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In his eye-opening book, SUBVERTING ISLAM – THE ROLE OF THE ORIENTALIST CENTRES, Shaikh (Dr.) Ahmad Ghorab states: 'Centres for so-called 'Islamic Studies' now exist in the prestigious academic settings of universities of Harvard, Princeton, New York, Oxford, Cambridge and Paris. Many of them are, in significant measure, financed and also very directly patronised, sponsored and supported by Arab government, especially the Saudis. The support from Arab governmentsincludes the appointment to the board of these centres of Ulama as- Sultan (court scholars) in the role of 'trustees' or 'consultants'. These Muslim names help to legitimise the 'Islamic studies' and so deceive the Muslims further."

Among the  Muslim  'court scholars' (the ulama  recruited by the Saudis and the  kuffaar 'centres of Islamic studies', Shaikh (Dr.) Ahmad Ghorab names Yusuf Qardawi. Insha'Allah, in articles  written by Shaikh Ahmad Ghorab, the hidden riole of Qardawi in the Orientalist plot to undermine Islam is  exposed. These articles will, Insha'Allah, be  published for the benefit of Muslim who are totally in the dark regarding the dark global plot to  undermine and destroy Islam.

This series of pamphlets which is being initiated is a Refutation if Qardawi' book on music, musical instrument and singing which Qardawi has legalized. The Refutation is a 500 page book, titled, Ar-Radd alal Qardawi wal Jadee' (A Refutatioon of Qardawi and Jadee') written by Shaikh Ibn Ramadhaan.

In his book, Shaikh Ramadhaan who has for more than 20 years studied and taught the various branches of Islamic Uloom (Qur'aan, Hadith, Usool Fiqh, Usool Hadith, Usool Lughat –Language-, etc.) reveals that Qardawi in his book on music and singing has violated the principles (Usool) of Fiqh, Hadith and  even Lughat (the Arabic language). Proficiency and 'eloquence' in the spoken language do not confer upon a man the qualifications requisite for an Aalim of the Deen.




Bismillaahir Rahmaanir RaheeM


by the Author

Praise be to Allah, the Rabb of the Universe. Special blessings and peace be upon His Rasool, the Truthful, the Trustworthy.

There is consensus of the Ulama of the Ummah in the  principles (Usool) of Usoolul Fiqh, Hadith and Lughat (Linguistics). In the light of these principles Shar’i Ahkaam (Laws) are deduced from the Nusoos (clear texts) of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

For approximately twenty years I have had a special interest in the study of the science of Usoolul Fiqh. I have completed almost twenty years of study in this field and I was under the impression that a person who applies himself to Fatwa will not audaciously venture to oppose these principles which are accepted unanimously by the Ulama of the Ummah since time immemorial.  However, my heart was rent asunder with grief  and sorrow when I read the words of Duktoor Qardawi in his book, Fiqhul Ghina Wal Moosiqi Fi Dhaw-il Qur’aan Was Sunnah (Understanding Singing and Music in the Light of the Qur’aan and Sunnah). I could never expect such words emanating from him; words with which deviates are beside themselves with joy and appropriated by those who desire to dismantle the Shariah of Allah brick by brick which in fact is the dismantling of the Deen of Islam brought by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


Duktoor Qardawi has a position in the hearts of the Muslim public. I would not have believed for a day that he would write with his own hands words which will be used to utterly demolish Islam. I am referring to what he said in his book mentioned above, on p.7, viz.,

“It is obligatory on a Faqeeh who discusses a mas-alah to consider all these lands. He should not restrict his gaze to one side and one group forgetting that the whole of Africa cannot do without singing and its accompanying acts, and that the whole of Europe – in fact the entire West – regard music, in particular some of its varieties, to be a means of elevating  the soul and sentiment.”

Duktoor Qardawi states further in his book (p.148):

“We, today, wish to present Islam to the world and for its (Islam’s) da’wah to reach all nations, whereas there are nations and people who view singing, music, dancing and entertainment as inseparable parts of their lives. They cannot live without it. Life will bring them no pleasure if they are deprived of that… So how are we going to encourage them to Islam when we make haraam upon them singing and music,[1] and we warn them of molten lead which will be   poured into their ears on the Day of Qiyaamah and other forms of dreadful punishment whilst they consider music to be their lifeblood?”


By Allah! The Being besides Whom there is no deity! This talk of his (Qardawi) is utterly despicable and disgraceful. We have not been afflicted with a greater calamity in these times than the calamity of Allah Ta’ala testing us with a man who is under the spell of European and other (western) lifestyles, with their glamour and beauty. So much so that he demands from the Muslim Faqeeh when employing his ijtihaad to focus his gaze on these miserable people whose lives will (supposedly) come to a complete halt in the event we declare dancing, singing and music haraam upon them.


Ages have passed by and centuries have elapsed. Now (in this belated age) we hear and see a man who alleges that it is incumbent for a Muslim Faqeeh to determine the Ahkaam of the Shariah in the light of the customary practices of the Nasaara, Yahood and Malaahidah (heretics)! He postulates that hardship should not be brought upon them by prohibiting the practices they are accustomed to and from which they derive pleasure.



The Shaikh (i.e. Qardawi) has been unmindful of Allah Ta’ala’s declaration:

“Then we established you (O Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) on a Shariah with regard to affairs. Therefore, follow it and do not follow the vain desires of those who do not know. Verily they cannot avail you before Allah in the least. Verily the wrongdoers are friends amongst themselves. And Allah is the Friend of the Muttaqeen.” (Al-Jaathiyah, 18-19)


He furthermore was forgetful of the fact that Allah had decidedly settled this matter of compliance with the kuffaar. Thus,  Allah Azza wa Jall declares:

“And say (O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam): ‘This is the Haqq from your Rabb. Therefore, whosoever wishes, let him believe and whosoever wishes, let him disbelieve.” (Al-Kahf, 19)


In fact, Duktoor Qardawi finds it surprising that while a Nasraani or Yahoodi or Mulhid enjoys himself with some (unlawful) act, we come along and warn him of severe punishment. The Duktoor finds it very strange! Indeed he finds it strange that they are threatened with the Athaab of Allah. I ask you O Readers with Allah as Witness over you: Is this not the clear purport of Duktoor Qardawi’s words?


After what he had said and written, it does not avail him to conclude: “I do not mean by this that we interpolate Islam and declare lawful that which is unlawful.”

Subhaanallah! In fact this is precisely what you are saying, O Duktoor! This is the path you have plodded in certain of your compilations, O Duktoor!


We ask him: If this is not your intention, then why did you write so? What have you intended thereby? Wa laa haula wa laa quwwata illa Billahil Atheem.

We pose a question to Duktoor Qardawi: When Allah Ta’ala declared liquor to be Haraam, did He consider that the kuffaar Quraish were accustomed to drinking it and that it was not possible for them to dispense with it? Did Allah not warn them with severe punishment in the Aakhirah?


When this is the methodology of Duktoor Qardawi in extravasating Ahkaam of the Shariah (thereby extravagating into dhalaal), then it comes as no surprise that in his book he has violated the Principles formulated by the Jumhoor Ulama of Usoolul Fiqh. Similarly, he has violated the Principles formulated by the Jumhoor Ulama of Hadeeth. In fact he has even violated what the Jumhoor Ulama of Lughat (Linguistics) agree upon. You will see plenty of such violations soon in the course of this kitaab.


The Duktoor thus did not find any inhibition in violating all of these  accepted Principles. He did however find inhibition in violating the (evil) trends of the nations of Europe and America! Wa laa haula wa laa quwwata illa Billahil Atheem.

Amongst the ridiculous exercises of Duktoor Qardawi is his toil and effort to weaken established and authentic Ahaadith. An example of this is the Hadith in Saheeh of Imam Bukhari, which will be mentioned soon. At the same time he did not  apply the slightest effort to confirm the falsehood of baatil and forged narrations which he amassed to extravasate a ruling of permissibility for musical instruments which the Ulama of Islam have unanimously declared haraam. Details shall be forthcoming. Study our Kitaab carefully and you will be convinced of what has been said.


We say to our brother Muslims who take exception at what we say that Allah Ta’ala is witness to the fact that we have exerted ourselves to our capacity in the refutation of Duktoor Qardawi in a manner befitting his position which commands a place in the hearts of the general Muslim public. But, regrettably, his errors, oversights and violations of Principles unanimously agreed upon by the Ulama of Usoolul Fiqh, by the Ulama of Hadith by the Ulama of Lughat in his aforementioned book are prodigious. These mistakes and violations have agitated and pained us tremendously at certain places due to our sense of honour for our Deen of Islam, and for fear of his dangerous methodology which has led to making lawful music which is prohibited by the Ijma’ (unanimous ruling) of the Ulama of the Ummah. and


If we are not going to do that (i.e. stand up for the Haqq and refute Qardawi’s baatil views) we will surely be regarded to be among those in regard to whom Allah declares:

“Verily those who conceal what Allah has revealed of the Kitaab (Qur’aan) and they trade it for a cheap price, they are filling their bellies with nothing other than the Fire (of Jahannum). Allah will not speak to them (gently) on the Day of Qiyaamah and He will not purify them (of their sins). And for them is a painful punishment.” (Al-Baqarah, 174)


Similarly, we fear being among those whom Allah Ta’ala castigated:

“They took their Ulama and Mashaaikh as gods besides Allah.” (At-Taubah, 31)

Reflect with humility at the words of Imam Ibnul Qayyim; words that deserve to be written with liquid gold. He says:

“It is known to all and sundry that the fitnah (mischief) of listening to singing and musical instruments is much greater than the fitnah of wailing over the deceased. (Exaggerated and prolonged wailing over a deceased relative was a custom among the pagan Arabs. Islam forbade this custom.) We and others have witnessed and we have perceived through experience that whenever musical instruments and devices of fun and entertainment  appeared and became rife in a nation with people preoccupying themselves with that, Allah Ta’ala subjugated them at the hands of their enemies and they were afflicted with drought, water-shortage and evil rulers. Let the intelligent reflect over the conditions of this world and judge. And Allah is the Being from Whom aid is sought.”   (To be continued, Insha'Allah)


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

"Verily, I fear most for my Ummah such aimmah ( scholars, sheikhs and molvies) who will mislead (them into deviation)."

According to Qardawi, the spread of Islam is dependent on  legalizing  the haraam immoral practices of  the kuffaar nations, especially of the western  people. Making halaal what Allah has made haraam is KUFR – kufr which expels from the fold of Islam. This then is the methodology o Qardawi. His evil philosophy underlying hi conception of Islam will, Insha'Allah, be thoroughly exposed.


ISSUED  BY  MUJLISUL ULAMA OF S.A. P.O.Box 3393, Port Elizabeth 6056


[1] Ustaaz Muhammad Hijaazi commented: “Why did he omit ‘dancing’ here? Is it not among their habitual practices? We should therefore declare it lawful for them, out of pity for these poor souls who cannot live without dancing; whether they are naked or not, whether the dancing is with their wives or with some other women who are not lawful for them, and whether the dancing is in their homes – which is not the general trend – or in some night club where others look on at them and in fact  ask them to dance with their wives, and so forth!!!”






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