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IN THE MIDST of a tantalizingly suffocating atmosphere of baatil peddling and kitmaanul haq
(concealment of the truth), and abstention from Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar practised by
almost all the Ulama of the country, comes a fresh and reinvigorating breeze of relief and hope in the
form of some Ulama standing up to proclaim the Haqq regarding the world cup zina event which has
driven numerous Muslims to the brink of kufr insanity. At last some Ulama having realized the extent
of the fisq and fujoor of the Zina event, have spoken up and without mincing their words proclaimed
the Haqq, namely, that it is haraam for Muslims to participate in this event at any level
whatsoever. It is our sincere and fervent supplication that Allah Ta’ala will imbue more Ulama with
the taufeeq to proclaim the Haqq and to defend the Shariah which hitherto has been trampled and
mutilated by the feet and hands of the ulama-e-soo’.

Suddenly some misguided so-called Muslim political party deemed it appropriate to castigate the
Ulama who have offered Deeni guidance and naseehat to the Ummah. The lost soul of that un-Islamic
political party, with his blinkered eyes of kufr has discerned a political dimension in the purely Deeni
(religious) naseehat offered by the Ulama who have warned Muslims of the dire consequences in the
Hereafter for participation in the event of zina, fisq and fujoor. He further has the audacity of urging the
Ulama to commit kufr by retracting the Haqq and apologizing for having criticized zina, liquor, and all
the fisq and fujoor with which the event will be adorned.

The miserable misguided soul who has lost his Imaan expects the Ulama to condone and promote
more than an expected billion acts of fornication judging from the quantity of zina devices (condoms)
which have been acquired for this event of zina. He expects the Ulama to condone and promote zina,
liquor, intermingling of sexes, gambling, kuffaar sport, and a host of other evils, as the Reverend
Abraham and UUCSA are perpetrating. The latter two entities have already sold their souls with their
treacherous betrayal of Islam by supporting, propagating and exhorting Muslims to participate in the
event of zina. It is now expected by the forces of shaitaan that even those Ulama who had proclaimed
the Haqq regarding the zina event, should betray Islam and join the ranks of shaitaan’s army (Hizbush
Shaitaan) by renouncing the command of the Qur’aan and obsequiously submitting to the dictates of
shaitaan. Only men of flagitious character and venal motives stoop to such base levels.

It is the incumbent obligation of the Ulama-e-Haqq to heed Rasulullah’s command: “Proclaim the
Haqq though it be bitter.” For politicians who are morally bankrupt and bereft of principles of truth,
selling Mother and Deen are acceptable in the pursuit of their haraam political goals.
We say to the misguided politician that the constitution of this country allows Muslims freedom to
practise their religion. The Ulama have done nothing other than offer sagacious moral advice to the
Muslim community. In asking Muslims to be obedient to Allah Ta’ala by abstaining from participation
in haraam activities, the Ulama have not compromised their loyalty to the state nor have they invited
the community to disloyalty. There is no law which compels people to participate and support the
world cup haraam games. But Islam constrains us to abstain, and such abstention does not violate any
law nor any principle of the constitution.
While the lost politician purports to espouse kufr democracy, he believes it necessary to deny the
Ulama their ‘democratic’ right of proclaiming the Haqq. The Ulama who had proclaimed the Haqq on

this issue did not criticize the government nor the non-Muslim citizens for their organization and
participation. That is not our concern. The Ulama had merely concerned themselves with Muslims,
pointing out that the conglomeration of haraam activities makes it impermissible for Muslims to
participate. It was pure religious counsel and advice proclaimed from a purely religious platform. The
Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar contained not a word of upbraid for the government or the non-
Muslim populace.

The misguided politician appears to be suffering from phantophobia which constrained him to babble
his hallucinatory theories. There are innumerable non-Muslims –Blacks and Whites – who are opposed
to the games for a variety of reasons. On the other hand Muslims are not speaking against the event as
it relates to the government and the non-Muslim population. Muslims have not aligned themselves
against the world cup event. What the Ulama are saying is that the world cup is an event exclusively for
non-Muslims and that Muslims are religiously not allowed to participate, and this is our constitutional
right. Thus the politician speaks bunkum by calling on the Ulama to retract their Naseehat of Haqq and
apologize. We advise this politician who has strayed from the Path of the Deen to retract his kufr, to
repent, renew his Kalimah and his Nikah if he believes that he is a Muslim.

The Ulama who have proclaimed the Haqq should ignore the stupid criticism of the politician.
Criticism is a necessary effect of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. All the Ambiya had to face
severe persecution. The true Ulama who uphold Amr Bil Ma’roof must not expect to be exempted from
the criticism, ridicule and persecution of the people of shaitaan. In this regard the Qur’aan Majeed says:
“In this manner have We made for every Nabi enemies – human devils and jinn devils. They whisper to
one another statements of adornment (which are) deception (conspiracies).” –An’aam, Aayat112
In his attempt to scare and browbeat the Ulama into silence with his ‘powder keg’ bunkum, the
miserable politician urges the Ulama who had proclaimed the Haqq regarding the zina event, to retract
and apologize. Retract what? Apologize for what? Regarding these scare tactics adopted by the
munaafiqeen, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “The people (i.e., the munafiqeen) say to them (i.e. the
Mu’mineen on the Haqq): ‘Verily, the people (i.e. the kuffaar and mushrikeen) have assembled for you
(to annihilate you), therefore fear them (retract and apologize to them). (But) such threats only
increase them (the Mu’mineen) in (the strength of) Imaan, and they say: ‘Sufficient for us is Allah, and
He is a wonderful Protector.’
Then they (the Mu’mineen despite the threats) returned with Allah’s bounty and grace whilst nothing
(of the threats of the munaafiqeen) affected them, and they followed the Pleasure of Allah. And, Allah is
The One of Grace, The Mighty.
Verily, that (threatening) was only shaitaan who inspires fear into his friends (the politicians and the
munaafiqeen). Therefore, fear them not and fear Me (Allah), if indeed you are Mu’mineen.” (Aal-e-
Imraan, Aayaat 173, 175, 175).
Scare tactics should never deter the Ulama-e-Haqq from discharging their sacred obligation of Amr
Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. The day there remains not a single Aalim of the Haqq holding aloft the
banner of Amr Bil Ma’roof, it will be the sign for Allah’s impending Wrath and Punishment which will
overtake the nation. The Ulama-e-Haqq are therefore rendering an affectionate service to the masses by
resolutely fulfilling this Waajib injunction of Islam.
Some misguided individuals attempt to justify their participation in this mammoth haraam even with
the ‘da’wah’ argument. It is indeed an insult to the Deen and to intelligence to sink to this abominable
level of absurdity and argue that we should entertain prostitutes – welcome them, laugh and joke with
them, drive them around and consort with them on the deceptive hallucination of ‘da’wah’. Such
‘da’wah’ is satanism. Those who pipe this shaitaani theme should divert their da’wah efforts to where it
is truly needed, namely, to the millions of non-Muslim citizens of the land who are not being offered
Islam. These false-mongers are deceiving none but themselves. Shaitaan has indeed adorned for them
their hallucination.

It is our fervent supplication to Allah Ta’ala that He imbues the Ulama with the taufeeq to stand up
and proclaim the Haqq. Hitherto the Ulama here have almost totally abandoned this Waajib obligation.
May Allah Ta’ala reward abundantly those Ulama who are standing up in defence of Islam


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