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A mufti from the Cape is a well-respected aalim and is also the principal of the local darul uloom. The mufti is a deobandi graduate and is also known among the Cape ulamaa to be a mujtahid. He is closely associated with one of the major South African banks and plays a leading role in their Shariah compliant products. I have read a previous issue of the majlis wherein it clearly states that all the so called "Shariah compliant" products is haraam.

One of the muftis supporters argued that according to the mufti it's like having to choose between a plate of pork and a plate of beef. You know the one is haraam and you have doubt in the beef but has to eat. Which one will you choose? He says of course you will choose the beef. Now he says according to the mufti the same principle applies to banking in South Africa.  I couldn't answer him due to lack of knowledge and also the fancy terminology used by the muftis supporter such as mudaarabah, etc.

What is the majlisul ulamaas response to the mufti's argument.

Jazaka Allah khairan


Cape Town is the coon capital, hence the scholars for dollars of that region behave like coons. The coons are a prominent and an accepted troupe of clowns in Cape Town. The ‘mujtahids’ of Cape Town had issued a ‘fatwa’ of permissibility for the ‘baboonery’ and ‘clownery’ of even the coons. Perhaps the influence of the coons constrains some quarter-baked ‘scholars’ to believe the ludicrous yarn of the chap being a ‘mujtahid’. The fellow has yet to become an expertise in the masaa-il of Istinja.


The analogy presented by the ‘mufti’ is fallacious and deceptive. It is presented to mislead the unwary and unlearned public, and the utilization of Islamic terminology assists these coon ‘muftis’ to hoodwink the ignorant masses. 

The choice is not between pork and haraam beef. In fact, if the choice was truly between pork and haraam beef, then it is Waajib to abstain from both. The Shariah does not permit one to devour faeces, urine, pork, blood and haraam meat of any kind whatsoever. The only time when haraam food is permitted, is to save one’s life – to save one from dying as a result of starvation. In such a dire state, if absolutely no halaal food is available, not even tree leaves which one could boil in water and eat and drink, then only will it be permissible to eat only a sufficient amount of haraam food to save one’s life. 

There is no such situation relative to investing in banks.  People will neither perish nor starve if they do not invest in these haraam so-called ‘islamic’ banks. Those who do not believe in the Razzaaqiyat (Providence) of Allah Azza Wa Jal, present such stupid arguments which borders on kufr. 

While even the facilities of kuffaar banks may be used to the degree of real need, investing in these banks is not permissible.  The so-called ‘islamic’ banks are just like the kuffaar capitalist conventional banks. The only difference is that while the kuffaar banks do not deceive and confuse Muslims with Islamic terminology, the so-called ‘islamic’ banks employing Islamic terminology and Qur’aanic verses resort to massive deception. 

The only time when kuffaar banks use Islamic terminology is when the scoundrel ‘shariah’ boards of scholars for dollars issue kosher certificates to halaalize the riba products of these banks. 

Do not be duped by the stupid arguments of the scholars for dollars who are in the employ of the banks devouring riba-income. They nourish themselves and their families with the riba-wages the banks pay them to churn out ‘fatwas’ of permissibility for their haraam products. Whilst SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, etc.  pursue the haraam boodle by halaalizing carrion, the scholars for dollars of the satanic so-called ‘shariah’ boards of the banks, halaalize riba. They are all scoundrels of a feather. May Allah Ta’ala save the Muslim community from the haraam carrion and riba shenanigans of these villains who pillage the Deen for worldly and nafsaani objectives.

10 Ramadhaan 1436 - 27 June 2015


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