Syrian refugees, they (the Jamiat) were not aware of Kimse Yok Mu being part of the Gulen movement. 

On seeking clarification, the Jamiat KZN responded as follows:

“We have extensively deliberated the issue in the last executive meeting and we will NOT be working with Kimse Yok Mu.” 

Since the Jamiat is giving the assurance that they will not be working with the Gulen movement, your fears and our fears are allayed.

16 Sha’baan 1436 – 4 June 2015


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