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This is a follow-up of our earlier article of Naseehat for the Mubaarak Month of Ramadhaan. It is imperative to understand that the auspiciousness of this blessed Month could be better understood and appreciated from the fact that Allah Ta’ala Himself comes close to His servants during every night of this Month. From sunset, His special Tajalli is on the First Heaven, and Allah Ta’ala with His Proximity remains there throughout the Night calling on His servants to remember Him and to supplicate to Him. While it is the obligation of the servant to strive for gaining proximity (closeness) to Allah, Ar-Rahmaan Ar Raheem, in this Month Allah Azza Wa Jal Himself comes close to His servants. 

Most unfortunate, vile and horrid is the servant who spurns the Divine Approach and Call which Allah Azza Wa Jal makes available to us every Night of Ramadhaan. It is therefore Waajib for Muslims to welcome Allah Azza Wa Jal every night of Ramadhaan with increased Ibaadat and of greater importance, with greater abstention from sin and futility.

It is essential in our own worldly and Aakhirat interests to establish a programme of Ibaadat for every Night after Taraaweeh Salaat. We in the Southern Hemisphere are having Ramadhaan during midwinter. We have thus been blessed with an extremely easy fasting and long nights.  After Taraaweeh, the time should not be squandered in haraam and futility as is the practice of innumerable people in this age. They have absolutely no understanding of the moral and spiritual destruction they inflict on themselves by destroying the precious moments and hours of these blessed Nights of Ramadhaan. 

Many people, after Taraaweeh engage in idle, futile or worldly discussion and merrymaking. It should be understood that destroying the blessed time of Ramadhaan Nights in idle conversation is among the Kabeerah (Major) sins. It is to turn the back on Allah Azza Wa Jal Who is calling out to us from the First Heaven. But while our Khaaliq and Maalik is calling us, we mock Him with indulgence in sin and futility. While it may be incomprehensible to many people to understand the gravity of the sin of futility such as idle talk after Taraaweeh, it is a fact which has become incomprehensible to a deadened Imaan. Imaan has been killed, i.e. its spiritual stamina (roohaanuyat) has been totally extinguished by the deluge of haraam and mushtabah foods which have become the staple diet of the Ummah.

The deluge of haraam, diseased carrion chickens, haraam carrion meat products, all halaalized by the worst specimens of humanity, and processed foods has killed Imaan and smothered out the conscience of Muslims. It is for this reason that they fail to understand what villainy they are perpetrating when they waste away in haraam and futility the precious moments of the Nights of Ramadhaan. For clearing the heart and mind of  the RIJS (FILTH) of  shaitaaniyat which the haraam carrion and the deluge of processed foods laced with  poisons, haraam and mushtabah substances  disguised with chemical names and numbers cause, at least during  Ramadhaan abstain from  these foods of shaitaan. Haraam food is fit for only shaitaan. Abstention from this filth with which your freezers are filled, will clear your intellectual and spiritual faculties blocked and fossilized with all this haraam. 

Then, of the greatest importance for gaining Allah’s special Rahmat available munificently during these Nights of Ramadhaan, is to forget of the existence of these so-called ‘islamic’ radio stations which are all tools of Iblees without any exception. While Allah Ta’ala from the First Heaven calls you towards Him, you are polluting your brains and destroying your heart listening to the khuraafaat (rubbish) disgorged by the Voices of Iblees. What has happened to your thinking, O Mu’min! Allah calls you, but you ignore HIM, diverting your attention, heart and time to waste the precious time listening to the agents of Iblees (the radio stations)  disseminating their shaitanaiyat in the name of Islam. 

Allah Ta’ala has granted us this wonderful opportunity of Ramadhaan to be close to Him. His closeness must be earned by means of total obedience and ibaadat. So after Taraaweeh, instead of indulging in conversation or listening to the evil radio stations, engage in some Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed, Tasbeeh, and Thikr in general, Istighfaar and Dua. Perform a few raka’ts Nafl before retiring for the night. Be up for Tahajjud Salaat, not only for the Sehri meal. 

Remember that Maut is stalking you and the Qabr is calling you. At the time of Maut, these shaitaani radio stations will not be there to assist you in the predicament of Sakraat. Your ibaadat and your moral and spiritual purity will be there, Insha-Allah, to aid you in that dire time. Narrating one of the episodes of the Night of Mi’raaj, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“I saw a man from my Ummah being approached by the Angels of Punishment. Then came his Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar, and it saved him from the Athaab.” 

The early Muslims underwent horrible brutality and torture for the sake of their Imaan. In this age we are not called on to offer such great sacrifices. The sacrifice in this age us only to struggle against the evil desires of the nafs, to abstain from  consuming carrion, processed foods, and to abstain from futility, especially idle talk which is the root of   major sins such as gheebat. In short, obedience to Allah Ta’ala and adoption of the Sunnah in every aspect of life. This is our trial in this era.

29 Sha’baan 1436 – 17 June 2015

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